Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Teo Jasmin Look Book And Life After Blogging

Did you ever have those random moments when you think about life after blogging? Like what would you do if you didn't write or read blogs?

Does it ever get so overwhelming, so many blogs so little time? Do you still have the joy and excitement of creating and researching and photo gathering and editing and writing and sharing a post, or does it feel like an obligation akin to homework?

Are you a Wonder Woman or Superman, juggling blogging, a home life, maybe kids, maybe a job, and making it seem easy peasy and upbeat under the guise of your manufactured blog personality?

Do you live up to the image, the brand, the personality, your blog has created?

Things have been dicey at Casa Vamp. Alberto has been in and out of the hospital this week. He is fine, and will only get better. But a little jog like this in the road of daily routine can take you down rabbit holes you can't possibly imagine having time to go down into.

Blogging? Who has time? Answering e-mails? Who has the energy?

And yet when a night or two of sleep is accomplished, and the will to open the lap top reemerges, and I find the inbox jammed with messages of love and support, well I just can't imagine life after blogging and without my blog friendships.

So back to blogging today, and among all the personal messages and great blog comments I got a lovely note from the French company Teo Jasmin.

Teo Jasmin is a fabulous emporium of Pop Art images used in all manner of home decor and on fashion accessories too.

All of these images come from their web site, and I love how they show you to use Pop Art in decorating, mixing old and new forms.

The wit and the color add up to a sophisticated, yet accessible look.

I'm sure you can see by adding one piece of great Pop Art you can really add drama and excitement to a room.

It can be whimiscal and romantic too, and the nice thing is you can change out the art when the mood changes, and you know for us visual vamps this is imperative!

If you are a designer dealing with commercial spaces, Teo Jasmin is a valuable resourse, and they have a to-the-trade program HERE.

Shop owners can also inquire about wholesale prices for this fabulous merchandise.

The 2010 line features objects using the images of Wonder Woman and Superman.

The whole scope of images you can get from Teo Jasmin is international. And personal too. They will transform your images into Pop Art HERE.

They have a totally global view in their design policy.

Téo Jasmin, is THE trend setting online store for home decoration. Items include: wallets and pouches for women, fashion cushions, fashion handbags, gift ideas, interior design ideas, Pop Art, frames, and fabulous armchairs and settees. It's a fun site to peruse.

Global decorating is the way to go.

It becomes personal when you bring a little bit of another place into your space.

Sacs à mains, coussin déco, tableau déco - find out what they mean when you go to Teo Jasmin!

I hope you enjoyed this Paris inspired Look Book.

I think there are many good ideas that could be incorporated by both the professional and the home decorator.

And Alberto and I send you a big Pop Art kiss and a tango hug, and thank you for being there!


Simply Mel said...

Sending big healthy wishes to Alberto! And some much needed rest for you!

These images are fabulous! Not usually a pop art fan, but Teo Jasmin might convert me.

Irene said...

You put so much into your posts,no wonder(woman) you need to rest up between. Best wishes to Alberto and love to you. keep well.

Tricia Rose said...

These images are wild - what a variety!

It is thought-provoking, the tension between loving blogging then at times feeling driven by it. When in doubt, step back: my grandmother used to say "There's no point in making a pain of a pleasure"!

I wish you a beautiful Spring and plenty of sleep!

vicki archer said...

Big get better soon love and wishes to Alberto...and as for blogging, 'when and if you can' is my motto. We are all there for each other in blog land and I believe the idea is to post if and only if you have the enthusiasm and spirit for it. There is nothing wrong with taking a little break from time to time...it freshens and sparks us all up.
Love to you V, xxv.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I agree, do it when you can or do mini posts! You always provide such a nice long post with tons of great images and information.

Cut yourself a break, cause we all will!!!!

Best wishes to your love, Alberto for a speedy recovery.


Plum Pretty Sugar said...

gorgeous images!

La Petite Gallery said...

What to say?? The whole post is fabulous and far out over the top.
You are really with it Kiddo. loved it


pve design said...

Whew, Alberto is so loved to have you as are we, you really are the "Vamp" about town spreading style, and flair, if, I say if you ever decided that it was too much to keep up this blog and answer all those e-mails, you just might have a line of visitors throwing roses and shouting in our best french -"BRAVO"-"Encore" Cheri...
Glad things are starting to pop back to normal.

