Tuesday, October 12, 2010

British Invasion! Fab!

The British Invasion happened back in the 1960's with rock groups "invading" the USA, including the most famous Beatles. It also launched a whole fashion style and decor trend. Everybody wanted to wear Mary Quant and Biba, and have a piece of pop art kicky plastic furniture in their home.

Emily Henderson styles a British Invasion living room

Emily Henderson,
star of HGTV's Secrets From A Stylist, recently showed a living room she decorated in a style she called "British Invasion". The low slung modern couch, and kicky fabrics, and sleek metal trunk were her gestalt touchstones. Not one Union Jack in the room. Emily is too cool for school to use that in a room called British Invasion style.

Pink Union Jack rug via Design Blahg HERE

Vivienne Westwood rug hung on the wall as art

The Union Jack has had a tremendous revival as a decor object. Somehow it just adds a little cool factor. I don't think any flag except perhaps the Jasper Johns series of the USA flag has such panache in the decor world.

Chaise lounge upholstered in a Union Jack fabric

The Union Jack is used as upholstery, and on rugs, and on painted furniture.

Union Jack rug

Dresser painted with the Union Jack at Decor Demon HERE

Appliances even get covered with it.

Visual Vamp kitchen with Union Jack dishwasher

I like it as a graphic image, although I think you can only have one thing in a room using it, or perhaps only one thing in the entire house.

Union Jack even looks fab with pink!

My friend Sabina recently passed onto me a deco style armoire. She just moved to a new home, and had no room for this piece. We might have trashed it, but I just can't seem to abandon any old piece of furniture with some life left in it.

Old armorie - before

At first I thought of just giving it to the local thrift shop, but then I thought: British Invasion!
What a perfect piece to paint the Union Jack on! Not that I needed another project ha ha, but what the hell.

Primed and taped

I found an image on the internet of a refrigerator covered with the Union Jack, which was perfect, since this humble little closet resembles the shape of a refrigerator.

Many more hours were spent taping and painting

I primed it first, then taped off the stripes, and the Jack started to emerge. Alberto helped out alot, fascinated by my project. The red is called Spanish Red, and the blue is Old Navy, and both are by Benjamin Moore, and the white is some Kilz white cabinet paint we have around due to the kitchen project.

The Union Jack armoire - styled for a child's room

It turned out so cute! I never meant to keep it. I think it would be so perfect in a child's room, so I am going to put it on Craigslist at a very good price.

So what do you think of the British Invasion in decorating? Do you have any pieces in your home?



my favorite and my best said...

awesome!! someone is totally going to buy that.

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Beautiful paint job, Valorie! I love the union jack...and I'm old enough to remember the original "British Invasion"! It won't work in my home anymore as I have "de-redded", but Im sure you'll find a quick buyer!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I'm shouting a loud 'hip hip hooray'; this project turned out brilliant. Some clever person will snag this beauty in a heart-beat. As the Brits would say, your armoire is 'smashing'!! Yes, I Union Jack! xo xo

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

You are brilliant!!!! I so wish I could be a DIY'er. I would have that piece so screwed up it wouldn't know if it was coming or going! Geez, I'm jealous of your crafty abilities. It is beautiful. Are you sure you don't want to keep it?

Much love to you,


Anonymous said...

know i'm going to get myself in trouble here, but somehow that little armoire now reminds me of the guardhouse from 'the mouse that roared', which predated both carnaby street and the beatles of the first invasion since dolly madison.

do you remember a burger joint in the east 50s called 'the great british disaster', and its sister in london, 'the great american disaster' near marble arch? long ago and far away.....



vicki archer said...

So very cute Valerie......xv

Irene said...

Seems like you did a lot of work on it to sell, (this is my problem). I love your creation. I have an armoire or three, one of which I will not be parting with as it actually has a stamp on the back that calls it a chiffarobe. But my favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird and you know how the author goes on about a chiffarobe. This book has been a discussion around my dining table a number of times. Let us know when you put your item up on Craigslist.

Visual Vamp said...

You know the C word!
Yes this is a chiffarobe. It has the cutest little sliding rod to hang clothes on, some small shelves, and a cute metal bar on the door, that could be a a towel bar or a tie bar.
Thanks for stopping by!
xo xo

Susan said...

Irene - I love it! And, an added little British design inspiration I just found...London's hottest socialite and designer, Nicky Haslam, HAS A BLOG! It's fab.


Well worth a visit!

pretty pink tulips said...

Love, love, love Union Jack. Your diy project turned out so well! Of course, I think that pink union jack picture has my name on it!!
xoxo E

Living It At Home said...

OK, I love this! What you did with that piece of furniture is so creative! My daughter, 12yrs, is really into the whole British thing. I will have to show her what you did. She may want to paint her door or dresser like that! Thanks!

La Maison Fou said...

You do know jack!!

Like it.


Margaret said...

Time well spent on the Union Jack paint! Love vintage flags-faded, yellowed, or a tea stained new one, adds grace to a room. Makes an imprint on decorum, maybe?

Mélanie A. said...

The chandelier in the 3rd picture is gorgeous and I'm in love with the armoire

VictoriaArt said...

Well done, it's such a cool trend and has been for long...I am sure it will leave your hands like fresh buns...

Sarah said...

Union Jack always looks great, love it! Great job x

Hillhouse Ramblings said...

The Union Jack always packs such a great visual wallop. I love your cabinet. I'm sure someone will snatch it up right away....(Your blog is fab by the way!)

Renae said...

You amaze me Girl with your talent and finding the time to do ALL that you do. This is S P E C T A C U L A R!!!!!

La Petite Gallery said...

This is a fantastic post. The dresser is teriffic.