Sunday, March 7, 2010

Suzanne Kasler Hearts Ballard Designs

Did you get your Ballard Designs March 2010 catalog in the mail yet? A big part of it is dedicated to the rooms Suzanne Kasler did for them, using their merchandise.

Just a year ago I didn't know who Suzanne Kasler was. I never paid much attention to the names of the designers of rooms when I flipped through the eye candy of a magazine. I never read the copy or the captions. I just liked the pictures.

My former employer Julie Neill was gushing all over the place one day because she was going to get to meet Suzanne Kasler (who?) at a shop in Baton Rouge for a meet and greet, and then get to take SUZANNE KASLER to the airport!!!! Julie hoped having Suzanne Kasler captive in her car would be the CHANCE OF A LIFETIME to get Suzanne to use Julie's lighting fixtures.
My job was to get an extra special fancy expensive binder, and fill it with the best color photo copies of the fixtures, so Julie could slip it to Suzanne on the way to the airport.

Finally I had to ask: Who is Suzanne Kasler? And I was told, why she's the hottest designer in Atlanta and all the girls want her to decorate their houses. I went home and Googled her, and of course thought her work was very nice indeed.

I don't know if Julie ever sold a chandelier to Suzanne Kasler, but at least I wasn't a know- nothing anymore about this Hotlanta designer.

Blogging has become an education unto itself. In two years I have learned the names and the signature looks of many designers. And I have learned alot about Suzanne Kasler.

All of the images here are of the work Suzanne Kasler did for the latest Ballard Designs catalog, using Ballard merchandise. When you think of the high end quality and cost of Suzanne's interior design projects, the Ballard rooms are a real deal.

There are also excerpts of an interview with Suzanne, a how-to guide of sorts that is filled with great advice and tips HERE

If you had to choose one piece to get a little bit of the Kasler look in your home, I would choose the Quatrefoil Mirror. The quatrefoil is one of Suzanne's signature design motifs. This mirror sells for $269., and is a generous 36" sqaure and comes in two finishes Flemish Oak (shown), and a darker English Oak. Go HERE to see more details and order.

Kasler style mirror for Ballard Designs in Flemish Oak - $269.

I loved getting my Ballard Designs catalog in the mail today!

PS I wonder if Ballard Designs Creative Director, Jill Sharp Brinson did alot of the styling for the March issue of the Ballard catalog, and if she had a huge hand in choosing the merchandise. I've asked her to be a guest blogger and tell us about her process for choosing merchandise, and styling the catalog.

Maybe it will be something like this behind the scene slide show HERE


inner_child said...

Got mine yesterday! Loving it.
Paula ~ Mise en scène

sketch42 said...

I loved this too... I never ordered anything from them though... Does anyone know how the quality is?

Anonymous said...

The merchandise photographs well, but is very cheaply made - not good if you are an investment buyer. Perhaps for your first apartment until you can afford better quality.

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Ballard so needed a marketing revamp. Hope it goes well for them. Quality of some goods are fine and some aren't so hot but I think they've got a great aesthetic and now with Suzanne at the design helm better than ever. How are you? We need to catch up! Have a great weekend.

Karena said...

Valorie, love the second image with the pops of yellow stoneware. fabulous. Don't forget about my giveaway....come follow me!
Art by Karena

Karena said...

PS I have a couple of items from Ballard that I bought years ago. A gorgeous mirror, a couple of rugs, etc!

Art by Karena

sweet european dreams said...

got mine! I have a Ballard's floor mirror that's on my wish list - I'm ordering it once we're no longer moving with the military! Great post!

Tara Dillard said...

Would love to see what Suzanne Kasler would do with each of the catalogue rooms for a real client.

Perhaps a magazine article. This Ballard Room: 3 Incarnations. Via Suzanne + YOU + ? !!

Designing landscapes I have to see interior style & axis views from windows.

Without that, I cannot design a landscape properly.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

AppleTree said...

I usually just toss that catalogue because it is so poorly styled, but this one was worth looking at!

Southern Chateau said...

Best post yet on the Ballard/Suzanne Kasler collaboration, Valorie. Thanks for the link!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Guess what I just learned today...that you are "Perch" thick am I??? Oh, and that you are so funny and honest! I am very familiar with Ms. Kasler, she has been on my rador for quite awhile. But, so true about blogging...I am amazed at what I am learning every day!

Hamptontoes said...

Ballard Designs offers a nice look for an affordable prices.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Yes! I just recieved one yesterday too...and I don't think I have ever recieved their catalog before. Usually not my style, but I really enjoyed this.

THEN (because of your post *cough*)I just spent the better part of an hour perusing their website. They have a design dilema feature where you can ask a question and their style team will help you with your design challenge. Too cool for school!

THEN I found myself on Jill Brinson's DOGS website.

So much for my productive morning. You little Vamp, you. *cough*


Helen said...

I don't have the catalog BUT I must find one ... these photos are just wonderful. I love the light color pallet, the organic look of her designs.

The Zhush said...

This better be in my mailbox on Monday!

Anonymous said...

I've learned a lot about design and designers from following YOU over the past year. I don't retain all the info in my pea brain, but at least I know I can go to the Vamp's blog to remind myself.

Visual Vamp said...

Good morning you darlings who read my blog,

Glad you're having a good time wiling away your Sunday morning.

I only have a couple of Ballard items I bought in the 1990's, a Dell Robbia lamp done in white plaster that I still have and love, and a fake particle board round table, with a muslin round tablecloth with long bullion fringe in cream,

I like alot of their items, so maybe I'll something from this catalog.

You decorate high end and low end if you choose and mix carefully.

Have a great Sunday. I'm off to a wholesale antique market to get some nightstands for a client's n=home.

xo xo

Jan said...

I do so love hard copies -
their days are numbered though I fear.
I like the mirror.x

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I love her work and all her designs!

Shelia said...

Hi Valerie! I received my catalog yesterday and have just been eating it up! I love these looks.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Renae said...

I too found out about Suzanne K since blogging and actually got to meet her a year or so ago and had my pix taken with her to put on my blog! Nice gal, too talented for words, quiet understated personality (at least on first meeting). I have visited the Ballard showrooms here in ATL, one is for over-buys, catalog returns and damaged. I am not happy with their quality of materials. The 'wood' seems to be some synthetic fiber materials painted and the price VERY HIGH. I do like what SK has done with putting things together using their 'stuff', but the ideas would be best used to find products of higher quality. Those in the 'trade' can certainly find better deals and those not would be paying too much.