Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bloggers In The November Magazines

It's always a thrill to see bloggers in print. Bloggers are fast becoming the kings and queens of all media, crossing over into print, online magazines, other blogs and web sites, podcasts, TV, and YouTube.

Gwen Driscoll of Ragland Social Hill has a MAJOR editorial in the November 2010 issue of Elle Decor. Nothing is up online at Elle Decor, so be sure to pick up this issue and check out her fabulous interior design work (page 230 entitled "Homeward Bound).

The November issue of House Beautiful is called "The Ultimate Entertaining Issue." Again they are slow to even have the cover up online. Note to magazines: Keep your web sites current.

Mentioned in a feature starting on page 118 called "101 Party Do's and Don'ts" are many designers weighing in, and quite a few bloggers offered their party tips including Eddie Ross and Joni Webb.

This past July Alberto and I were in New York, and went to a fabulous party at the home of Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar.

It was the best party with many bloggers in attendance: Reggie Darling, Debra Phillips 5th and State, Lauren Leiss from Pure Style Home, Michelle Ginnerty from My Notting Hill, Elizabeth Moyer from Pretty Pink Tulips, Patricia van Essche from PVE, and probably a few more we didn't get to meet in the huge crush of revelers and Green Acres (what I affectionately call Eddie and Jaithan's country manse).

go to page 22 and 24 in the November issue of Woman's Day

At the party at Green Acres, we also met the fabulous Elizabeth Mayhew, author of Flip For Decorating, NBC Today Show regular, and the current and new-ish editor of Woman's Day.

Elizabeth was fascinated by the reactions we bloggers had to one another, squealing and laughing and hugging and kissing, and she was quite taken that many of us had not met in person up until meeting at this party.

She asked if we would mind having our photo taken for the November issue she was working on
where Woman's Day wants you to focus on a few important things like staying connected. She was duly impressed with the connection bloggers have and foster among one another.

So go out and get an arm load of magazines this weekend, and sit on the porch with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Leaf through the pages while enjoying the fine weather and your blog friends saying hi to you from the pages.

And if you missed blog TV star Meg Fairfax from Pigtown on The Nate Berkus Show, go HERE

Happy Weekend!


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Thank you Valorie, I will pick up the Woman's Day issue. The photo of you ladies is terrific. What a fun event & will say it once again, blogging is a strange & amazing world.

Hope you get time to sit, sip and soak in all the latest & greatest in your favorite magazines? I will do the same.

xx oo Deb

VictoriaArt said...

Sorry I missed that afternoon! I so hope to see you another time on this end of things...
You look all so spiffy and polished... in a great way!

Valorie, have a lovely weekend!


Barbara said...

Wonderful. I read most of the blogs mentioned. Yes, I will, Valorie, I will buy the magazines.

pve design said...

It is nice to have a little fame every now and then, right! Wishing you a lovely weekend! I have a stack of fresh November mags to peruse.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

So so deserved! Love the pic. You loook wonderful Dahlink!

This is the perfect afternoon for some wine and a good mag or two. Yhanks for the idea, girl!

Christy said...

So neat! Congrats.

And sorry you didn't see the event listings for I Heart Southern Style. I wrote several posts and tweets about it. Hopefully you'll be able to make it to the next one!

Lila said...

I love good mag reads! So excited to see a picture of you too!
Lila Ferraro

Pigtown-Design said...

Thanks for the mention! I can't wait to get the new Elle Decor!

The Gimlet Eye said...

Awesome! for a great feature on Nola bloggers in a fab magazine, right? ;)

pretty pink tulips said...

Hi Valorie,
I finally got my copy of the Nov Woman's Day - what a personal thrill to be included with such illustrious lady bloggers!

It is amazing to watch the folks like Eddie, Joni and Gwen on even bigger stages.

Wish you could join us on Nov 17th....but I'll make do with memories of meeting in person at Green Acres!!
xoxo Elizabeth

La Petite Gallery said...

Good photo Valerie, you look cute.
I comment back and forth with Gwen Driscoll and Lauren, they both have great blogs. Everyone is getting famous. They deserve all they can get.


martienn said...

ou, your blog is really interesting :D i like it !!

if you want, follow me ! :** <3


My Notting Hill said...

November is a good magazine month for bloggers! I was happy to see Joni, along with Eddie's, advice included in the HB article. She's so right about exterior lighting so you don't have those dark windows. Love Gwen's work too in Elle Decor.

North of 25A said...

Hello! I was skipping around my usual reads and found myself on your doorstep. Your blog is familiar to me I realize because I have read your comments on blogs that I read. Very "nice" to meet you. I read the Women's Day article; it is a very small world...

Sanity Fair said...

GO BLOGGERS. I'm seeing convincing signs everywhere that the bloggosphere is being taken more seriously, from personal contacts to the new HGTV show by Emily Henderson (and her still regularly maintained personal decor blog). These are great examples - and very much deserved.
P.S. I'm hosting a Marc Jacobs jewelry give away! I hope you'll stop by!

lila said...

fabulous blog Valerie! I read most of the blogs mentioned and enjoyed all. Yes, I will buy the magazines.
Love,love your gorgeous place and will come back often!

Kwana said...

I love it! You all look wonderful.