Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Painted Kitchen

Birthday cake and cards, and hydrangea from the garden
Thank you all for all the wonderful birthday greetings!

Phase one of the Visual Vamp Kitchen Revamp is completed! And that would be the painting!

Gone is the French mustard color, and here is the lovely perfect Greige that is getting very popular around town. I have suggested it for two design projects, and it has turned out to be one of those magical paint colors that works for everyone and everywhere.

Cabinet in breakfast area

The miscellaneous pieces of furniture also got their paint job. These are odds and ends that I use for storage, and painting them in shades of Greige unifies them visually.

Birds eye view of the breakfast area
Black and white elements added
to play off
the dining room chairs I have had for years
The bench from the dining room ended up here

I snapped a few down and dirty photos for you, not styled, just to give you a glimpse of a project in progress. There's demolished birthday cake on the table, the trash can visible, and the ladder is still up.

Breakfast area

Vintage Melamine fish platter

The new acquisition of the antique Louis Phillipe style mirror got hung over the mantle. Gone are the Majolica plates and tole candle sconce. One vintage Melamine fish platter made it onto the mantle, with a pair of modern lamps. The life size skeleton anatomy charts have been rolled up and put away, and the cross collection has met a similar fate.

Louis Phillipe style mirror above the fireplace

Detail of the fireplace

View of kitchen stairs
No more cross collection!
The pantry "armoire" Alberto made to fit under the stairs also got Greige

Bar under the stairs

Painted kitchen furniture
The lace curtain is temporary
Fabric has been ordered to make a Roman shade here
And drapes for the window in the breakfast area

The Union Jack from Appliance Art
I won it from Bohemian Hellhole!

Thanks Alice!
It was very easy to install -
It's just a big sticker actually
and came with a handy smoothing tool

The bakers rack got a coat of paint

The next thing we will be doing is the new counter top. But first Alberto will finish the cabinet doors he's been working on, the ones for the cupboards with the white ironstone. The doors he is making are so cute. They have chicken wire insets.

Upper cabinets will get doors with chicken wire insets
Go HERE to see how the kitchen project started months ago

We love the progress we are making in the kitchen. It is so nice to sit and stare at what we have accomplished, and have a think about the things to come.

I love having a project, despite the hard work. Don't you find it rewarding to do something so transformative? Painting is amazing. I used 2 gallons of paint on the walls and ceilings, and trim that cost $40. And another $20. for the paint for the furniture. It's the best bang for the decorating buck any visual vamp can get!

For the most part I am using what I have for this phase of the kitchen. Moving things from other parts of the house is a great way to keep a design cohesive and budget friendly.

So don't wait to do a project because you don't have a huge budget. Just do it! You won't be sorry. I love the work I see so many bloggers do to their homes, whether it's a project that is blessed with great budgets and big name designers, or ones that involves lots of DIY and Craigslist finds. You guys keep me stoked and energized!

Tommy Hilfiger's kitchen

PS I love this kitchen in Tommy Hilfiger's new apartment HERE. He calls it a bistro kitchen, and I swear to Gawd that I have been saying I want a bistro feeling in my kitchen!!!

Happy Weekend!


mimi said...

Wow- a lot of work but so rewarding- everything is going to be beautiful. I love your ideas. I am also in the middle of a house redo- the floors, kitchen and most of the main living level. Yes, a lot of work. But, like you, I love to sit and look at what we have accomplished each time. I will email you the before and partially finished photos of our dining room thus far. You'll see what I mean about work! LOL!

pve design said...

wishing I could magically transform a wash of greige over my kitchen, but I will settle for the griege of the day outside.
nicely done VV & A.

Linz said...

fish platter and fireplace...come to mama!!!! i can't wait to see the finished product!

Irene said...

This is beginning to look GREAT!

Anonymous said...

what brand and color of paint do you use for the "greige?"

Thanks, Rindy

Tara Dillard said...

Have NEVER seen one of those melamine platters, it's fabulous.

Great use of bench-table-wall.

Fun keeping up with your progress.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


I am sorry I missed your birthday....a belated happy birthday....I adore greige and never tire of it, the kitchen is looking fab, xv.

jlonit said...

It's coming along well.

my favorite and my best said...

it lookss great!!!
i love a project!! starting one this weekend.
happy birthday again!!

Hello Lover... said...

Wow - looking good! It's so much brighter in that space now!

Renee Finberg said...

it is most definitely coming along beautifully.


marlaakajake said...

I love the chairs! The white adds glamor and pops the fireplace. You know how to charm up a room.
I enjoy your blog and your eclectic style.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

LOVE it! That Jack is PERFECT!

Carollynn @ designGumbo said...

For just the first phase, the kitchen looks beautiful. Very warm and cozy! Can't wait to see what you do next.

La Petite Gallery said...

Happy birthday, it is chic and cozy. Tell me about the rug.
Love that chinese lantern

Anonymous said...

Looking good! You know I loved the old kitchen and dining area so much, and it seemed so New Orleans to me, but I'm loving the fresh new look too. Wonderful b&w photos in the dining area.

alice said...

Hi Valorie,
I briefly met you last week at Perch when I stopped in with my sister and baby. Iit was so nice to see the face behind the blog and visit Perch! I’m blogging about my NOLA visit and just got Perch’s post up. Looking at the website and pictures makes me want to come back!
Your greige redo looks terrific! I’m going to have to try your paint formula on something soon!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Love all the inspiration and it's looking so good!!!

Renae said...

Fantastico! Well done, and it's going to be spectacular when finished.

Sketch42 said...

Beautiful! I love the greige... and your readers dining room is absolutely stunning. She has a great eye!

I need the name of that griege, perfect for my MIL's bedroom...

See you soon!