Monday, March 8, 2010

New York: The Great White Way

Come into this penthouse in New York City. It's cozy, only 1100 square feet, but jam packed with style.

It's decorated in a way I associate with a classic New York style from the 1990's: White walls and furniture, with accents of wood case pieces, and a great mix of accessories. I love the zebra skin in the entrance hall.

The living room has white slip covered furniture. The room is layered with lots of brown and clear glass accent pieces. The huge wall of mirror behind the couch is framed beautifully.

There's a small dining area behind the living room sofa, and I spy zebra print on two of the dining chairs.

There is a large and elegant Venetian style glass chandelier that anchors the dual purpose room. More zebra print on a plate on the glass top coffee table. The little lamp shades on the chandeliers are very 1990's.

The window treatments seem to be simple blinds that are pulled all the way up to enjoy the view. There's a door out to a lush terrace.

The bedroom has a classic Billy Baldwin touch - the large Chinese screen behind the bed.
The bedroom seems to double as an office. I love the huge glass door bookcase with silver trophies and a small model sail boat on top. More zebra in here too!

White walls are replaced by this warm taupe color. And there's another door in here that leads to the terrace. Outdoor space like this is so luxurious in New York!

The garden on the penthouse terrace has a European feeling.

Linda Dano, decorated this wonderful place and recently sold it for 1.5 million. The new buyer loved the decor so much he bought everything down to the sheets and towels.

Linda is a former television soap opera star, and she wrote a decorating book in 1997.

I love this style of decorating. It doesn't look dated to me. And I love how exuberant Linda is - she doesn't hesitate to layer like crazy, and to use use zebra over and over again!

Linda Dano also has a line of home goods for sale on QVC. Unfortunately it doesn't reflect her fabulous sense of style. The merchandise looks like stuff you can get at your local TJ Maxx or other such outlets.


Ms Smart said...

why do people leave mean comments? tsk tsk tsk

I like your blog and you VV.

Simply Mel said...

I love small spaces. We live in 960 sq. ft., and I couldn't imagine anything larger - it is perfect!

Love the decor of this place!

Visual Vamp said...

Because they are jealous and sad.
I forgive them,
xo xo

I will remove their stinky comments.

vicki archer said...

This is a stunning apartment V...Love, love it, xv.

Greet said...

I love everything at this gorgeous place! You are right, it is certainly not dated! I so love the chandelier, all of the decoration pieces !! I could move in there! Really!!
Have a wonderful week my friend!

Barbara said...

It's a decorating classic. I especially love the dining table and chairs. Linda Dano had a wonderful show on cable about style.

La Petite Gallery said...

Nice Buy. Look at the time she saved shopping and waiting for delevery's. I'll have to check her book out. Smart lady...

Great Apt.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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saint honoré home said...

i just discovered your blog - what a beautiful space this is! loving all of the zebra accents. thanks for posting!

Visual Vamp said...

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And I moved on.

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I will now be deleting your off topic anon comments.

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Dumbwit Tellher said...

Linda Dano is one classy woman (and gorgeous to boot) and her home is a reflection of that. How beautiful and the terrace, wow! The buyer's offer to purchase everything down to the bed linens is testament to her exquisite taste. Hope you get a lot done today Val and the day is good to you!

Cheers my dear ~ x

appleTree said...

Linda Dano? Who knew? I can always do without a chicken but the place is cute! However it is snarky in the blogosphere today.

Visual Vamp said...

Hi appleTree,

You haven't lived until you've participated in Rooster Day at Rate My Space ha ha. Everybody posts pictures of their rooms with rooster and chickens in them!

BTW It always gets snarky around Oscar time - everybody thinks they're a witty critic ha ha.

xo xo

Anonymous said...

I never tire of seeing New York apartments. Love the seating area in pic #2. That is one of the best examples I've ever seen of how to use a mirror to "add space." Love all the white, all the bookshelves, and that terrace.

Hope Chella said...

I'd move in there :)

Renee Finberg said...

whew hoo!!!
is some nasty 'anon-er' leaving stinky comments????
send them over to me...
i feel like kicking some butt tonight!

V ,
thanks you for your suggestions.
i am thinking about it...
and how i will do it.

Renae said...

You are the BEST Linda's decor.
Go get those nasty peeps...

The Zhush said...

Love that much! And Linda Dano!? I had no idea! Cool.

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Just beautiful. I absolutely love it. So wish I could live in all white. Maybe one day!

Anonymous said...
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Visual Vamp said...

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Kwana said...

I love how clean and bright it is. Linda has such style.

pve design said...

Just to be in NYC, space is at a premium - and so is coming home to a place that looks clean, lots of light and full of things that one loves!
(My Mother always told me if you do not have anything nice to say, then do not say it.)

Anonymous said...
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Visual Vamp said...

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J. M. Hunter said...

I see a lot of elements I quite like seperately, but my eyes kind of go dead looking at this as a whole - maybe it's just too much brown and white? Is there such a thing?

I probably biased myself by associating this with the 1990s- as soon as I read that comparison I nodded vigorously and then suddenly I realized that the entire thing looked kind of dated. Like watching Seinfeld after 1999. Is that called transferrence? When you read something and even though you never thought about it before suddenly it informs your opinions about something? Ah, well!

On the upside, what amazing light and garden space! I love, love, love that European style garden! Especially that iron thing (what do you call that thing? I want one!) It reminded me of the one in that fantastic post you did on Jill Brinson a while back - I ended up checking out her website and was completely enamored by her image of the iron gazebo that is in her garden.

Cote de Texas said...

i wonder if your anon is my slipcover hater anon stalker? hehe. poor thing! its probably the same person. ugggh.
love you.