Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vamp Greige Is Not Dull

As many of you who read along know, I am a colorist, never shying away from using color in my rooms. Lately the color of choice is this magical combination of beige and gray, which of course equals Greige.

When another design maven who's writing a design book saw my dining room, he remarked that this was a neutral room that is not boring, how my choice of "Vamp Greige" shows how you can use neutrals as color. He remembered my red walls, but did not think the greige to be any less exciting.

I got a lovely e-mail from Maryanne the other day, and she thinks so too. She sent me some pictures of her dining room.

She writes" "We are redoing a lot of our house as we bought it a month ago and it is definitely not to our taste."

Maryanne's dining room - she moved in a month ago

Maryanne painted her dining room a color she calls aqua blue. She wanted to try something different, but admitted she really is "a Greige girl all the way." So two days later she repainted the dining room Greige.

Maryanne's dining room then, with blue walls

Maryanne shares: "And I must say, we have had tremendous luck with Craigslist. I have bought many items so far and I am thrilled with them - the antique table in the dining room was only $210, the small mirror was only $20, but best of all, all 6 dining chairs were only $80!! The bust and marble stand were a combined $100. There was a time when I would have paid much more for these items. Now, I am so delighted to source them through fleas and the internet."

Maryanne's dining room now - with Greige walls

Maryanne tells us: "Greige is definitely not dull. My husband said yuk when I told him I was repainting the walls greige but, of course, now he loves it."

Maryanne's dining room project is still a work in progress. But at the rate she works, I am sure that the whole house will be done in two weeks!

Maryanne is a great shopper!
She says: "I try to limit all my buys to Craigslist or fleas.
I already had the chandelier from my more fiscally careless days."

Some of you have asked me what the paint color is that I am using, the color I call "Vamp Greige".

It is a discontinued color by the Color Place brand, the house brand from Wal Mart. However they (or any paint store) can mix it for you. The color is Studio Beige.

I have it mixed in a Kilz paint base because I like to use Kilz in New Orleans which is prone to moisture and mildew. But the Color Place brand base paint is excellent as is.

I have the exact paint number and formula at home, and I will share it with you when I get home from New York.

In New York with blogger friends Kwana and Patricia

The best thing about this beautiful paint color and paint brand is that it is only $20. a gallon. Sherwin Williams makes the Color Place brand, and the contractors here love this paint for both the price and the quality.

And most importantly, thank you Maryanne for sharing your project with us!

I think she is doing a wonderful job, don't you?!


Pretty Zesty said...


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Vickie H. said...

Can't wait to get the paint formula from you....definitely gonna paint my great room Vamp Greige as soon as they finish the new limestone fireplace!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

The Gimlet Eye said...

Definitely please post the number for Vamp Greige....I am in the process of finding the perfect dove-y gray, but greige may do the trick!

pve design said...

last night, I visited a friend who is having a seat covered in "oyster" velvet and I immediately thought of you.
love the greige, so soothing and so not designery.
happy times in ny!

Irene said...

You have most certainly influenced the designs in many a home. And WOW Maryanne did well on Craigs list.

Linz said...

oh wow, maryanne did a wonderful, wonderful job on her dining room! and i never heard of "greige" before! now i have, and i love that color!

Kelli said...

She did a fabulous job!


Anonymous said...

OMG I just saw this same gateleg table at the local thrift for $199.00 but decided to pass just because I have so much furniture only to see it today on your blog. Now I wish I had bought it. Great table.

cotedetexas said...

kwana!!! patricia! lucky you!!''

i love that dining room! i acutally liked the blue walls too. but that chandy!! that table! the mirror! too pretty.

La Petite Gallery said...

It will look fantastic. You have real style You must have been top of your class. Let us know the
mix for GREIGE
Years ago, did a lobby in grey and camel everyone liked it

Kwana said...

I can't wait to get the color formula from you too! I can see it in my house. I do love that picture of us and hope to have opportunity to share many more times like that.

Living It At Home said...

I love your Vamp Greige! I am going to paint a room in my house that color! Thank you so much for coming up with it! I love Maryann's dinning room and all her finds!

Renée Finberg said...

i think she did a great job too!


Anonymous said...

hi, miz v,

sometimes i do well with color, but this time around i am saddled with the landlord's version of apartment gar-beige. carpet, too. only ok because the apt itself is very pleasant with its river view. so i'm doing some nubby/slubby and some clear and shiny in a range of browns and bronzes accented with black and burl. any other major fabric--lambrequins and curtains--will be out of unbleached canvas drop cloths from hd.

after a lot of years working all day with color and pattern, i say, with oedipus, 'i want to accept now'. it is pleasant to come inside from the florida light and color to a bit of calm.

wwcs? (cholo)



AgapiStudios said...

Nice job and great blog ... the table is beautiful ..

Beadboard UpCountry said...

She's doing a great job with that room!!!!!Like the gray better but then I am a gray girl....Maryannexo

Splendid Willow said...

Yes she did! And I clearly need to pay more attention to Craig's list. What fantastic finds! (The table really should have been mine!)

Wandered over from the lovely PVE. The impromtu tango session went straight my heart.

I am now a follower.

A warm hug, Mon