Monday, March 15, 2010

Design Challenge!

I got this note from a reader and fellow blogger Holding Court and thought I'd share it:

"Thank you for stopping by after reading my comment on your rocking chair post. I so totally enjoy your blog and the day I opened it up to see that rocking chair pictured, I knew exactly what you were going to write! We were victims of the "Mezuzah Syndrome" and I beat myself up about it for months.

"Okay days. I was so mad that I never sought out any reviews (why would I? It's been around forever!) or that I didn't bother to walk over to DWR to sit in one (lazy). I had coveted that chair for so long that the moment I found out I was pregnant, I was already ordering that chair."

If you must have the reproduction Eames rocking chair
(it would be nice for a child) has it starting at $133.

"Your post struck a chord with me because I am also working on a nursery and after specifying the perfect edge-y rocker, we learned it was completely discontinued and totally unavailable. Anywhere. Even a blog plea yielded no leads. I'd love to hear what you guys eventually do for your client. Or if you are ever looking for someone to design a cool rocker with, I'm your girl!"

Vamp here: So down the rabbit hole I go! At the very least I could research a few rocking chairs for the gentle reader on Google Shopping, and I also know we are going to have to find another one to replace the Eames rocker for the client at work. Another stylish client, a grandmother, wanted us to find a rocking chair for her beautifully designed living room. We lovingly mocked her out of that idea, only because there is nothing worthy of her decor.

The Collins Rocker shown here in Marimeko fabric
Also comes in solids: orange, pink, white, gray

It's amazing what the search for "modern rocking chair for the nursery" turned up. Mostly big and ugly upholstered chairs and gliders (which I hate for looks).

This comfy chair masquerading as a rocker is from Penneys
You can get more than one slip cover in several colors
It's a little large, but the design is not too obnoxious,
and it could possibly be used in a Family Room later

This behemoth is very ugly, one of the few offerings of a modern rocker
However if you love it and can make it work for you,
it's at
Just Nursery Gliders

The highly impratical Eames rocking chair, and a lucite one from Kartell also showed up in the search. Cute but not very mom with baby friendly.

This is a Kartell rocker I found in the Rocking Chair Nursery category on Google
Though very stylish, it looks uncomfortable and impractical for rocking baby
However you can order it through perch. 504 899 -2122

And I also got to thinking that there is a real need for a well designed, stylish, and comfortable rocking chair for the modern mom who loves to decorate. If someone designed a line of rocking chairs as my gentle reader suggested, I know it would be a huge success.

This is the dreaded glider, the least ugly one I could find
It's called the Luca Glider and comes in several colors from Magic Beans

Unfortunately I have neither the time or talent or desire to design a chair.

But I bet plenty of you do.

I kind of like this rocker, called the Sleepytime Rocker
It comes in several colors and fabric choices,
and Home Furniture + Patio has the best price - $900.

So what would the perfect rocking chair for the nursery look like?

This rocker by Nurseyworks (who also designed the Sleepytime) is called Empire
It looks like they slapped rockers on a big ol' big butt wing chair
It comes in the same color and fabric choices as the Sleepytime
I would reupholster it in a great fabric, and get rid of the buttons and tufting
You can get it at Home Furniture + Patio

I think the price point for the rocker you design should be moderate. Some of the nicest rockers in this round up are very costly for a piece of transitional furniture.

This bentwood rocker looks like dorm furniture, or first place furniture
Many of you have chairs in this style, and while they are basic, they are comfortable has them for $106. in a variety of colors
If you're on a budget, it could work - just add a cute pillow
You could also recover the cushions it comes with in designer fabric

Some rockers get passed down through generations, usually the old fashion wooden type.

I know there are alot of stylish moms out there who like it pretty.

This is a trad looking rocker that could be altered
Paint the frame and change the fabric,
and it could work very well
Get it at

I know there are alot of designing moms (and grandmothers and aunties) out there too, and alot of designers and shops that get requests for stylish rocking chairs for their customers and clients.

