Thursday, October 14, 2010

The House That eBay Built

There are certain blogs that are poetry.

That's how I feel about Deborah Peterson Milne's Dumbwit Tellher.
The postings are few and far between, but when one pops up, it is imaginative, heartfelt, and original. Every photo chosen is considered and special. It is not a cookie cutter blog.

Having said that, I want to share some photos of the home of Dumbwit Tellher. I asked Deborah to tell me something about the house she decorated.

The layered look is masterful in the living room

Deborah writes: "I'm not 100% sure what to say other than yes..the house is for sale.
We moved here just shy of four years ago from Seattle. We are now empty-nesters and selling the house means we can finally start living our dream, and that is moving to Scotland. Then as you know from reading my blog, we both lost our moms this year.

So..making a change is what we hope for. We just sold our motorcycles, next the cars, stuff will go in storage & we will be off to beautiful, cold, rainy Aberdeen.

Sound crazy...just maybe!! Life is short and I want no more regrets because that shopping bag is over-flowing!"

I spy a fab wheat sheaf coffee table - maybe Deb will sell the furniture too!

She also says: "Each item has a story and a history and very often a few coats of paint. I call our home the house that eBay built."

Love this bedroom - check out the side table lamps - very Emily Henderson!

I love the personal style of this home, and I think it is move-in ready for a young buyer, or a buyer young at heart. I feel a kindred spirit in Deborah. We share many of the same decor choices.

The dining room sideboard is delicious

After seeing so many Cote de Texas style Houston homes, this Houston house is unique and refreshing.

The wall color and painted panels are great

It's a good size home with several bedrooms and bathrooms, and wonderful yard with a pool.

Another view of the living room

Deborah sent me a photo of a guest bathroom after she read my post about fabric HERE

The orange Federal style mirror is genius

It turns out we both use the same source, and used the same fabric for a DIY project.

OMG! A bathroom with "wallpaper" collage

Deborah has done so many great projects in her home. She knows how to swing a paint brush!

I did collage walls in many a bathroom in NYC!
This shade is incredible

If you did not know that Deborah and her husband Graham are empty nesters you would think a Lonny/Rue/Domino young cutie pie blogerator did up this house. The decor is very young at heart, but filled with the wisdom of someone who has lived long enough to utilize and balance color and vintage eras.

This wallpaper is the best!

It's funny how we attach a certain age to certain decor. Like older folks use antiques and refined serious schemes, and younger people use flea market finds, fun, and color.

Her daughter did the CC painting! LOVE it!

When I first started posting photos of my home, many readers thought I was young. And I am very youthful at heart and in my mind's eye ha ha, though old in years with the wisdom to be confident.

Adorable laundry room

I see confidence in Deborah's choices. Love too. And great attitude. This is a woman who clearly makes delicious lemonade from tart lemons.

Deborah and I used this same fabric

You can read her own personal story about her home HERE. Many of you already have. But go read it again, and if you haven't discovered Dumbwit Tellher, add it to your blog list.

And we are both Jacked up! Go HERE to see why!

And if you are in the market for a house in Houston, get in touch with Deborah. Besides getting the fantastic decor, you will be getting a home infused with love and good vibrations that will enhance your new life in this house with those very same qualities. And make her an offer to buy the furniture too!

Love the wall treatment in the bar area

Please send me your house stories and photos. I love sharing and showing Readers Projects.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

O.K. crying now (I feel so validated!!)...THANK YOU xo xo

2 Hounds Design said...

Thank you so much for drawing attention to this great blog I'm now following =)

The attention is so deserved!

24 Corners said...

This is such a wonderful post...and a well deserved tribute to Deb's amazing taste, style and heart which shows in everything she does whether it be blogging, decorating or most of all, caring for her family. She's such a lovely person...and so are you for posting about her so graciously!

xxo J~

Scribbler said...

Having taken an extended break from blogging last year, I somehow lost this one -- thanks for "finding" it again for me. Interesting what you said about certain styles being attached to certain age groups. I took a look around, and my style is certainly more traditional with a French twist, I guess you could say. I think maybe I do need to be a little more on guard against the place looking too "fuddy-duddy" -- or like the Olde Curiosity Shoppe! Thanks!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

This IS a home full of spunk and style and confidence! Hope she sells and chases her dream in Scotland!

Off to look at her blog!

Thanks for the intro!

Sanity Fair said...

Blown away. I've been reading DT for a long time, but I've never seen these pics. UN-REAL! It's so imaginative! So creative! All the complex wall coverings remind of Kelly Wearstler... without the insane piles (and without hiring an army of tradesmen).

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I love Deborah for many reasons. So often you see blogs that are cookie cutter cute after cookie color cute.
She brings joy, color and originality to blogland. I can't wait to see what goes on in Scotland.

Christy said...

"The house that Ebay built" Love that!

I have a good house story but unfortunately we are lacking in the decorating department. Hopefully that will be changing in the next several months as we are revamping our living room soon.

You can read the story here:
if you like.

Design Elements said...

lovely post!

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Oh, she has great style!!! I remember when I saw her post about this and only one word came to!

Renae said...

Deb is one of my faves....she's the REAL deal. Great decorator and a jewel of a gal!


katiedid said...

WOW!!! LOVE it ALL. A kindred spirit, but I need to gain a bit of that "go for it" attitude.

I was thinking this post was going to be Meg Whitman's house or something....this is SO much BETTER!

Ann said...

I love her choice of mirrors and lamps...

What a lovely home she built:)

vicki archer said...

Deborah's home is gorgeous and fabulous....just like her. Lovely post VAlerie, xv.

concretenprimroses said...

Such a fantastic home. So fun to look at each room! I love that she isn't afraid of color.

my favorite and my best said...

deb is awesome and she is much loved round these parts.
her house rocks hard too.

Sketch42 said...

AMAZING post! Love this house. Its really cool, the bathroom is insane, but I also love the bar, the living room, dining... its all good! lots of ideas to steal.

red ticking said...

love deb... and you too... you are both so generous, real and wonderful... xx

French said...

Deb is a total original, and I look forward to each and every new post; love seeing more pics of her home!! I am searching for your online fabrics post from a month or so ago, Valorie, and stumbled upon this post. I too hope the house sells as is; it looks ready to move in...