Thursday, August 12, 2010

The New Marthas

Eddie Ross and Martha Stewart

Do you think that Martha Stewart finds it amusing that there is always someone pointing out who the "new" Martha might be? Like, does she think, what's wrong with the original Martha who is still going strong.

Do the people who get called the "new" Martha feel bad that they are not seen as themselves, but as Martha clones?

Two men, not women come to mind as being lauded as the "new" Martha. One is Eddie Ross and the other is P. Allen Smith.

Let's compare them with the original:

Eddie Ross. Age 30ish. We all know him as a fellow blogger (he also tweets and has a Facebook page). He worked for the original Martha as a senior editor, has been on TV (most known for being on Bravo's Top Design), been featured in scores of magazines, and is working on a book. He lives in a country house, loves gardening and cooking, and can expertly decorate and style, and brilliantly shop and give workshops and lectures.. He's openly gay and has a partner (Jaithan) who he shares his life with. Eddie does not own any animals.

They all have Country Homes:

Eddie's (and Jaithan's) country house
They say it's a charming dump and rent not own
It has no name, but I propose Green Acres

P. Allen Smith's country home
A Greek Revival home on 650 acres he owns not rents

One of Martha Stewart's many homes she owns
This one in Maine and called Skylands

P. Allen Smith. Age 50ish. He has his own TV show (mostly shown in the wee hours of Sunday morning), and appears often on the Today Show. He is a master gardener. He lives in the country. He loves chickens (and all animals). He built his home. He's an accomplished decorator and stylist. P. Allen is rumored to be gay, and also to a have a wife. P. Allen does not blog or Twitter, but he does have a Facebook page.

Farm and domestic animals:
Martha Stewart with ex husband Andy Stewart
They were the original chicken lovers

P. Allen Smith loves chickens!
"They saved me," said Mr. Smith about the birds in his life

Eddie Ross does not own any chickens
But he sure knows how to decorate with chicken eggs

Martha Stewart. Age 60ish. She has tons of animals, and does all the of the above (except for being single and gay unless there is something Perez Hilton hasn't told us yet), and she did it first, and did it best. See all her homes HERE

Let's compare them:

P. Allen Smith has a classic bust in his bathroom

Eddie Ross has a classic bust in his living room

Martha makes classic bust candles HERE


P. Allen Smith's porch at Moss Mountain

P. Allen Smith's fun on the porch - a bath tub!

Eddie Ross porch at Green Acres

Eddie Ross porch with some gorgeous fun I call Jaithan!

Martha Stewart porch at Bedford

Martha Stewart porch at Bedford
Where's the fun?

They all have gorgeous gardens and do wonderful floral arranging~

P. Allen Smith is a Master Gardener
His grounds at Moss Mountain include more than 175,000 daffodils
and 50 varieties of heirloom tomatoes

Eddie Ross in his garden
He is an avid gardener and a Master Florist

Martha Stewart - Master of The Universe


Eddie Ross Master Bedroom

Eddie Ross Master Bedroom

P. Allen Smith Master Bedroom

P. Allen Smith Guest Room

Martha Stewart Guest Room

Kitchens and Dining:
They all love to cook and entertain~

Eddie Ross Dining Room at Green Acres

P. Allen Smith Kitchen dining at Moss Mountain

Martha Stewart's kitchen at Skylands

So what do you think?

If there had to be someone proclaimed the "new" Martha who should it be?

Should it be a man? Should it be Eddie? Should it be P. Allen?
Or should the media stop doing stupid stories like this one HERE, and let Martha be the one and only forever and ever, and let Eddie be fabulous as Eddie, and P. Allen as fabulous as he is.

I'm sure no one likes to be called the new or old anything.

Needless to say I adore each and everyone of these uber talented people!


Kwana said...

Another great post. Martha is always Martha and there is no other. I love Eddie's more relaxed and comfortable style. P. Allen does great work and thanks for the intro.

court. said...

what's great about eddie is that he has all that talent and seems totally down to earth...looks like he's having a ton of fun all the time. I'm on Team Eddie.

Teresa Meyer said...

What a fabulous post. Nobody can ever replace Martha. She's the queen and I adore her. However, I think Eddie (and his modest country home) is INcredible. I'd much rather stay a weekend at his home over the other two. He seems so much more "real" a down to earth kind of guy. Love him!

Fifi Flowers said...

I'm with YOU... let them all be who they ARE!!! FABuLOUS post... j'adore the photos!

Linz said...

people should be allowed to be individuals, rather than items that need to be replaced or supplanted. martha will always be the new, the old, and the forever martha to me.

pretty pink tulips said...

That was FUN!!! What a creative journey. Well, I for one, love and adore Eddie (and Jaithan!)....and I know that they are on a trajectory that is going nowhere but up. P.Allan Smith I know only from the myriad of books my mother-in-law has given me....and his Today Show appearances. I know I would like him immensely. And, Martha.....I love that even after all these years she is still looking for and highlighting new talent and creative ways to live better.

xo Elizabeth

Renae said...

