Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gwynprah? Why Not!

Gwyneth Paltrow: She has it all. Child of celebrity parents. Actress movie star. Cool boyfriends.
Great looks. Mother. Talent. Author. Cool blog type web site. Great amateur decorator. Social activist. Food maven. Dog lover. Exercise and good health practitioner. Fashionista.

So of course there's alot of hoopla and flak about her branding as the next lifestyle spokesperson in the vein of Oprah and Martha.

GFs O and M can give her a few tips for Gwynprah!

When someone is so blessed, the green eyed monster gets involved.
Why couldn't Gwyneth be a lifestyle role model for the Obama generation (Generation O?).
If she has the time and energy to do it, it could be very entertaining.
Oprah wants to retire. Martha keeps at it, but really is anyone still watching as much as they used to do?

The bloginistas love her. And hate her too of course. Photos of her home in the Hamptons have shown up on dozens of decor blogs.

She has great style and she gives you entire look books so you can create it too. She's a generous sister, the kind of girl friend we could envision for ourselves.

She loves pink, and uses it in just the right way. How can you not love a girl whose tights match a bedroom she designed, or the paintings and flowers in her living room?

She's a working mom, so all the mommie's out there can relate to her.

She has a social cause: Save The Children. Who could argue with that?

She likes books, and has taken a page from Oprah and has a reading list of favorite books on her bloggy web site.
The Gwynprah Book Club is a natural, don't you think? And she's already in a great movie "Emma", that we could watch and read the book too.

O and M are great pet lovers, especially dogs, and G loves the doggies too. Pet segments would be included on Gwynprah.

She is a spokesperson for Todd, and she does love to shop, so I am sure the fashion segments on the show would be great.

I think she should film the show at her house, like Martha did at Turkey Hill. Oprah has shown her Santa Barbara home, but she didn't do anything there. Gwyn could really show us how she lives in her pretty house.
On Gwynprah, celeb chef friend Mario Batali Could stop by and share the cooking segment.

Mario and Gwyneth recently did a book together, and a PBS show and great DVD all about their travels through Spain as they gathered recipes. Gwyn is very camera worthy.

Maybe they could have a viewing audience member come over and help.
First you'd wash your hands in her cute bathroom. What a bummer - no medicine chest to snoop in. But maybe there's something in the Paul McCobb dresser she turned into a vanity.

Then off to the kitchen to rattle the pots and pants, and cook up something yummy for the viewing audience.

It could be something from her cleansing diet, though Mario is sure to prefer something from the cook book.

Then Gwyn could serve it up in her pretty dining room, and maybe do a segment on table top design.

The next segment would have everybody in yoga clothes - that means you too Mario! It would be off to Gwyn's Pilates studio for a little after dinner workout.

Maybe after the workout, we could move to another room and the kids could come in, and a mommie segment would be nice.

Of course Gwyn can do a decor segment with both hands tied behind her back. She's got chops for sure after being so involved in doing the beautiful decor in her home. Gwyn could introduce a segment on how to choose and frame art work.

We love her! She loves all the girly things we do! Including crowns!
Okay so she's rich and beautiful and we could just hate her for that. But instead we can look to her life as the escape from our own recession dreary little worlds, sort of like the movies did during The Great Depression. We need a little fantasy and pretty to give us hope. And Gwyneth has the magazine life we love to peek into.
She's had her fair share of knocks too: her dad died too young; she had post partum depression; she's had her fair share of boyfriend troubles; she gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy in the cruel eye of a TMZ driven world, and had to lose it the hard way like anyone else. Maybe harder. Who of you would want your weight to be a factor in your job worthiness? It doesn't matter how rich or famous you are - you still suffer like everybody else.

So The Huffington Post and other sour puss blogs, and The New York Times, can all poo poo her, but Gwyneth should not listen them.

She should forge ahead and bring it! Bring the Gwynprah Show! We need girl world stimulus for sure.


Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

She has a blog!?! Cool.

I just reserved "Spent" at my library. The book she speaks of, in a newsletter.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

And, she gets to live part of the time in London!!!

I think she's lovely. Anyone who can actually walk in those mile high heels has my vote.

Callie Grayson said...

I adore gwyneth paltrow, and i love her style!

Debra said...

I adore her- and whole-heartedly agree with you! She seems very real and down to earth. Go Gwynnie!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Girl world stimulus indeed!! Bring 'er on!!

Jan said...

She was excellent in Sliding Doors,her English accent perfect, which is no mean feat.
Didn't know people were hating her. What's she done that's so bad?
What is wrong with these people? I agree, leave her alone.

Unknown said...

I've never understood the hatred towards Gwynneth - although I would like to see her do more movies. Her mother (Blythe Danner) is such an excellent actress and it feels sometimes that Gwyn is Blythe-lite. Her house was pretty fantastic, though!

La Maison Fou said...

She is a breath of fresh air, I saw her house when surfing the net, & I love the pic of her & her pooch!
What a pretty face and a great home!
lamaisonfou blog

Anonymous said...

*TOTALLY AGREE w/ you ~ I am not normally a fan of the R&F , but "The Lady G" is the rare exception, IMHO. She conducts herself AS a lady at all times, at least from what I have seen ~ a class act all the way. I suspect she's a beautiful person INside too, and THAT, for sure, is not easy to say in the "entertainment field". Great writing ~ great read! MANY THANKS!!! Linda

Visual Vamp said...

Mom! Linda!
How great to hear from you!
e-mail me please so we can stay in touch!
xo xo

Anonymous said...

As a personality I don't hate her at all but apart from maybe her bathroom, I found her house to be very bland. Is it just me?

Velvet and Linen said...

I'm getting my tivo ready.
Let me know when she gets her own Gwynprah show!
I loved her dining room. That chandelier!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

I'd certainly watch. I think she'd be great at it. She gets my vote. Good post. laurie

Anonymous said...

I love the photos from her home, and subscribe to her newsletter, Goop. It's a great read!

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I think she's grossly overrated. She is a mediocre actress, and if she didn't starve herself and work out 6 hours a day we wouldn't be talking about her. If she were fat, would we care?

I didn't think so. Lots of people are "interesting". I know tons of people, myself included, with wonderful taste and hobbies and interests. I find many more fascinating than rich celebrities who get on every trendy bandwagon...decorating, yoga, raw foods. Who cares?

Pas moi.

Penelope Bianchi said...

tomorrow is my please be kind!

I'm sorry..but g's house looks like no one lives there!

I know I have way too much stuff!

however..what is personal here?

perhaps I am missing something!

thanks for the great blog!


Unknown said...

Very true! I was getting a bit tired of people criticizing everything she does. Of course, some of her advice in Goop is not very down to earth, but still love the girl, and she has done nothing wrong to deserve the backlash!

Anonymous said...

She is a "social activist"? How is that? A self-important celebrity for sure, but not a social activist.