Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Readers Projects: The Amanda Talley Reveal!

What a blast! Yesterday Amanda Talley came over for lunch. Alberto made Gumbo. After lunch we sat down to look at all the photos you sent in, and to read all the comments in conjunction with the giveaway of one of Amanda's paintings.

Vicki A. sent a photo of her romantic bedroom in France
We were mesmerized by the shoes!

It is alot harder than you think. Should we choose on the basis of the eloquence of a comment? Or should we choose because of the wit and humor of a comment?

Victoria Art also has a very romantic bedroom

So many of you are wonderful decorators! Should we choose the prettiest room?

Tara sent a photo of her bedroom viewed through the mirror in her bathroom -
Amanda and I love this color

Some of you are involved in the process of creating your spaces, and even unfinished we could see how fabulous your vision is.

Rebecca tells us: "I would put it on a fabulous small easel
that I already own on my favorite piece of furniture in my foyer!"

Some rooms looked like they needed some love, like a beautiful little painting.

Gina's current project is her pretty master bedroom, and the painting would be perfect

Should we choose the pretty or the needy?

Ms. Smart has an awesome art wall and the painting would be a fab addition

Back and forth we went, getting more confused, and wanting to give each and everyone of you a painting.

Missy would love the painting for her living room: "We do not have an entrance hall
and the front door opens directly across from the fireplace.
The Amanda Talley painting would be the first thing you would see."

There were entries from all over the world, including the Cayman Islands.

Michelle is an excellent New Orleans artist herself, and would love to have an Amanda

Readers from New Orleans entered, as well as New Orleanians living elsewhere wanting a bit of something beautiful from their hometown.

Mid Century Meg thinks an Amanda Talley painting would look swell in her house

Large expanses of wall space, and little nooks beckoned one of Amanda's paintings.

Renae told us, "I adore AT's work and have her on my 'go to' list next time I'm in NOLA!"

We loved this headboard in Mae's bedroom, who said, "A small AT painting would look fabulous over my little nightstand (and a fun restyling of that whole area)."

Amanda was so touched by the response to her work that she became inspired to create the painting for the winning space.

Linda has this lovely credenza - wouldn't an Amanda look smart here?

Finally she said: You decide.

Kwana sent a photo with Jack in it! No room is complete without Jack!

And I said: No, you decide.

Kristen hates her candles

I know some of you, and tried not to let my blog crushes cloud my judgment.

Kim wants a painting for this very nice office

I couldn't decide. Amanda couldn't decide.

Katie has the best entry hall table - how pretty would an Amanda look here!

Lunch segued into the cocktail hour.

Julie says: "In my little house, which I am renovating,
I have an open kitchen and I think the wall with the sconces is screaming for something
bold, graphic, and and Amanda Talley painting!"

A rain and wind storm howled outside. We were ready to settle in and make a night of girl talk and cocktails.

JT has a show stopper of a room! We love the windows!

We thought about sleeping on it, but I said no, I've got to post the result.

Jennifer writes: "This is the hallway off of my great room and it definitely needs something."

Everybody wants to know.

Jamilyn's living room is so elegant. We could see Amanda's painting here!

We made a list with everyone's name on it.

Hana's living room is so stylish! She writes: "I would hang Amanda Talley's painting in my living room, above my sofa, as part of a grouping of art and photography.
This gallery wall is (obviously) a
work in progress!"

Linda Lime In The Coconut sent this wee picture, but we could still see how great her space is!
She says" I love small pieces...and would love to create a spot
near the desk in the LR for her beautiful work."

Amanda tore the paper into strips, each piece with one of your names on it.

Gwen thinks her Keeping Room would be a wonderful place for an Amanda Talley

In our heart we had agreed on a favorite.

Talented Dianne writes: "Your Amanda Talley give away is very generous.
I too am a painter and would so adore owning one of hers.
Please consider this
dining room. Something contemporary in there would be fabulous.
I did the
self portrait you see hanging."

But we wanted to be fair, so we put all the strips of paper in a white ironstone bowl.

Courtney's bedroom is wonderful, and the painting would be surrounded by all this beauty

You pick. No you pick.

Christine would like the prize for her cute dining room

We were pathetic!

Cassie tells us, "I'm a Louisiana native.
Your blog helps me stay connected with the city-- thank you!"

PS Amanda and I love this rug!

Let's get Cholo to pick!

Carey doesn't want any more place holders! She wants the good stuff! She wants Amanda!

He sniffed the bowl and walked away.

Camilla would upset this perfect grouping to make room for Amanda!

We had a cup of coffee, and chatted some more. Did you know Amanda lives in the carriage house that belongs to the big house Anne Rice once lived in? The house that was the back drop for The Mayfair Witches? And that Nicholas Cage rents the big house?

Beth's bedroom is cool, chic, and modern. We loved the mirror nightstands.

