Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visual Vamp Style File - Secrets From A Stylist

private residence
Visual Vamp Stylist

Recently I had to pull together some images of my work for an architect looking for a stylist.

private residence
Visual Vamp Stylist

I chose a few from images I had on hand. I have boxes of photos from my New York design days, but no time or will to scan them. Digital photography has changed the way we present a portfolio.

perch. shop display
Visual Vamp Stylist

What part do I have as a stylist in the finished product?

perch. shop display
Visual Vamp Stylist

Most times the room has been designed, and I am called in to give it life.

Art In Bloom
Visual Vamp Concept and Styling

Other times the concept is mine.

private residence
Visual Vamp Stylist

Photo styling is one type of work I do. I also style a finished project for interior designers and architects for their final reveal to the client. I also do private residential styling, where a person calls me in to look at their rooms, and pull them together by using what they have and choosing new pieces as well. I am starting to get opportunities to do movie work, which is pretty awesome. And of course, I do store displays regularly.

private residence
Visual Vamp Stylist
This bedding had to go

I choose all the objects, rearrange furniture, and hang art. I also work with the budgets for rentals, purchases, loans, deliveries, etc.

private residence
Visual Vamp Stylist

I meet with editors and designers to see what they have in mind, and then I liason with shop owners to borrow things. I pack it and arrange for delivery to a location.

private residence
Visual Vamp Stylist

At the site I organize the merchandise, and work with the photographer on the number of shots needed and the order they need to be done in, and also the time frame we have do them in.

private residence
Visual Vamp Stylist

Then I pack it all up and get it back to the places I borrowed it all from, and make sure the space we worked in is put back as it was, and left clean.

perch. shop display
Visual Vamp Stylist

In the case of a an architect or designer using me for finishing touches, I do a walk through with them at the beginning at the end of a job. If a client is keeping the things I pull, I invoice them and make sure the shops are promptly paid for both purchases and rentals.

private residence
Visual Vamp Stylist

After everything as been returned or purchased, I follow-up with a thank you note to my vendors, and those who hired me.

private residence
Visual Vamp Stylist

I also make sure the editors and the writers have all the details needed for proper photo caption credit, or editorial mention.

private residence
Visual Vamp Stylist

I love stylist work, because it is the cherry on the sundae of a design project. It is hard work, but it is so fun to do so many diverse projects, and I am good at being able to see a room, a set, a display, or whole house, and know exactly what it needs and where to get it.

private residence
Visual Vamp Stylist

I also have an excellent sense of composing things for the camera. Seeing a room through the lens is a different experience than seeing it in real life.

private residence
Visual Vamp Stylist

I am so happy for Emily Henderson, a stylist and a blogger, getting her own HGTV show "Secrets From A Stylist" starting this Sunday August 29. Let's give her some fierce blogger love and support and get the word out about her show, and help make it a huge success! Read her heartfelt post about winning HERE

In this day and age of cutting budgets more editors are called upon to style photo shoots themselves. I'm hoping the importance of going the extra mile to hire a stylist is enhanced by Emily making a large audience aware of what it takes to be a stylist. That and a better economy.

Magazine cover mock up
Visual Vamp Stylist HERE

As a home owner, hire a stylist to come and look at your space. You will be amazed at how they will be able to freshen it up.

And designers and architects do add a stylist to your team to bring life to your projects.

Stylists are a bridge to interior design, architecture, photography, and merchandising.


pve design said...

I love your inner stylist!
Great Valerie, just great.

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Very talented Valerie! Yes, you are. As a designer, I really appreciate what you do. I'm into more of the concept and the space plan, whereas, you bring in the life and soul. Your work is really wonderful. I had Emily pegged to win early on. Can't wait to see her new show.

mimi said...

I would love to step into one of your rooms- for real! Your work has a very exciting vibe. Love it.

Scribbler said...

I am so in awe of what all you do! You should bottle and sell your energy!

Fifi Flowers said...

LOVELY!!! Magazine PERFECT!!!

pretty pink tulips said...

Your talent is clear! And, I must admit....when I grow up, I think it would be great fun to be a stylist! :)

I am so excited about Emily's win....and on my way to give her some blog love.

I have no doubts....that cover will come true! :)
xo Elizabeth

Bill said...

Dearest Valorie,
You really do have an amazing eye and tremendous flair! It was such a delight to be in your home recently and see the rooms I'd "visited" via your posts. As I said at the time -- New York meets New Orleans ... and the results are dazzling!

I applauded when Emily's win was announced. I liked Michael too, but there could only be one Design Star. Too bad the Vamp wasn't in the running. She could have shown 'em a thing or two about design and styling! ;)

Bye for now ...

Velvet and Linen said...

You're good. Really good.
All of your stylings are beautiful, but better yet, they are also comfortable and accessible. I could see living very comfortably (and stylishly!) in any of them.
I apologize that I haven't left many comments recently. Now that I subscribe to your blog I've been a bit "comment lazy", but please know that I read and enjoy every post!
xo xo

Things That Inspire said...

I was recently in a house where the owner had used one designer for her project (a new house build), but then hired another designer to style the house - the original designer had done the furniture plan and purchases, but when it all came together it was cold and lifeless. The stylist added the great touches (with both items the home owner already had, as well as purchases) that made the rooms come to life.

I recognize the beauty of a well styled room, but I can't do it myself at all! One of my requests of my designer is to not only create the furniture plan and layout for my new house, but also style it so it looks fabulous.

Appletree said...

That is a great job description. Love this post.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

This is such a great point you bring up because not all designers are great stylist. And, the styling is so critical to a space looking good!!!

I enjoyed seeing so much of your work!

Anonymous said...

lovely rooms, miz v,

and cholo is the perfect all occasions accessory--but don't tell him that.

sure you are not running a puppy mill?

stuff ok downtown at the courthouse this week?


corine said...

I'm not sure if it will be your cup of tea, but you've been tagged.

Sketch42 said...

Amazing work hun!

I wish I had you style a bit for me when you were in my apt...

modern jane said...

WOW! you are incredibly talented! I just spotted your Christmas tree. I saved it last Christmas because I thought it was so stunning! Thanks for nice comments on my kitchen reno today:)

my favorite and my best said...

you are very talented miss...i hope you score super jobs and make a million billion dollars..

La Maison Fou said...

Great styling!
Love the post too, images are wonderful.
Thanks for sharing, Valorie.

Anonymous said...

"I have boxes of photos from my New York design days"

I'm sure.

NYCLQ said...

Of all of your posts... this one especilly touched my heart the most. Isn't fun to look back at those photos, and see your own transformation as a stylist...

Lovely spaces from a talented lady - MizV - The Visual Vamp...
So happy & looking forward to seeing Emily's show - I think she has a totally fresh approach to styling - FOR HGTV... (maybe now some of the nay-sayers still lingering on RMS will "get it" now... lol

Your friend...
(aka nyclq apka your royal visualness - lol)

:D Lynda