Tuesday, June 3, 2008

GottaGoGottaGoGottaGo?! Don't Know Where? Ask Miz Pee!

This is kind of silly. I mean most of us know how to scout out a public rest room. And most of us know where to find a pretty and clean one too.
Everyone knows that a fancy hotel lobby will lead you to a very nice rest room. Most big stores have rest rooms too. And if you breeze into a restaurant like you belong there, you can breeze right into their rest room. Starbucks is a good bet too.
But when I found this little site and blog, it made me laugh, so I figured I'd share some silly with you.
MizPee offers free ratings and listings of facilities open to the public in a kind of Zagat-like potty guide. Updates are even available on your mobile device. Just search by State, City and Street Address to find the one nearest to you.
Listings include things such as the operating hours of the business and whether a purchase is required (e.g. "Customer's Only!" signs). Facilities are rated on a 5 tp roll scale. MizPee the web site HERE MizPee the blog HERE


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Oh this makes me laugh - we need one for Hong Kong DESPERATELY!!

visual vamp said...

You have so many gorgeous luxury hotels in Hong Kong that must have great rest rooms...just breeze by the doorman...thanks for reading! xo xo