Saturday, March 22, 2008

HGTV Rate My Space Top Rated Today

I am a stylist, decorator, designer. I had a design business over 15 years ago.
I'm a boho through and through. I love the beauty of the world, and especially the rooms and spaces people create for themselves, or for a profession.

To amuse myself, I make little styling projects at home. The digital camera allows instant results.

The blog allows an instant magazine. I am in pig heaven.

These images were made for the good folks at HGTV's online phenom Rate My Space. They really are my base readers. We encourage one other, and have a strong support system among ourselves.

I did not intend to put in on the blog, because it is a little like a Hallmark card, and it is personal, because it's my Easter tribute and memorial to my dearest, best-est friend Miss Anne.

Miss Anne was the ultimate visual vamp. Her home was jam packed (but not junky looking) with decades of things.

She loved to decorate, dress up, garden, club hop, dance, dine out, shop, paint pictures, and sew.

She had every decor and fashion magazine, and she knew trends, and what was good and what wasn't.

She was not wealthy. But her home looked unique and fabulous.

She was a single working mom who once lived on boiled peanuts to put her son in a good private school (and feed him something better).

She was a fashion maven beyond compare.

And most of all she was a positive life force: kind, but not stupid; busy, but never obsessed, and she was my devoted friend.

So here's to Miss Anne!

Thank you all for helping me make my tribute to her get to Page One Top Rated on RMS!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet tribute to your dear friend. Love the plates. Are those napkins vintage? I like.