Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Said I'd Never Go Camping

What are you plans for the first official weekend of Summer?

Do you like to go camping? Alberto loved going with his kids when they were all younger. He often asked me if I liked camping, and I said, uh no, I like a nice hotel when I go on holiday.

You would think an old hippie dippie like me would have gotten back to the land back in the day, but I am a city slicker who enjoys the country as long as I have my creature comforts.

I do love a sleeping porch HERE

These sweet little tents with a proper porch like floor seem like something I could do, something like a sleeping porch.

Nestled in the country side of the Midwest, these uber tents are appointed with proper furniture (no sleeping bags on the ground), charming vintage touches, and there is a pump house all dolled up for bathing.

Out houses sure beat going behind a bush, and I am sure these have a sweet little vase (maybe a wall pocket) of fresh country flowers.

There are outdoor sinks to wash out a thing or two, and hang it on a clothes line.

The tents really look comfy and cozy and well protected, and most important, well decorated.

No TV, no cell phone, no internet, no electricity - just bring a good book to read by lantern light.

There are little stoves to make coffee on, or maybe even cook a simple meal, though a hearty country breakfast is provided.

Tables and benches are sprinkled around for dining alfresco. And don't forget the hammocks!

Forget a swimming pool! Cool off in a bath in your claw foot tub.

Then back to the tent for a little siesta, or take a hike, work the land...

Where is this sweet place? In Idaho of course! Become one of the Farmgirl Sisterhood and stay at MaryJanes Farm HERE


Helen said...

Just wind me up and point me in this direction! I would almost kill for those wide plank cabin floors!!!

Melissa Rakowski said...

Nope, sorry still does not convince me to camp! My idea of camp when our boys were little was to set up a tent in the back yard, cook out and when the boys would fall asleep, I would go in the house for a comfortable night sleep. (The dogs always came with me, LOL)

Southern Chateau said...

No better way to appreciate home as well as nature than to camp out and strip life down to the basics. Lovely images.

Anne Lubner Designs said...

I am with you all the way, hotels and all the amenities are my preferred way to vacation! Many years ago when I was a gung ho uber mom, I used to go camping with my daughter's Indian Maiden's group (heck I was the chief) and that was way better than when I camped with my cub scout son in a tent with sleeping bags on the ground...in February! But although our Indian Maidens tribe camped in summer, sleeping in cabins and had breakfast provided, the decoration of the cabins was severely lacking! MaryJanes Farm looks quite nice! So are you going to join the Farmgirl Sisterhood??

red ticking said...

when i was a little girl we did go camping and i remember feeling safe with my family and cousins nearby... it was so fun..camp fires and all..
and the smell of the tent (barbour jacket oilcloth) was so fabulous... (i love that smell today as it reminds me of my childhood) and my sleeping bag was cozy... well that was then, this is now

yummy bed in a tent? much more appealing.. xx

BaronessVonVintage said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! I NEED TO GO HERE! Thank you for posting! Swoon!

Kwana said...

I'm not a camper but this post makes it look like fun. No set plans for me. Need to get on it.

Glamoursmith said...

I went camping as a child, in a camper with my parents and a cousin. I went camping once as an adult, and have pretty much decided its not for me.

Anonymous said...

Romantic: photos. Not so romantic: insects, discomfort, lack of privacy. A cabin on a lake is a rough as I'll allow. Went camping once in my 20s. After the second night, I climbed aboard a Greyhound bound for the nearest big city.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Camping with a claw foot tub...now I've seen it all!

studioJudith said...
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La Petite Gallery said...

They have come a long way baby!
I still prefer a hotel.
Just saw a show on Hotel's
and 90 percent don't change sheets or bedspreads. I am glad I did my
trips when I was young.
I don't like bugs yard, bed or phone bugs.
Cute post, Like the chick sales.


La Maison Fou said...

the hotel information gives me the yikes!Well; maybe the bug alternative is not so bad....

I always try to travel with a blanket to cover up with and to not have to sleep under the sheets!

Huummm.... I hope that is not the case.

I adore the romantic pics though, Valorie!


24 Corners said...

Mary Jane B. does camping right! Love her style and her food!

Putting on five summer camps (art camps...no actual camping involved) this year so my summer will be pretty much over before it's begun! Looking forward to chillin in the new house though...xo

(I have to say...it would be fun to see pics you and Alberto tangoing in the great outdoors) ;)

AppleTree said...

mmm, sweet. But, I am with you, give me a hotel and someone to wait on me. Cooking on a hot plate sounds like work, not vaca.

Irene said...

I don't camp either, even a cottage in the woods is more that I want to experience. I always feel like it's so much work to go there, but your post looks like a charming idea for a change.

Anonymous said...

I had one amazing camping experience as a child, totally storybook. That adventure caused me to be drawn to outdoorsmen, and I eventually married one. A heavy duty backpacker (would hike back into giant mountain ranges with his whole world on his back and disappear for days, and this was pre-cell phone times). Poor guy, he married me because I told him I like to camp and hike. Well, I THOUGHT I did, in all honesty. But it turns out that I like to read and take naps in the tent (that someone else put up) and eat fragrant meals off the campfire (that someone else cooked). I struggled with the whole lack of plumbing thing as an adult. You know, trekking to the outhouse (or worse) in the night with a flashlight, or taking showers in those damp cement stalls (or not showering at all). I'm not a natural beauty, so waking up wasn't fun for anyone. However, I do love sleeping with nothing but a piece of fabric between me and nature (but on a good bed), so the place you're highlighting in this post would be wonderful. Mo and I have some camping memories, eh Mo? Remember the Live Oak Music Festival? Communal showers, outhouses, the recycling bike, getting "festival feet." J and I still chuckle fondly at the memory of you trying to ride the recycling bike. Ah, I miss those days.

VictoriaArt said...

I am a like minded sister!!!! Let's go!
No camping for me either!

I have camp all year round so to speak...


DelBene Interiors said...

I had to share this post on FB because my kids are going to work at a camp this summer and I thought that they were going to be in cabins but my son said that they will be sleeping in tents. GASP....WHAT?!?! I am not a big fan of camping so I immediately was concerned. He had to explain that the tents were large, had wooden floors and held two twin beds. I immediately thought of this post!
If I had camped in a tent like one of the pictures above, I think my feelings of camping would be different. Anyway, sorry for the long winded comment to say, I do enjoy your posts. :-)