Fun post Mz. V! I say let each be their own! You are right, no one wants to be someone else, just the very best 'they' can be!
I used to be called "Martha', how about you?

Visual Vamp said...

You know I love Eddie and Jaithan on a personal level, respect Martha S. on a professional level, and haven't had the pleasure of meeting. P. Allen.
The NY Times article just got me a little crazy with their asshat comparison.
And Renae, I have been called Martha, but not MS, but rather Martha as in George and Martha from "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe" LOL It must have been the Liz Taylor hair-do I had in the past.
xo xo

beki said...

Ha ha - martha, master of the universe! Shoot, it's hard enough to be oneself, let alone someone else - I say let them all be who they are!!! I love them all for different reasons :-)

we need to get together soon!!

pve design said...

I always admire the way you can create posts that are so on target with the times. Eddie, Martha and P.Allen all are so gifted. Eddie really has such a down to earth charm and Jaithan is a gem.
I wish each of them continued fun, health and happiness at home.

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Martha is the one and only although I enjoy the other two, especially Eddie. And Eddie is the only one that answers my emails....or sometimes its Jaithan and they get huge points for that. he he

Plus I won Eddie's latest giveaway on his blog. I love reading all about what Eddie and Jaithan are doing. Green Acres is a perfect name for their place!

La Dolfina said...

I'm all in for Mr. Ross and Jaithan!!!
They are the future... Martha's had her time. Sorry, don't know this P. Allan Smith fellow.
Great post!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Yep...I say they all are who they are. They couldn't possibly be another.

Stitchfork said...

What a great post - all unique individuals! Found you via pve.

GrannySmithGreen said...

You, the one and only, VV, have written another wonderfully delightful article! Individuality all the way! The comparisons amongst the three are humorous and insightful. Don't you just like each of them for their uniqueness?!

Karena said...

I adore them all, and especially Eddie and Jaithan as we have spent time together. You won't find two more genuine talented and sharing guys in the world!

Come and enter my Latest Giveaway!!

Art by Karena

Sylvie said...

Dearest Valorie, You amaze me with these richly researched and composed posts! Totally satisfying.
I've been called the Punk Martha Stewart in my time. I take that as a compliment.
P.S. Merci beau-beaucoup for Tweeting about my Etsy. You're a peach, xo.

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

I enjoyed this post! Your insights are so much fun to read. As to who will be the next "Martha", I guess we'll just have to wait and see. ;-)

vicki archer said...

They are all fabulous...old and new...I wouldn't mind being called, 'the new Martha Stewart'....even an old one would be cool! xv

Debra Phillips said...


here are just my personal observations;

teachings: inspirational, original
doable factor; slim to none
fun factor: zero

teachings; british leanings for USA
doable factor; high
fun factor; zero (sorry, hosted an event.) as soon as it was over persona changed to "i am a celebrity, talk to my agent"

teachings; inspirational with a twist
doable factor: high attainable with both skill level and budget
fun factor; off the charts, looks you in the eye and fully engages

So, i wish the two gentlemen well. rooting for eddie! LA, NY......what are you waiting for!!

laney said...

...each of them is beyond unique and talented...but there is no one like bunny williams when it comes to being beyond fabulous...and she was there first...

Anonymous said...

Vamp, you flatter us to no end!

THANK YOU for that crazy and clever comparison!

Can't wait to host you again soon!

Eddie + Jaithan

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

When you are king of the hill, someone is always trying to throw you down in the dirt! Martha is unique and a pioneer in so many realms.

Of course, an icon is always the measuring stick that others are measured by... but don't you love the individual style of each "new martha". I do. Finding a voice no matter how small of a martha we all are is the important thing!

I would like being compared to Martha, I get it! But I would love to me noticed for my take on life!
This is a fabulous post! Full of great pictures, interesting information and very though provoking! Wonderful to stop by!I love your Valorie style!

La Petite Gallery said...

I am still cracking up. Great post..The last guy is soooo cute.


niartist said...

I don't know why this is the first time I've been to your blog, but it certainly won't be the last. Great post! LOVE IT!

niartist said...

HAHAHAHA - never mind! Just a new layout Val. What the hell was I thinking? OF COURSE I LOVE YOU!

niartist said...

HAHAHAHA - never mind! Just a new layout Val. What the hell was I thinking? OF COURSE I LOVE YOU!

Pullga said...

wow what a post. Searching and reading for a week time.

ABC Dragoo said...

I *love* this post - well said.

What was that Oscar Wilde quote? Be yourself because everyone else is taken -?- Food for thought.

: )

Hello Lover... said...

Love Eddie and Martha - I'm new to P. Allen - but I definitely think they should each be their own and not a new anyone - they all have their own look and talents, all of which I adore.