Things That Inspire said...

Best wishes to Alberto, and strength to you.

Sometimes I wonder when I will stop blogging, because all good things must come to an end. Will it be this year? Next year? Five years from now?

Renae said...

My sentiments on blogging exactly....the love that comes is amazing.
I like this global decorating...quite interesing.

Renae said...

My sentiments on blogging exactly....the love that comes is amazing.
I like this global decorating...quite interesing.

AppleTree said...

My thoughts are with you, love and peace.

The Gimlet Eye said...

A healthy recovery to Mr. Alberto....I was kind of wondering where you "went!" ;) I miss your posts if you aren't blogging away...but definitely give yourself a break when the going gets tough. I am glad to hear that things are on the upswing. Take it easy. Rest. Recharge.
Enjoy the absolutely perfect weather this week. It is the best medicine!

Fabulously french said...

Hope that Alberto gets better soon and that you are looking after yourself so that you can take good care of him.

Love, love the images from the book - merci beaucoup foir sharing them with us all.

Leeann x

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Awwww. Strength and healing wishes to Alberto...and you. I curve in the road(when you have so many balls in the air) is exhausting!

Do what you do best...when you need to most.

Hugs to you Vamp!

Barbara said...

I look forward to your blog and your particular point of view.
Taking care of a loved one requires
all the resources one has.
Your talent and personality are
great out here in the blogosphere.
Get well wishes to Alberto.

Trouvais said...

Hi Valorie...so timely! Yes, bowed down by a Spring explosion of demands and small emergencies. It does stunt one's creativity. And yet, not you! Wonderful post. Best wishes to your darling husband, I'm so glad he's okay! I tagged you on my last post to tell us the story behind your 10th photo...if you'd like to play. Wishing you a bit of carefree for at least a day or two! XO Trish

katiedid said...

Sending well wishes for Alberto's recovery! And I hope you are back to feeling better too!

Jan said...

I do hope Alberto is well on the way to recovery.
Your questions re blogging are particularly pertinent for me today Valorie - I'm feeling all blogged out, and this despite a short break I took recently.
As you say though, the support is there and not to be taken lightly, (which I don't) thanks for yours.
love J xxx
You'd expect me to like Teo Jasmin wouldn't you ? I do, of course.

Living It At Home said...

Sending healing thoughts your way. I hope Alberto gets better soon.

Reading your comments about blogging is very thought provoking. I do enjoy blogging and have met some amazing talented people. I do think it takes devotion and persistance to keep it going. I think I do need it to nurture my creative side. Sometimes, I do find it difficult to keep up. I am trying to just focus on what I want to do and not what everyone else is doing. My blog is always a work in progress for sure!

I tagged you to participate in the "6th photo published" blog game that is circulating. Please stop by to check it out.


Karena said...

Valorie, just take care right now of yourself and Alberto. These are fabulous images, love the art & the global designs.

Art by Karena

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


I wish Alberto a speedy and safe recovery.

Your post here was in fact so very joyful...in the end.
You started off...almost musing, almost pondering...and then you picked up steam and your energy flew.
Kind of like tango...can be quiet and slow--or explosive and energetic. You are dancing beautifully, as always.
best to you, DIANE

Anonymous said...

Prayers and strength to you and Alberto. First things first.

Even as just a blog reader I become overwhelmed because there is so much I would like to support and comment on. But it's just impossible. So I can imagine that you as a blog producer quickly feel an overwhelming sense of obligation and responsibility. If blogging is good for you, keep it up, because you do it well. Just remember to stay in the driver's seat. It's your blog, so you have complete control and can re-negotiate with yourself at any time about its frequency, content, and length. You know, just don't let it become a "wag the dog" thing.

Cristin said...

So glad to hear Alberto is on his way to recovery. These experience put life {& blogging} into perspective quickly. Although time consuming, bloggers are caring, thoughtful people that keep me writing.

Take time for yourself, we are always here for you!


Carol Goldstein said...

I love the idea of, “Bringing a little bit of another place into your space”. That is what I do and why I import 18th and 19th century Chinese furniture. It is another place and also another time. One antique in a room can transform the energy.