And that her across the street neighbor is Julia Reed?

AK from the Cayman Islands sent this photo of this gorgeous dining room,
and we were transported there!

Okay we're just stalling.

Amy's classic living room really has the wow factor

We picked this name out of the bowl:

Congratulations Kristen!

And thank you all for making the first Visual Vamp Giveway so much fun.


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Yeah for Kristen...I can see it there perfectly! Lucky!

*embarassing...I didn't mean to send such a wee little picture...blush. Computer literate much? Dar.*

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kristen!!! Can't wait to see the Amanda Talley in your space!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Congrat's to Kristen and congrat's to you all for such a fabulous giveaway. Amanda's art is so lovely, I really admire her work. To own a piece would be a thrill. I'm sorry that I decided to take a break from blogging last week D :

Cheers to you Val! x

Anonymous said...

p.s. But now that you all have seen my unfinished wasteland of a room, I WILL PRESS ON with the project, incorporating what I've learned from the Vamp and her camp.

VictoriaArt said...

You lucky girl, Kristen!
This was such fun to go through all those lovely entrees....

Next time...Amanda????


Hyunjoo said...

Congratulations Kristen! I loved this post as usual. I wish I had your sense of humor.

AppleTree (Kristin) said...

wooohooo!!!! I have never won anything!! I am beyond excited!!! Thanks Vamp and Amanda!

Willow Decor said...

Kristen, you lucky girl!! So happy for you!! I am sure Amanda's Painting will look so beautiful in your space. Can't wait to see what she paints for you!!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Valorie and Amanda,

Thanks for making this so much fun! And a big congrats to Kristen!!! Now I am off to break the news to my litlle French chest that the seashells will likely be making another appearance this summer. Hmmm...I'm pretty sure I just heard swearing in French!

Ms Smart said...

Oh what fun you are! Loved your post today. Great rooms - cheers all!

La Petite Gallery said...

What a lucky girl to win such a wonderful painting.

congratulations to Kristen and Valorie too.


pve design said...

I love that you both were in such a pickle over which wall to pick....I could feel your pressure.

Margaret said...

Kristen was one of my 3 choices! So happy for you, Kristen! Send us the photo of Amanda's painting in your room! NO MORE RED CANDLES!

The Zhush said...

Wow! Can see how that would be a hard choice... and congrats to Kristen! (Amanda's house sounds amazing!)

Francine Gardner said...

Really enjoyed looking at all the rooms...Love Vicky's take a nap by the fire,,divine.
Congrats to Kristen, the painting will be perfect .

Design Esquire said...

What a great spot for the painting! Congratulations Kristen!

Kwana said...

Yay! Congratulations Kristen. So much suspense in that post. Well, I've seen I really have to redo my living room. What beautiful spaces all your readers have. I need to get to work. Thanks so much for the inspiration from you and Amanda.

Dianne said...

Kristen can you see how GREEN I am? Congrats to you lucky girl!!! Thanks Visual Vamp...let's do it again soon.

Natalie Thiele said...

What fun! I was too late to enter, but abslutely love Amanda's work. Lucky Kristin! What a transformation for her room. I wonder what other changes her new painting will inspire.

vicki archer said...

Congratulations to Kristen and thank you V and Amanda for letting us play along, it was a great fun event. xxv

Barbara said...

Hello Visual Vamp,
This is my first time commenting.
How exciting for everyone and the lucky winner. You do a great job on your blog. I look forward to your posts -- great giveaway--I can't wait to find out about the next one!! b

Jen said...

Congratulations to Kristin! This was fun, thanks for letting us all participate.

Mae said...

How wonderful! Congrats, Kristin! In looking at my poor little bedroom in comparison to these other rooms - I've got to get in there and make changes! Thank you so much to Amanda and Valorie for such a fun giveaway - it was fun to enter and very exciting to wait and see who won! Thank you so much! - M

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kristin!! What a kind pair of women you both are, Amanda and Valorie. I think in the end you made the perfect choice. Kristin's space will be "complete" with a prize painting!

*Chic Provence* said...

Valerie, wow what a week for me to be asleep at the wheel...congratulations to Kristin the winner, I wish I had entered my humble abode for it is in dire need of such a touch as Amanda Talley painting can give...what a GREAT giveaway!!



Renae said...

Oh Yay for Kristen! The space is perfect and it will look spectacular! Congratulations.

Karena said...

Congrats to Kristin!! This was a fabulous giveaway. Amanda and Valorie, you are the best! I will do a giveaway very soon, so do follow me!

Art by Karena

susan said...

I did not enter, but I loved looking at all the entry pictures. I can see why you had to resort to a random drawing! I think the picture will look great in its new home!

katiedid said...

Congrats to Kristen!!! So much fun to see all of the wonderful rooms. I will look forward to an "after" picture!