Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Confess To Brian Patrick Flynn at HGTV Design Happens

No regrets: 2008 version of the Visual Vamp living room
photo: CUE Magazine

Have you ever personally had any decor regrets?
This was question Decor Demon Brian Patrick Flynn asked me for Design Happens at HGTV. Go on over and say hello and leave him a comment.

And what about all of you? Do you regret any design or decor choices you have made?

The same space now
Visual Vamp living room 2010

I met Brian last May when we were thrown together on a panel at Grace McNamara's VISION 10, International Window Coverings Expo in Atlanta. It was love at first sight. Brian was clearly the good looking TV star that everyone was besotted with. But to me he was a smart guy with a great attitude and enthusiasm for decor. He was great fun to hang out with.

Visual Vamp at HGTV Design Happens

Many bloggers were invited, and promised to participate on the social media day panel Jackie Von Tobel put together for Visions 10, but most backed out, and a few mocked me for making the trip.

I am so happy that I went to this event. Not only did I learn alot about the window fashion industry (and meet some great people), but I was hosted by blogger and interior designer
Renae Moore, and met bloggers Skyla of Sanity Fair, Holly from Things That Inspire, and Jenny from My Favorite and My Best.

Who's smiling now?
Brian Patrick Flynn is my secret FB boyfriend. He has a hot TV show on TBS and is an HGTV personality, and he gave me, his cougar FB girlfriend, a great mention on HGTV Design Happens.

Happy Weekend!

The panel at Visions 10 in Atlanta

Visual Vamp Valorie Hart hanging out
with Brian Patrick Flynn in Atlanta

Love those groovy name tags!


Sanity Fair said...

I saw this link on FB and thought - I know when this happened! lol. AWESOME living room - especially that rug. And the couch. And the green. And the Marilyn. And... oh gee. Are you looking for housemates?


Visual Vamp said...

Hi Skyla!
Thanks for stopping by! We had so much fun in Atlanta!
And my house is yours anytime!
xo xo

Carollynn @ designGumbo said...

Loving the green curtains in the livingroom. They're new, right? Looks like more gorgeous silk!

Renee Finberg said...

awesome....and very cool.
i love the rooms.

hey...i just bought a pair of shoes that you will appreciate.


Renae said...

You were the 'bestest' houseguest....please come back soon so we can play! I love all that you have done!

inner_child said...

Love both the 2008 and current versions of the living room!
Paula ~ Mise en scène

Jan said...

Love all the portraits (and your house)
p.s. I may start referring to myself as a cougar.
Have a great weekend Vamp.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

....So perfectly VV. You cougar you!

Hill Country House Girl said...

You go girl! You always make me smile! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Hill Country House Girl said...

So I left a comment and can't tell if it published. I'll say it again - you always make me smile, Valorie! Have a great Sunday!!

Hill Country House Girl said... I see - I must wait for blogger approval! Something new for you?

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

Your house looks beautiful as usual. Ready to come back to NOLA!

La Petite Gallery said...

Valerie, you look like you are really having a good time.
Did you paint the stag horn? if so with what? I have to repaint my
it is looking yellow.


Kwana said...

This looks like lots of fun and I love your shades!