Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Cozy Round Up

The Tea Bag Party has nothing over the Tea Cozy Party!

Tartan cozy

So many of you are eager for the return of English style!

So here is a silly round up of the tea cozy. What would English life and decor be without one!

Coffee cozy

Hope you have a slap and tickle.

The Unknown Cozy

Everyone who loves English country or English style loves a nice cozy - even if you don't drink tea.

NYC cozy

Some knit hats look like a tea cozy for the head.

Fashion cozy

Wearing a cozy is always good for a chuckle.

Pope Cozy

Making your own cozy is a favorite craft project.

Queen Craft Martha Cozy

No one is too cool for a cozy.

Hipster cozy

Granny chic rules the cozy world.

Flower power cozy

In Jamaica Rasta hats are called cozies.

Rasta cozy

Knitting a cozy could be fun if you know how to knit.

Dragon cozy

Kids love a cozy.

Kid cozy

And so on and so on.

Pirate cozy

It's amazing how many photos of the tea cozy there are on Google Image!

Union Jack cozy

And even more amazing that I would spend so much time looking at them, and actually enjoying it.

Bob Marley cozy

If you're still skimming this post you're pretty amazing too.

Dude cozy

Some people think round ups are easy to do and the lazy work of idle bloggers.

Chinoiserie cozy

But we've all been to that rodeo before, when we just feel like showing pictures.

Retro cozy

Perhaps this is the goofiest round up I have ever done.

Nacho Libre cozy

What do you all post when you have nothing to say?

Tweeters cozy

Will this round up ever end?

Domino girl cozy

You have to admit some of these are cute.

Crown cozy

Still feeling English style? Cheerio! You've made it to the end.

Fifi cozy


pve design said...

Are you taking submits? This would be a wonderful contest.

Anonymous said...

I bought a cozy in England years ago and use it every day. Bring on the English style. Love it!

Kwana said...

Thanks was such a fun and cozy post.

Irene said...

I wouldn't say you had nothing to blog about... Love this post, how fun. We are not British, but my younger sister insists on using a Tea Cozy, too bad she doesn't read blogs, I'd hyperlink you so she could see her options. thanks Val, I love the Fifi Cozy.

Kerry said...

Darn! I got rid of my Georgian house styled tea cozy because I never used it. It was Cute too.
Round-ups are great.

La Maison Fou said...

Love the cozy...... great looking ones here!

Must get me one, my hubbys grandmother had one, I always remember her tea pot and the many cups poured from it. She was from Wales, as well as her husband.

Thanks for the look into the cozy.


Anonymous said...

I use my tea cosy every single day, but I've only got the one. After seeing this post, I am lusting for more. Sure do like the one shaped like a crown!

Gerry said...

Well, I've just been having a lazy day and thought I'd check your blog. How fun! These kinds of posts are just the ticket on days like these! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

ticklishfromadistance said...

I cannot stop laughing. Great post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I was just taking a break and wondered what the "Vamp" had blogged about next! Loved it because I love my tea! However I don't have a cozy and because I actually have the fabric you posted as the Fifi cozy, I think I just might make me one!

I use that fabric for my mini privacy screens but what a great way to wrap my teapot!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

The Brits are a wacky lot...have a few relatives on my mother's side...what do you bet the tp roll cozy makes a comeback too! Remember those?!

Anonymous said...

kwistopher wobbin, he fwowed up! i'm all twee'ed out! was that pope cozy the 13th? m


Ms. Smart said...

that woudl be proper tea with milk. cheers! i have pub that serves a pot of tea w/knitted tea cozy. :) fish and chips w/too much malt vinegar and hot tea = happy!

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


Still skimming.

When I got to Nacho Libre (such an inside joke, except for those in the south west?)...I had to stop, take a walk around the block, and return.
These are brilliant and it is such an original feature.
cheers, DIANE

Fifi Flowers said...

Ooooh that is soooo a "Fifi" cozy!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!

AppleTree said...

bloody cute.

Anonymous said...

VV. I think I'll make some tea.
Best wishes,

Vanessa@decor happy said...

I was with you to the end - how fun! My mother in law knitted a TP cozy for me - it's actually a likeness of me in my wedding dress. I bring it out when she visits.

katiedid said...

Fun and funny!!! When I have nothing to write....I write nothing......this is much better!!!