Monday, June 2, 2008

Always In Style - Joni Webb

I am humbled. I made a little pen pal lately. Her name is Joni. She has a beautiful decor blog called Cote de Texas. When other bloggers have played mean girl to me, she has been welcoming from the start, and helpful too. As a newbie I make my share of awkward errors.
Anyhoo, as we are getting to know each other; Joni has been very, very humble. She never told me about her accomplishments per se. I just thought she was a way cool bloginista. I saw the word Webb design associated with her name, and silly geeky me thought she had something to do with designing web sites.
Oh lord, it just dawned on me today that Webb Designs is the name of her interior design company. Duh. So I goolged her and found a wonderful editorial in Houston House and Home. The stingy bastards only let you download a PDF file HERE
So you'll have to do a little work to see the photos. Do it!
In the meantime I went to her blog archive at Cote de Texas and found a few photos to tease you with HERE

Joni sent me this when I asked
readers to send me pet pictures with their decor
She never mentioned it is
the cover shot for Houston House and Home!

Just a little sitting room vignette

Her simple and sublime dining room

From her blog talking about textiles

The layered look done to perfection

What I really love about Joni, besides her talent, is her honesty. She doesn't hide her age. She doesn't hide photos of HERSELF. She let's you see who she is. She's not fake, she's not a fraud pretending to be an expert with a smart mouth. She IS an expert with a very smart mouth, and a big heart to mentor one very ignorant visual vamp.
She has lots of fans in the interior design world, espeically among bloggers. But I wanted to introduce her to my new readers, and keep her in my scrap book forever and ever.



Hello from Canada! I like your style and I love your choice of friends. Joni is one of my favorites - by far - isn't she just witty & fun. Straight from the hip - tell it like it is - wonderful Joni! I'll be back...reading and enjoying your little vamp you!

Cote de Texas said...

omg- I'm floored!!!! Thanks doll - you are too sweet. I may have to take you up on your Shop in NOLA weekend one day!!!

Thanks a million times - I love this. I owe you big time.


Sneaky Chic said...

Amen! Viva Cote de Texas!

visual vamp said...

Joni, It is my total pleasure and honor to show your rooms. You owe me nothing but a big hug when we see each other one day, hopefully, sooner than later.

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

This is Joni to a T! :-)! I love it

Pigtown-Design said...

Joni ROCKS! She's unfailing kind and supportive and a wonderful gal!