So share your ideas! Maybe we can send them along to someone like Hickory Chairs, or maybe you can have an old fashion garage start up company inspired by the Visual Vamp!!!


Renae said...

Oh my! I really have NEVER like rocking chairs and didn't have them for my sons. I used to sit in a big chair and just hold them close and they didn't mind or we would go out in the stroller...afer all, it's just movement that babies like.

I am SURE there is someone out in bloggyland that would just LOVE another project and designing a chair would be PERFECT!


Marija said...

Valorie such an awesome surprise! When we exchanged emails I never thought you'd so totally go to bat for me in my rocking chair quest! Something tells me if anyone can motivate design bloggers (or even Hickory Chair!) to design a hip rocking chair it's you! I'm kind of into that glider by Magic Beans (words I never thought I would utter!). Thanks again!


J. M. Hunter said...

What about something like these:
This one is for B&B Italia. Looks like something out of Where the Wild Things Are!

This one is a modern uptake on the classic bentwood - talk about distilling a rocker down into it's most basic form:

I own a classic Bentwood rocker painted high gloss white to make it a little more modern, but I like what this person has done with hers:

In fact, when I looked at the blog referenced above a little closer, I found, to your point, yet another design-savvy mom looking for a stylish but comfortable rocker:

Barbara said...

I like the three-seater. I had a Thonet rocker with cane back and seat way back when. Great post.
Have a rockin' day, VV.

Julienne said...

Love the photos I can see! unfortunately half of them have that dreadful little blue and pink square!
I really, really hate that and wish I knew why it happens. The old, old bentwood rocker is my favourite with lovely comfy and smart cushions.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Yes, to cool nursery furniture! I cringe sometimes looking back at the baby themed nursery my 2 were subjected too so long ago!

How I would love a do-over starting with one of these chairs. None of which I have ever seen...great round-up!

David said...

Love this simple design....

Kwana said...

The multiple chair is so funny. Would have come in handy for me with the twins.

AppleTree said...

Good idea, the rocker I used for my babes was fugly. I had it redone in denim, slightly cooler, but still not worthy of my gorgeous babes and my bare jugs.

Visual Vamp said...

Apple Tree,
I love your comments.
Please send me your e-mail.
xo xo

Punctuation Mark said...

very cool chairs... always wanted an Eames rocking chair... someday!

La Petite Gallery said...

Wow!! The top one is the most far out rocker I have ever seen.
What about a pretty Wicker rocker painted Blue, Pink or yellow. just a thought, You could cushion it
with a down cushion. and any fabric you like.. I know I am so old fashioned..

Maria Killam said...

Valerie, I adore your new photo, I need to set mine up in the order that you did!! Awesome! And I love this rocking chair post, so fun!

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

You're the best and I just love Marija. I've used the Sleepytime Rocker and it's really comfortable. Oh, to do a nursery again. I wish I had reason to!

Love you Vamp.

Lila said...

I have two kids and have yet to find the perfect rocking chair. I would have to say classic style, comfortable, and great fabric!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

pve design said...

My Mother gave me a classic unfinished rocker, I painted it and loved for nursing or rocking my baby to sleep - I then passed it to a shelter - as I really did not have the space, I think there is nothing like a classic rocker or a porch swing for soothing any sort of savage beast. I am off to find the site of one that I thought was so nice.

ashlina said...

awesome choices!!!!!

Renee Finberg said...

i think it was a mistake to remove the wheels from the shopping cart chair!!

Karena said...

I love the chairs! The panda art in the nursery is darling!!

Art by Karena

*Chic Provence* said...

I have been pondering a rocker problem too..I have a bamboo-motif Eastlake wooden rocker that's very chic, but not too comfortable..

fun post, let us know how solved


pve design said...

I adore a Maine Adirondack rocker, it can look country or mod....depending on the setting.
It is wide enough to put your legs up, and I'd love it near a flag, a Rothko or a body of water....!

Anonymous said...

Not in my universe.