Friday, February 6, 2009

What I Do On Thursdays

Many of you know I'm not a layabout bum anymore.

I got a job a couple of months ago. A job I really love. I am Director of Marketing for Julie Neill.

Every Thursday around 10 AM I meet with Julie on this fabulous antique pink sofa. This sofa is her office. Well actually it's the only place to sit and work in an office that is jam packed with cool lighting fixtures and furniture that is being hand finished by her trusted team of excellent craftspeople.

The process of Julie Neill is amazing. She dreams up her designs, and makes detailed drawings spelling out every little detail from where to punch a hole for a drop, or how to mount a junction box, and of course all the beautiful lyrical stuff like how many arms or what kind of decoration a piece will have.

People file in and out all the time. The I.T. person is on the computer. The Production person gathers materials for the welder who gets his weekly orders to carry out in his workshop. Painters are painting the most amazing finishes on everything. Julie makes life size drawing of every piece to give to the welder, and for the entire staff to refer to. And the phone never stops ringing!

I am always amazed to see the work in progress, like this beautiful unfinished lantern called Jeffrey. Julie names all her pieces, and they are like friends to all of us who get to know them from the sketch book to the showroom.

Through all this happy chaos Julie and I map out the week's strategy, who I will contact, what projects I have mind, etc.
She pretty much leaves me to my own creative process, which is wonderful.
I service the Bond and Bowery account we have every week. Every Tuesday I go to the shop and take photos to post (where I get to hang out with the terrific Director of Sales and her fantastic assistant). I write all the copy for Bond and Bowery.
I write and send out e-mail blasts about "What's New At Julie Neill" to our reps and retail outlets, and scout new reps. I put together product binders, and send out catalogs.
Alot of work is done on the old Barbie laptop (my ancient iBook), on my own time at home.

I really look forward to Thursdays, to seeing the entire team, to getting to touch all the beautiful things they are making, to getting to spend time with Julie who is pulled into a thousand directions, and always remains cool, calm, creative, and fun.

I also like to blog about Julie, because she is a fellow blogger (The Bayou Contessa), and we are both dedicated bloggers, which is how we met in the first place HERE.

I spy Peter Vitale's fabulous new book The Divine Home - more about it HERE

I love going to the shop. Julie just got back from market a couple of weeks ago, and new things are coming in every day.
What do I do the rest of the week? Teach tango classes two nights a week. Host one tango party every week. Teach private lessons. Keep house. Blog. Decorate. Enjoy New Orleans. I don't know. But I always seem very busy ha ha!

Wish List:
Wood carved santos - $51.
Peter Vitale book: The Divine Home - $60.
Glam mirror notebook with pen - $15.
Glam silver sphere/ornament - $20.
Mirror frame - $22.
Crystal frame - $44.
Crystal perfume bottle - $45.
Mirror finish candle holders - Small $12./Medium $22
White ceramic platter - $70.
Oyster plate - $36.
Cast iron candle stick $30.
Settee - $3500.


Leslie Rowlands said...

I really like the store. The colors and I know, I saw the living with religious items at B & N over the holidays.
lamaisonfou blog

Bayou Contessa said...

Oh Honey,
I look forward to my Thursday mornings with you because they are the fun sister-moment of my week. Thank you for entering my life and becoming my friend first, and my Director of Marketing forever! I love your eye, your outlook, your talent and your soul!

Ewa said...

this is a highy inspirational story! I love it! meeting someone online and getting the job you love. This is a story that could be really highly inspiring for many people that struggle at the jobs they don't like, but don't know how to get a job in the area they are passionate about.
I would like to make a blogpost about it, favourably in form of written interview with you. I would like to publish it on 'Ewa in the Garden' and also after translation to Polish on 'Nastrojowy Ogrod'. Would you be interested?
If yes, write me an email - it is listed in profile section.
Have a nice weekend!

vicki archer said...

That is one busy week that you have there but it does sound very interesting and fulfilling. I would much rather be busy with too many projects than have time on my hands - I suspect you are the much the same Valorie. Enjoy your weekend, xv.

Anonymous said...

Very cool.

Blushing hostess said...

Such a beautiful spot and these prices are so reasonable!!

Jan said...

Truly inspirational !

B said...

Oh, it sounds perfect! Enjoy and keep telling us about it! xx

Karen said...

Valorie, I can see that you are a true New Orleanian at heart - there is no such thing as too busy or too many places to go and people to see. There is always another exciting adventure around the next corner! Luckily for me, Thursdays are my days "off" - I don't show up at the store, I don't schedule anything, and I always run out of hours before things to fill them! You were made for New Orleans!!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Lucky gal!

But then, you know that, don't you? :-)

Aunt Amelia
"Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent,
protects you from age." -Anais Nin

Anonymous said...

When I was in my teens and twenties, bad things always happened on Tuesdays. But I've always liked Thursdays. I love the idea of you in the middle of all that creative energy. . . and adding to it. Can you say "dream job?"