Friday, July 31, 2009

New Book And Blog On The Swedish Style You All Love

Swedish style experts Edie Van Breems and Rhonda Eleish have a fabulous new book being released on September 1. I can't wait! Pre order yours now on amazon HERE
This is their second book, and I am sure it will be as wonderful as their first book (which has become the bible for all of us who love Swedish style). Edie and Rhonda, as well as being authors, are interior designers and own a lovely shop in Connecticut.

They also started a new blog HERE
Stop by and make them feel welcome to our wonderful world of blogging!

PS I have lots of pictures of the new book, but alas the publisher does not understand the value of blog love, and will not let us release them until after the book comes out. How 1980's of her ha ha. But trust me, the photos are spectacular, the text charming and informative, so reserve your copy today.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I recently watched the film Babette's Feast (again - it's one of my faves)and sighed over the cool warmth (yes, there is such a thing)of the interior blues next to golden woods, and reveled in the few scenes shot in that palacial home. I never get tired of this style. It's elegantly soulful. I'm loving the that little table in front of the upholstered bench. And hey, those yummy blue drapes on the book cover look like they came from Perch.! (yes, I've finally picked up on the fact that Perch. has a period after it even if it's not the last word in a sentence).

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Such a clean and pretty style. This cover is so tempting! I'll look for the book. Thanks.

Ideezine said...

What's not to love about sweedish style it's very refreshing
and non obtrusive. Works well in attic spaces that are converted to guest rooms. Can't wait to add this book to my resource library.


icandy... said...

What a gorgeous style... I love this look!

Happy day!
Christina :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Vamp, you got a nice "shout out" on the Swedish Interior Eleish - Van Breems blog!

Velvet and Linen said...

Their last book is one of my all time favorites.
I must order the new one to sell in the shop.
Thank you for letting us know about their new blog.


(Hope you have a wonderful time tonight) Miss you. xo

home before dark said...

Carey, so glad there's another Babette's Feast lover in the world. I agree with you about "cool warmth." Such textural elegance here. Serene and calming. I am always fascinated by how weather and geography affects decorating. And yes, those are some serious Big Girl Drapes.