Monday, June 2, 2008

Sex And The City - The Set Design by Jeremy Conway: Carrie's New Apartment And More...

Jeremy Conway's on trend set design:
Enid's office with Draper chest and
stunning brass bust of an antelope
with long Murano glass horns from maison21

Along with all there is to love about the movie Sex And The City, the secret co stars are The City of New York, The Brooklyn Bridge, and the interiors of the girls' apartments and homes. In fact all of the interiors are terrific. The set design made me cry as much as the big emotional scenes, because it makes my New York look so achingly good.
Carrie's place gets a major make over near the end of the movie to coincide with her emotional make over. In the TV series, Carrie's apartment never had the pulled together look of her wardrobe. It almost looked like a bachelor apartment, rather than a place where a girly girl lived. Even hard ass Miranda's apartment was better looking with expensive designer furniture and lamps (and I think she even had a decorator in one episode who stole her potential boyfriend and married him). No, Carrie could not care less about where she lived.
In the movie, she's ten years older, and on the brink of huge life changing events. Finally she gets an apartment befitting an adult woman of means.
These are just a couple of photos - I hope to find more - of the work of set designer Jeremy Conway who did the work on the TV show and for the movie.

Carrie's bedroom make over, with a view into the LR
So chic and as pulled together as one of her outfits

Early Carrie, brown and sad
and a bit of a mess

Jeremy Conway set designer
Sex And The City

Jeremy custom mixes all of his colors, but the brilliant, lovely ocean blue on Carrie's walls is very close to Benjamin Moore's Electric Blue. Concerning the dramatic change in Carrie's apartment, which was previously dressed in subdued, natural tones, and flea-market chic, Conway said, "Carrie had really grown up, but she wasn't living that life in her apartment yet." The challenge in the redecorating was designing an apartment that seemed like it could be a little more organized, lived in, and put together. One important change was to fit a dining table into the house, "so it could be a place that she and Big could have dinner together."
Conway said that redecorating the iconic apartment of Carrie Bradshaw definitely made him a bit nervous. "[Writer and director] Michael Patrick King didn't see the apartment until the day before shooting started. He came into the living room and said nothing, and I thought, 'Oh no,' and then he started to tear up, and again, I thought 'Oh no,' and then Michael said that it was fantastic."
From Casa Sugar


maison21 said...

thanks so much for the mention, but the antelope isn't from maison21, it's from todd merrill (and it's on his website for purchase, btw). it's more like "the artist formerly known as prince", but in this case it's "the antelope formerly owned by maison21".

i KNOW that the provenance that it was formerly owned by me will increase it's value greatly, though (not).

Suzy said...

I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm not sure I like what they've done with Carrie's apartment. It doesn't look like how she dresses at all. It's a little too neat and too well put together. I would have thought there'd be more colour and it would look a bit more eclectic. Guess I need to go see the flick first...

Fifi Flowers said...

I just stumbled upon photos online of Carrie's new apt... saw the movie loved it and the apt remodel... love GOOD set designs!

visual vamp said...

Hi All - The set looks dressed when the actors inhabit it in the movie. There are many great quirky accents and accesories in Carrie's new digs. It's as put together as one of her outfits. If you haven't seen the movie yet, what are you waiting for? You're going to have a great time...
Thanks for the comments - I love to hear from all of you!