Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Must Be Crazy

We are going on six years in this house, and the projects never stop. If you are a regular reader, you might remember that the kitchen is getting repainted, not unusual after five years. Sometimes I feel crazy starting another project. But crazy good.

Cholo in the middle of the Visual Vamp kitchen project

We're chugging along. I paint a little every morning before I go to work. I need the daylight to see what I am doing.

The wall behind the refrigerator
Alberto's masterpiece!

So far a couple of walls in the breakfast area are painted. Alberto is closing up a door behind the refrigerator that was disguised and left to do "for later" when we first moved in. Now seemed like a good time to take care of something started five years ago!

Sherwin Williams Peppercorn

We had a set back with getting more paint. The computer mixer was down at the store for a couple of days. To keep the project moving forward I gave the island a first coat of paint.
Design Optimist suggested the Sherwin Williams color: Peppercorn.

Visual Vamp breakfast room getting greige

I chose the greige color I painted the dining room back in January HERE.

Visual Vamp greige paint color in the dining room

You can see the kitchen through the doorway so I knew the moment I did the dining room that the kitchen would be soon to follow.

Visual Vamp dining room

Visual Vamp kitchen cabinets getting new doors

Alberto made the cabinet doors, replacing the ones with the wallpaper on them. Now he is making the ones above with a chicken wire inset so the ironstone can still be seen, but it will be a bit more finished looking.

Chicken wire inspiration

I still don't know what color the cabinets will be painted. Not white, but some sort of greige. I have the Wisteria HERE knock off coming, and once I see it in the space I'll be more sure of what color to do.

Idea for painting the cabinets

I keep looking into my clipping file to keep me going. So many of you have done up some very pretty kitchens that inspire and motivate me. I want a unique kitchen, Euro country, still funky, but upgraded.

Unique kitchen sink inspiration

Kitchen inspiration from the clipping file

I have a kitchen with personality, and don't want to lose it in the renovation process. If I could find an old antique porcelain sink I would use it!

Vintage porcelain sink in a kitchen

I have a mirror on layaway at Agora. It's going over the fireplace in the breakfast area. I will probably gold leaf it.

Mirror awaiting me at Agora

We are keeping our present appliances. They are not the prettiest ones in the pack, but they all work well and are clean. The dishwasher is a Bosch inherited when we bought the house. The door looks worn, but guess what?! I won a contest at Bohemian Hellhole, and the prize is a decorative panel for the dish washer. I'm getting the Union Jack! Thank you Alice!

Appliance Art

Then - Visual Vamp kitchen

All that's left of the then kitchen is a memory and a blog post. I feel a bit wistful at this point. Don't you have mixed emotions when you make a change in your house? The mid point is the hardest part.

Happy Weekend peeps!


La Maison Fou said...

Just forward ho!
It will all come together.

AppleTree said...

My dishwasher is so jealous of your dishwasher!

glamoursmith said...

Sounds like it will be fabulous! I'm so jealous of your mirror from Agora. I want one of those in the worst way!

Renae said...

I just can't wait to see it all finished. I am not too sentimental so I am usually ready to move on when my mind is made up!
I wish I was there, I would finish the painting while you were at work! :)

Summer N. said...

I love your dining room table and chairs. It's so shabby chic!

concretenprimroses said...

I like your colors.
Eager to see it finished.
My dh feels that once you "do" a room, thats it! I like to repaint, at least the living room and kitchen every 5 years or so. So I tend to do it when he is away. Surprise!

24 Corners said...

Oh, it's going to be just wonderful! Hang in there...xo J~

(Love the turquoise floor kitchen BTW!)

VictoriaArt said...

Just love tugging along your reno project and thought process. It sounds just like me: What color, so many choices, character should stay intact, just different!
So far it looks so promising! We will be in Europe for a few weeks, I am sure I will read the news while away! I might not be able to blog throughout my travels, but I will do my best! Just check with me, will ya???


Saba Jon said...

Nice pictures! love the old picture of the kitchen with the porcelain sink

pve design said...

I was hoping that the british flag would turn up....
so you will be ready to greet the Queen with a tea cozy kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know that apprehensive feeling when you finally go ahead and do something you want and then start feeling like you don't deserve it or you're not sure you want to go ahead with it. I think everyone gets this.

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

I'm pretty meticulous when I plan out a project for a client, but for me??? I often just wing it. I spent a little more concentrated effort when I redid my kitchen, but many of the material choices were just gut reactions. I think your project is going along great. It's always darkest before dawn, remember? The Union Jack is just the element of whimsy that will make it your own.

Vanessa@decor happy said...

Can't wait to see your "Euro country, funky, upgraded kitchen." Bet it will be fab!

Mystery Bruises said...

so much inspiration! i love the owl calander, random but i really like it

Anonymous said...

hi, miz v,

kitchen is going to be great. the height is wonderful, too and the ironstone will be lovely with the wire doors.

can you give up the secret of the floor in the 'idea for painting the cabinets' photo. it's even better than cruella de ville! looks like hand set tile, and the darks are very densely clustered.

thanks. m


Visual Vamp said...

Hello Everyone,

Taking a break from swinging the paint brush. You guys are a wonderful cheer leading squad, and I thank you. It really helps keep me going!

Michael - The kitchen you like is done by Phoebe Howard, and the floor is river rock. River rock floors have been showing up in 'spa' bathroom decor, but I think this kitchen floor is unique.

Mystery Bruises - First I think you get the nod for the most unusual and intriguing screen name!

The owl calendar is from the 1950's, and I got it 20 years ago from Ruby Beets. I had 6 pages, each with a different bird but sold four of them.

Each one is a work of art, a beautiful nature study. I framed one without the calendar, and it really lost something. The old calendar imbues nostalgia.

Using it is not as random as I would like to take credit for :-)
There are a few animal specimen studies I use throughout the house, including the dining room. It all started with collecting vacated birds nests when I was a kid.

xo xo

Irene said...

You are a good crazy, it's all going to be wonderful. And I see you are still calling Alberto by his real name, that's a good sign.

La Dolfina said...

It's looking great... keep up the good work!

katiedid said...

I think it going to be fabulous already! I can see it in my mind. I look forward to seeing the final results!!!!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I always have a moment of panic at the mid-point in a project, like "What was I thinking?!" My husband usually has to talk me down off the ledge and remind me that things will get better if I stay the course. Ha.

Can't wait to see how it turns out! :-)

Francine Gardner said...

On the list of my summer projects;get dumpster, empty garage and ...repaint kitchen!! You are certainly making great progress and your kitchen is looking really good.

Anonymous said...

Excited to see the finished product!

Kwana said...

I do and the midpoint is the hardest part.

NYCLQ said...

lol - Had that "moment" last week when I mixed my own color from left-over paint - "What was I thinking?" Just keep moving forawrd towards your VISION Val... It's looking FAB so far! BTW: I really like the two-tone clipping inspiration - that's going to look gr8!

:D Lynda