Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vamp Digest - Going Into The White!

Lots of projects going on. Getting ready to repaint the kitchen, so it's time to change out the cabinet fronts that we did six years ago. The cabinets are in great shape, but the doors are outdated and fugly. We did witty wallpaper on the original laminate doors, but now Alberto is making new wood doors. We don't have the budget or inclination to rip out perfectly good cabinets. The upper cabinets are getting new doors with chicken wire insets so you can still see the white ironstone.

We will rip out the lower cabinets, get a new ones, and a new sink, and new counter top, which we think will really give the kitchen a boost.

This is a work in progress that I'll share as it it develops.

Another project involves more going into the white!!!!

I repainted the cabinet in the living room white! Many of you weighed in on this HERE

Mellissa Warner has this chest in the May issue of House Beautiful -
Which gave me a kick in the butt to finally repaint my chest!

I loved the first paint job I did on this vintage Baker cabinet seven or eight years ago, but I was ready for a change.

I had to scrape of the decoupage suns I applied. I just spritzed them with water, and used a putty knife to remove them.

Then I sanded and primed the cabinet. I used Kilz 2 primer.

I couldn't remove the handles. They have a bolt system and I didn't have the right size wrench, so I left them on and used a teensy brush to paint around them.

I used Kilz cabinet paint in white, and I love the finish.
I think the white looks great against the deep brown walls. I haven't decided if I will paint the inset part yet. I want to live with it all white for awhile. I left the beautiful pecan wood top alone.

I took a break because Bryan Batt had a book signing at Octavia Books in New Orleans this past weekend.

He calls the book a "momoir".

It's all about him growing up in New Orleans, and about his mom, Gail Batt. Bryan's dad owned an amusement park, and the family is as colorful as most families are in New Orleans.

Brian read excerpts and told many stories, and answered a ton of questions the audience had for him. He's working on a second book called "Mad For Design"!

A huge crowd came out to hear Brian read, and to get their book signed.

He was so happy with the turn out of local folks who know and love him.

Anne Tuennerman from Tales of the Cocktail provided the libation for the book signing.

Tales of the Cocktail is what happens when a love for well-crafted cocktails and the city of New Orleans meet a relentless entrepreneurial spirit. Ann Tuennerman organizes the nation's premier cocktail festival (in July), bringing together the world's foremost experts on everything alcohol for a week-long libation celebration.

The Vamp with Anne Tuennerman founder of Tales of the Cocktail

Bryan's partner Tom Cianfichi was on hand to cheer Bryan on and to help get those books sold.

It was a wonderful weekend, topped off by a poolside dinner party on Sunday night to watch Treme, and I spent my day off on Monday gardening, until Alberto pulled me away for dinner at Coquette.

Bryan is traveling around the country doing book signings HERE

The book is wonderful - pick up a copy for your Summer reading!


Cristin said...

Love the white vintage Baker cabinet! Huge improvement.


AppleTree said...

The cabinet looks fantastic!

Kris said...

I love the white paint as well!

Shelia said...

Hi Valerie! Oh, I love your kitchen cabinets painted white. I remember the plates on the doors from RMS! You other cabinet looks great white too and I think it's much prettier white!
Here you are being all cute with the famous ones! ;)
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

studioJudith said...

I'm exhausted just from reading the account of your weekend .. . what a whirlwind of fun and work .
You look fab with your great shades and floral piece!


24 Corners said...

My heart started going pitter-patter when I saw all that ironstone! Mine's been in storage for almost 4 years now and it's been begging me to provide better accomodations...like our new kitchen cabinets and shelves (can't wait)!

And I love the white paint on your cabinet, you did a great job and it looks very cheery...as do you I might add (and adorable too!).

xo J~

my favorite and my best said...

that cabinet looks fresh and pretty.
and so do you for that matter!!!
love the hair flower. please wear one on saturday!!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Lovin' the cabinet white...ahhh fresh...cloud fresh...summer fresh...soft white toilet paper fresh. {screeeeeeeech.cut camera}

And looks like a great book event too. two for two girl!

Living It At Home said...

I really think painting your cabinet white was the right way to go. It really looks crisp against the dark walls. It pops now and looks so fresh and updated. Can't wait to see what you do with your kitchen. I am also thinking of doing a bit of updating in that area.

Ms Smart said...

great post. it was like a mini cyber adventure. design, remodel tips, culture, books, people, dinner, cocktails, fashion, life! very fun. love the whirlwind of it.

Renae said...

i love the white! What a fun book signing...I'll be he has great stories to tell!


Julienne said...

Where did you find the time to do this post? As usual everything wonderful and interesting.

Swedish Interiors said...

Thank you for sharing your whirlwind weekend in this post. We love BB up here too and are going out to get the book! You look as fresh and cheery as your newly painted cabinet - great party pics!

concretenprimroses said...

I love the old AND the new. It is so nice to change colors every now and then tho, isn't it! Great party pics, I'll look for Bryan's book.

Sabina said...

I love the Baker cabinet painted white, it looks great. And the plans for the kitchen sound great too. How's the book? Bryan Batt is just the cutest.

Lisa Purcell said...

Hi, Valorie! It was so great to meet you in Perch on Friday. I had an amazing time in New Orleans and cannot wait to return. Thanks for your pointers as I did a whirlwind tour of Magazine Street. I love your blog and look forward to reading more in the future. See you soon! Lisa

Kwana said...

Great post. I love the white and the book signing looks like such fun.

pve design said...

Me too, love the white, the book signing and the image of Alberto whisking his "coquette" away for a nibble! :) After all that, I would be famished.

beki said...

It sounds like you had quite a fun weekend! I can't wait to see your kitchen transformation. I'm still working on mine, which started, oh, over 2 years ago. Geeze, I need to get on that!!

VictoriaArt said...

Your Toreau friends place is so sweet and humble and pretty!
Good to have friends and share dinner!

Your Baker cabinet looks so much better now, clean and updated without ruining the classy look! Na - inhancing it!

Why don't you go all white and laquer finish?

Looking hip with your little head piece! And lovely colors - so you!


J. M. Hunter said...

Love what you did with the Baker cabinet. Good call, VV! It changes the look of the whole space.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the cabinet is to die for, just to die for. I love the pecan top against the white bottom. It really helps pull the room together more than ever. I mean, just LOOK at that yummy upholstered piece (the chair I will steal from you if I ever get to NOLA)next to it. Better than ever! And the kitchen, do it Honey! Go into the light! We just finished our kitchen a few months ago, taking it from one of the dingiest, most depressing rooms EVER (right MO?)to something light and elegant. And like you, we couldn't afford new cabinets, not even new doors. So, we thinned down the profile of the original doors and painted over the dark 1977 wood stain with a fresh, warm white. We made some other well chosen changes, and feel like we've moved into a new house. I'm so happy you're getting to do your kitchen; I know it's been on your wishlist a long time:)