Monday, April 5, 2010

The Day After

Did everyone have a wonderful Easter?

Sabina sent this post Easter photo to me - I'm sure it is making you smile too!

The weather was perfect across most of the country. Wisteria and azaleas are blooming their heads off in New Orleans, and the tulips and hyacinth and daffodils are up everywhere. It's the grandest Spring floral display.

Here's something to do with your empty egg shells. What a wonderful little vessel for a mini flower arrangement!

I wonder if you could use all those fake eggs out on the market that come in so many pretty colors.

Just snip off the top! Let me know how you make out.

Here's a blast from the past from Easter 2004, the year before Katirna. I'm with my dearest friend Miss Anne. I used to ride with her in the Germaine Wells Easter Parade in the French Quarter.

Valorie Hart and Anne Farmen Easter 2004

We decorated our hats and baskets. There was breakfast at Arnauds, then Mass at St. Louis Cathedral, then parading in the French Quarter in old buggies, giving Easter toys to the children. After that, back to Arnauds for lunch with the husbands. It was grand.

A faded newspaper clipping from The Times Picayune
Valorie Hart riding in the Germaine Wells 2004 Easter Parade

I hope you had a grand Easter with your family, friends, and loved ones!!!


Karena said...

Valorie, Love your images, the choc bunnies really fun. Flowers lovely!!

Art by Karena

pve design said...

My dear friend Kwana, posted some funny bunnies too.
Just wondering if Cholo gets an Easter bonnet and a treat?
Love your Easter bonnet.

ceo said...

Love your images....


Renae said...

I love all the 'eggs'! AND the choc Easter bunnies...poor little fellers!
You were GRAND in the parades!

Sabina said...

RIP Miss Anne. I hope you get to dress up in heaven every day.

NYCLQ said...

ROFLMAO over the bunny...
Thx I needed a good laugh
And that did it....