Saturday, May 29, 2010


Deauville. Lady of the French coast, its most glamorous seaside resort.

Well, not excatly that Lady Deauville, but rather the old broad Deauville on North Beach in Miami.

The last time we were here was in 1997. There was a huge fire a few years ago, and the entire hotel was renovated.

Lobby of the renovated Deauville Hotel on Miami Beach

The renovation kept the flavor of the hotel in it's modern heyday during the 1960's. Many of the cursive architectural details are intact.

The retro arches outside of the Deauville Hotel are still intact and fabulous

There are many nice decorative touches throughout the hotel.

Glass "bubbles" grace the entrances on the lower level of the Deauville Hotel, the level that leads to the pool and the beach.

The Beatles stayed and performed at the Deauville in 1964!

It was also a favorite hang out for The Rat Pack (Frank, Dean, Sammy, Peter, Joey...)

Go HERE to read the history of this iconic hotel.

Deauville Hotel Pool in 1964

Deauville Hotel Pool 2010

Come into a suite we are occupying. It's a good case study in hotel interior design.

The entry hall has an over size demi lune table in Wenge wood, with a large gold leaf mirror above it. The floor in every room except the bedroom is marble.

The living room is well appointed with contemporary furnishings. The color palette throughout is a pale yellow, greige, and soft sage green. Dark wood is the accent color.

Enough accessories are used to make it feel designed, but not overbearing.

There are several different fabric textures: the rug, the silky club chairs and sofa, and the patterned arm chairs.

The drapery fabric in both rooms is a subtle grey and yellow stripe in a linen like fabric.

I like the circle pattern in the area rug juxtaposed with the small print on the chairs, and the round back of the chairs, and the round coffee table.

The bedroom is classic hotel design as we now know it, and incorporate into home decor.

There is an over size padded headboard, with simple tufting, upholstered in a matte metallic leather (faux?).

Two dark wood nightstands with white gourd shape lamps with drum shades look current.

The Deauville Hotel is not the most glam or luxurious in Miami, but it is comfortable and well designed, and the service is good.

The paint application is interesting. Three colors are used: yellow, gray (greige), and white.

The art work in the room is pretty.

Notice that the wood work and doors are painted the same color as the walls, and all in flat paint, something I do in my design work.

There are two chairs in the bedroom, a club chair upholstered in a yellow damask, and an armless chair in a gray stripe.

The patterned rug is striking. It's gray and yellow, and the pattern looks like a stsaggered bar code.

I love the pillow with the big initial on it - I may do this at home. There was only one accent pillow, and I kept moving it around like the lone orchid plant at a budget photo shoot going from room to room.

The desk (which I use as a vanity) is dark wood and rattan with a taupe leather top.

The bathroom is all marble, but it has design flaws, like a small pedestal sink with no counter space (we dragged in an end table from the living room), and there is not one towel bar or hook!

And pray tell what are we doing in Miami just days after Alberto being in the hospital?

We are at The Miami Tango Fantasy Festival. We were invited guests at the very first one held at the Deauville Hotel in 1997, and we were invited back again this year.

The Miami Tango Fantasy is the best tango festival being offered anywhere, with first rate ameneties, tons of classes, held at a wonderful resort location with dances and classes all under one roof.

The neighborhood of North Beach has always been a little seedy, but it has come up quite a bit since 1997. There are several restaurants (one stays open 24 hours) with well priced good food across the street from the hotel, a couple of food markets, a Walgreens that has everything, and of course miles of the most beautiful beach.

Thanks to everyone for all the get well wishes for Alberto. He has three coronary stints, and is feeling very good. He gets the leg blockages taken care of in six weeks.

We are enjoying this getaway, seeing many old friends and students, and dancing too. In fact we are performing an exhibition for The Night of The Milongueros.

So Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I wonder what you all are doing...

PS Jack is staying at our house, with his dog Girl (a Pitt Bull-Boxer-Catahoula mix) who loves Cholo, and our neighbors Larry (who works for the FBI) and Julie are looking in too. Just sayin'


pve design said...

Oh, I love the photo of Alberto!
Glad you could get away for a few days.
My sister-in-law has a home in Deauville...steps from the ocean. Let's go tango there!!!

The Gimlet Eye said...

Alberto looks great! What a wonderful town, Miami! I posted alot about it in February when I had an inaugural trip there...I love it and can't wait to go back. Maybe stay at the Deauville? ENJOY.

MaryBeth said...

Your bag and Alberto the 2 best looking things in the rm.

VictoriaArt said...

You just killin' me! Just sayin...
Well, you never know..We have a pitbull - lab mix too, somewhat vicious on the outside...
Alberto looks wonderful and happy residing in that scrumptous hotel bed...
And TANGO, I would love to see you one day dancing and better yet, dance next to you!

Have a great time! Enjoy the getaway!


Ms Smart said...

cheers! grand style. enjoy every minute of it. thanks for sharing VV.

Renae said...

I can just see you moving that pillow from place to place. Loverly! Glad you are having a good time.

Karena said...

So glad that Alberto is recovering well, What an artful place to stay!

Art by Karena

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

I always love to see old hotels revived and reinvented. It still looks like "Miami", but on the subtle side. There's always something to learn from hotel design, and I think in this one it's the color combination....loving grey and yellow these days.

Anonymous said...

Love vintage arches, glass bubbles, Beatles, and Alberto feeling fine. You guys have a wonderful getaway now, ya hear!

Hello Lover... said...

Looks amazing! I love the lamps in the bedroom!

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

I love Miami. So glad you all are having a great time. Hope your weekend is swell! We are home and loving it. I feel like this is the first weekend in a lifetime I've had no plans. Just lovely.

Jan said...

Alberto looks well !
A long way from Liverpool for the lads. :)

nannykim said...

What an interesting place! Best wishes!