Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Experts Spill The Best Websites For Décor Decisions

Spill? Really?

You love that mid-century modern table you picked up at a local yard sale. But can it live in the same room as your grandmother's old sideboard?

Perhaps you should move it into your home office to use as a desk, or maybe as an altar.

And what about painting that bedroom wall the color of blood oranges? Too dark for the pale print window shades?

Oh dear.

Where can you find decorating inspiration without leaving home?

Start where the design trendsetters go to get their buzz on — the Internet.

Here, some talented design professionals from near and far share their guilty little pleasures from the online design world.

From the Denver Post HERE

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Laura said...

What a wonderful resource.
Thank you-
i am headed there now to do some fun research.


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Living It At Home said...

I love this! This is so helpful and will be a great resource! I am bookmarking the article. What a great find!


Kwana said...

Coolio! Congrats and thanks for the link.

pve design said...

What a "Rocky Mountain High" -
You deserve every bit of what comes your way, you share so much energy, and "joie de vivre!"
Congrats MsV!

LaurenFaythe said...

I saw it in our paper on Saturday- I was so excited to see your blog listed on there by Edie Ross!

Sabina said...

So cool about the shout out from Eddie. And I love that pink sofa in the first photo, gimme! I think the orange (urnge!) living room is fab too. Yet another beautiful and informative post.

The Gimlet Eye said...

CONGRATS! Awesome reference! You are def. getting around!

Design Junkie said...

congratulations on the well-deserved mention. you're well on the way to blogging domination. viva la vamp!

Jackie Von Tobel said...

Kudos on the listing by ER. Can't wait to meet up in person in Atlanta! We'll have a great time!

AppleTree said...

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Bonnie said...

Congrats -- very well deserved for your wonderful blog. Loved La Maison Fou's post today -- also reference your lovely home

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Nice mention!! Will be in NOLA early May. would love to see you. xo