Thursday, May 13, 2010

Behind Closed Doors 2 - June and David Tureau

June and David are two cool (and very sweet) people that I know. He is a landscape designer who has been working non stop on various movies being filmed in New Orleans for the past few years, including winning an Oscar for Benjamin Button. She is a project manager, overseeing complex contracting jobs.

They live in a garden compound in the Bywater neighborhood in New Orleans, just across the street from the Mississippi River.
An extensive article was recently written about them HERE

They invited us over for dinner poolside the other night. It was one of those fine New Orleans nights, cool with low humidity, the sky filled with stars.

The garden is fantastic, though a bit perverse since we cannot see the river over the top of the high levee.

The place still feels like a beachy vaaction home.

Dinner was delish, grilled steak and shrimp, with Key Lime pie for dessert.

I took a few quick snapshots of the inside of the house, a single shotgun situated horizontally across the property, instead of the usual way that looks like a trailer parked on a long narrow lot.
French doors open unto the garden,

The living room has a great collection of retro furniture.
All the walls have a Venetian plaster look, and some of them are actually Venetian plaster.

Quirky touches are everywhere, like the shrine to pearls, and the mask hanging in the kitchen.

The kitchen is basic and functional, and the big window overlooks the garden.

The dining area is simple. I love the finish on the walls. It looks so soothing and cool to the touch.

There are three large bedrooms and a couple of large bathrooms.

Furnishings are simple and pretty.

Here's some Venetian plaster in one of the bathrooms.

Now if only Sandy Bullock would invite us over...


Living It At Home said...

I really love to get a peak into other peoples homes. Especially a talented couple like them. This home has a very strong expression of their personality. It really shines through. It must be a very comfortable place to live. I am always trying to do that in my home. Trying not to make it to sterile with perfection {if that is even possible}.

Hope you are well and your family too!


Sally@DivineDistractions said...

Interesting home! I'm facinated by the finishes on the walls. I've not spent a lot of time in NOLA, but I think these pictures are what I expect it to look like. I love that they are not intimidated by trying to be perfect, but completely comfortable in the imperfections. Love that.

shanna said...

There decor is so cute.

Lila said...

What makes their home special is all of their personal touches. Sometimes you'll see a home and it looks alot like the last great designed home I looked at. I love that their style is so intact!
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Laura Casey Interiors said...

Love the peek inside their neat home. Your chest looks great too. xo

annechovie said...

Looks like a perfect evening!
Thanks so much for your kind and supportive comment. Have a wonderful wknd. xo

Anonymous said...

The lap pool, the personal style, the pearl alter, and of course THOSE WALLS. I CRAVE venetian plaster, but can't have it in my 1977 house. Even with all the changes we're making, the house is still what it is and we have to be careful. There are old world touches we wouldn't be able to get away with:(

Marija said...

What an amazing evening...spectacular scenery, surrounded by friends. Seems perfect!