Friday, May 21, 2010


Atlanta was a blast! Visions 10 Expo was interesting and informative, and I met so many great people. Renae Moore was my hostess with the mostess! She drove me all around Atlanta taking me to all the hot decor shopping.

We had planned to go to BoBo's and Provenance, but they both were closed on Saturday, the first day we had a chance to see and shop. Friday was spent at the expo touring the floor, picking a favorite, meeting the other bloggers on the panel, speaking on the panel, and wrapping up a very full day with a cocktail mixer and a dinner.

Renae took me to her favorite Buckhead shop, Boxwoods. She has blogged about it herself, and I can see why she loves it.

It's a combination garden and gift shop, with a healthy dose of home decor merchandise.

It is in an old house, with a rabbit warren of small rooms, one unfolding unto another.

There are treasures tucked in everywhere, and the fun of the place is exploring the exxpert layering of pretty things.

Table top merchandise is artfully arranged. There was perfect styling everywhere your eyes landed.

The mix of plants and flowers with all the home decor items inspires you to do this in your own home.

There is a charming garden behind the house, with winding paths and nooks and crannies, where the discovery of a shell encrusted bird bath made me smile.

Inside there is a room dedicated to pretty fashion accessories for the Buckhead gals. I loved the way the scarves were draped and tied on a mannequin to look like a dress. The display guy said he was having a Sarah Jessica Parker moment. So get out all those scarves laying around. and make yourself a Summer frock!

Lots of containers are available to put plants and flowers in.

There is the favorite mix of antiques and vintage and modern goods.

There is a greenhouse feeling on a porch that is stocked with orchids and hydrangea.

They will assemble plantings and do flower arrangements for you to take away.

Large planters, urns, and sculptures are also shown off to inspire you, and of course they are for sale.

Candles, paper goods, table linens...Boxwoods has it all. And they have a great little section dedicated to gifts for baby.

A feed-sack pillow with Buckhead printed on it is pretty funny considering the style of the mansions in the hood.

Here's another fabulous table setting using all blue and white china and accessories.

And what garden shop would be complete without an antique style bird cage?

Boxwoods Garden and Gifts has a web site HERE for your shopping pleasure!

Our next stop was a place called The Stalls. It is a huge barn of a place with a ton of antique dealers. Each little stall is expertly styled with interesting wares. It is an education just to browse.

The Stalls is located in a little area called Bennett Street and it is a treasure trove of antiques, and source for top designers. Visit their web site HERE

Renae and I loved this mid century chair covered in black and white cowhide. It's the perfect "mantique". It is one of a pair!

This was described as an antique carriage, and we thought it would be a very fancy dog bed! Just add a fluffy cushion.

Madame, may I interest you in this cute English style breakfast set?

Here's a budget frindly alternative to the anitque books all the girls are craving. This are modern books like The Readers Digest books rebound and recovered to look antique, and they are only $35. each (as opposed to about $1000. for an antique book). The vintage dog memorabilia is also very charming.

There is a framer on the premises, and these unusual frames really made these black and white botanical drawings stand out.

Intaglios are hot, hot, hot! Do you agree? I spy the intaglios that Holly from Things That Inspire offers for sale HERE

And here's a set of intaglios in a pretty display box.

Out of town vendors are also here. I found Kathy Slater from New Orleans, with Fifi Laughlin's lamps displayed!!!!

Need a lantern??? This stall had plenty of cute ones to choose from.

This pair of mid century modern metal lamps look very Giacometti like. It's so hard to find a pair of good looking lamps like these.

This display is a lesson is symmetry! The coral is faux, but it looks so good with the blue and white export ware. And the three rectangular framed pieces are more intaglios!

This beautiful folding screen just arrived from New Orleans! It's mid 1800's, a work of art with just the right amount of tat. The wing chair is upholstered in Lee Jofa's Confetti by KWD, a favorite of Jenny's from My Favorite and My Best, and a fabric I have used for a client or two.
You can order it from the shop I work in perch. 504 899 -2122.

These shell valances are quirky, and make me want to get out the hot glue gun.

There was one fabulous antique Suzani circa 1850, a little tattered, but oh so beautiful.

I was in Atlanta for to be a speaker on the panel Jackie Von Tobel arranged (and brilliantly moderated) for Visions 10. Jay Hesler sent me these photos. He's sitting next to me. He has a terrific hardware company called Helser Broithers HERE, and he writes a great blog called Why Helser HERE

Jackie Von Tobel moderator, Valorie Hart, Jay Helser panelists at Visions 10 Expo

Deb from Minutes Matter, Skyla from Sanity Fair, Brian from Decor Demon
the other half of the panel at Visions 10

Here we all are with Grace McNamara who brilliantly heads up Visions 10

PS My favorite shopping spots were the ones we do not have in Louisiana - Home Goods, Ikea, and the Ballard outlet store!!!! The best one was a place called Richards, an old fashion dime store that had everything you could imagine!

Richards in Atlanta


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

You should see Boxwoods at Christmas!
And Richard's is the go to place for everything. I'm in there every week!
Glad you had fun!

The Gimlet Eye said...

Great post, of course! Hope you had a great time! Um, of course, Ikea is the best out of town store! Sad, but true. ;)

Anonymous said...

What a total BLAST you must have had, and you sure know how to tease out the best goodies for sharing on the blog. Love the foto of you sitting behind the table in your shades, looking serious and a bit like an underworld spy. You're more fabulous than ever, Vamp!

VictoriaArt said...

Now I am crying....A dream come true time!!!!


Hello Lover... said...

Great stuff - I love those birdcags!

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Don't you just love Atlanta? Hmmm, spent 3 1/2 hours at Ikea a couple of weeks ago. Wish we had one! Hope you are well.


La Maison Fou said...

It looks like you had a blast. I want to go there soooonn.

Thanks Valorie, for the virtual tour.

Greet said...

Well Valorie, it seems that you have had a wonderful time there!!
The Boxwood shop is amazing!! OK, I add Atlanta to my prefered visiting places!!!
Have a nice weekend Valorie!!!

the paris apartment said...

Wow! That's an incredible place, I bet you could get lost for hours there. Thanks for the tour and a great resource down south!

24 Corners said...

Now this is a post!!! You've put me in a serious shopping mood!

Glad you had such a wonderful time and thank you for all the effort it must have took to put this extravaganza together, very impressive!

Have a super weekend...
xo J~

Hill Country House Girl said...

I am so green with envy. I think one of my most favorite things is to discover new design related places when I visit a new city! What fun to have gotten to explore with Renae, too. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful images. Glad you had such a great time!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I adore Jackie. You look great up on the panel.

I so miss Atlanta.

The lanterns and black chair~yes please!

I've decided you're right and have called off my gladiator search. :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Wow...I'm exhausted just reading about your full week! What-a-blast!

Renee Finberg said...

i am wishing i were there with renae and the rest of you guys.
renae is a treasure. i adore her.

and you, valerie, looked fab in the pics.

and thank you so much for the shopping trip.

i am taking notes.


Deb Barrett said...

Loved the blogging panel and the great banter. It was a perfect end to the show. I can't tell you how many designers have told me in the last week that you were their inspiration to get up and get started writing a blog. THANK YOU!

studioJudith said...

Wonderful post ... .
looks like a great event !
Boxwoods looks heavently ....


Jackie Von Tobel said...

Valorie- you are simply fantastic! You made what could have been a stuffy conversation a thrill ride. I only wish we could have spent more time together. Thank you so much for being party of this fantastic event and making it a huge success. The window treatment industry has a new superstar!