Thursday, February 26, 2009

The English Home In Perfect Harmony

Madame (and Sir): A few posts ago I presented for your consideration an excerpt from the excellent magazine The English Home.
Today, I offer you another selection from this excellent eye candy from across the pond.

This house was originally two 17th century cottages which were knocked into one and extended. New owners Jennie and Martin faced a huge amount of upheaval to restore the house, which hadn't been touched in twenty years.

There was evidence of wattle and daub walls, which in one room was exposed and encased in glass as a reminder of the property's origins.

They lived in the original small kitchen for several years until they got to know the property well enough to decide where a new kitchen should go. They looked at four possible locations for the kitchen, and chose the most light filled room with access to the garden. However the level of the room was not the same as the rest of the house, so they had to dig down several feet to make it usable.

After years of living with bold colors and patterns, Jennie was looking forward to a calmer, modern country look in each room, combining antiques and family pieces with furniture bought specifically for the transformation.

Striking Ralph Lauren wallpaper was used in the master bedroom. I love the antique trunks at the foot of the bed.

The attic bedrooms are simply furnished to allow the original structure of the building to speak for itself. The only drawback are the very low beams which have caught a few guests unawares.
Son Stephan says," They only bang their heads once, twice if they're forgetful."

Lady of the house Jennie says, "To a certain extent a house speaks for itself. You have to empathise with the style and origins, otherwise you are constantly fighting against it. Nothing has to match in a house like this, but everything works together as a whole."

Let me know if you like the excerpts from this magazine, and I'll post another for you.


Jan said...

Yes. More of the same please thank you kindly!

Cindy J. said...

Yes please, love it!

mimi said...

I like. More, please.

Anonymous said...

Well yes, of course. If you like it I want to see it.

joanny said...

Love it! The wattle and daub walls, are amazing...
Yes please post more of the same,


ALL THE BEST said...

Perfectly charming!!

Renee Finberg said...

please sir , may i have some more ?

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oliver twist

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I used to subscribe to this magazine, and I loved it! I don't remember what happened that I don't have that subscription any more, but I DO enjoy seeing pictures from it on your blog. Thanks so much. These are beautiful. laurie

Teacats said...

Brillant posting -- and wonderful home! Just imagine how money time, effort, design headaches and money went into saving this house! And so well worth the effort! The owners deserve a medal! I love this magazine -- I often read it over tea-and-toasted-bagel at Borders! Please post more photos when you can! Thanks! :)

Jan at Rosemary Cottage