Monday, October 4, 2010

Living In The Country With Louis St. Lewis

Queen Liz by Louis St. Lewis

If you don't like grand bohemian style, taxidermy, or a peek into the private home of an extraordinary artist of our time, move on now.

Everyone else, here we go on a very unique and beautiful house tour, that starts at the outside of this very humble looking house in the North Carolina woods.

My friend Mitchell introduced me to Louis St. Lewis. Louis was in New Orleans for Art For Art's Sake this past weekend. Mitchell called me and said I had to meet Louis, that I would love him and his work, and as usual, Mitchell was correct. He knows I appreciate people who are talented and original bon vivants. Louis St. Lewis is all of this and more.

Entry hall in the home of Louis St. Lewis

First I poured over all the links Mitchell sent me of the art work. The more I delved into the information and the images, the more curious and captivated I became. I wanted to meet the man who created this art and persona.

The whippet "Q"

I saw the work he brought to New Orleans first. I knew he was already in town a few days before the exhibition, and lo and behold he strolled into perch. early one morning to come and meet me at Mitchell's urging.

Portrait of the artist as a young man

Delightfully good looking with a beautiful North Carolina accent, Louis is soft spoken in the most beguiling way. Sparks of two kindred spirits meeting went flying.

We chatted for some time, with him taking me to his Facebook page to show me his latest works at a show last month. He also shared photos of his home with me.

Would you ever think this living room would be in a humble house in the woods?

Louis inhabits his world that he creates in his art. He is famous for painting images of current day celebrities combining 18th century elements with 21st century modern art. He draws inspiration from 18th century miniature portraits painted on ivory. He has taken the art of portraiture that Andy Warhol started in the 60's and 70's, and made it his own for a new generation.

The bedroom - I spy some monkey business!

He is an animal lover, and the animals in the woods come out to dine on the vittles he leaves on the back porch for them daily. It is hard for people to understand that animal lovers often collect taxidermy, and appreciate it as art. Louis is not some wanker hipster being ironic. I hope you can understand the distinction.

Louis has an amazing taxidermy collection

Louis is a curious vibrant creator, and his home reflects a vision of an imagined life that is his reality. He makes his own baroque crystal chandeliers fashioned from wire.

A home made crystal chandelier

And all the while, he is living his artful lifestyle, he is creating incredible pieces of art. He has works in The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and in The New Orleans Museum of Art.

Bejeweled deer head - I want to use this image for my holiday card

Andre Leon Talley of VOGUE Magazine calls “a Tennessee Williams love-child, demon- wild- child -faun”.

The faun demon love child Louis St. Lewis
This photo was taken last month at a showing of his work

A lovely cat in the home of Louis St. Lewis

But make no mistake, Louis now 49, has been making and selling art for many years, and he is a gentleman and respected professional.

A lovely French fireplace

The back porch

Foxy Loxy stopping by for lunch at the home of Louis St. Lewis

A neighbor
photo by Louis St. Lewis

Dining alfresco at night
Photo by Louis St. Lewis

I'll do a post of his art work for you soon. I hope you enjoyed meeting Louis St. Lewis as much as Mitchell and I did, and that you enjoyed this private tour in the home of an artist.


pve design said...

I just happened upon Mitchell's blog today and now this! Wow, I really expected him to be a "centaur!"
What intrigue and mystery!

Kwana said...

Wow. I'm in awe. What a house and what an artist.

Carollynn @ said...

What a perfect October post! Wish I could have seen his work in person.

Nita Stacy said...

Oh...I loved this glimpse into how this artist lives. I can't wait to see the post about his artwork. Although...I'm going to google him right now!

Irene said...

this is a most interesting home. And yes, we would never expect the interior from the exterior. Love the fox visitor, and all the "pets" inside.

Sketch42 said...

um, wow. How do you find these homes?

Wait till you see my post tomorrow- its spectacular!

Anonymous said...

in case you haven't seen it, i will forward a post from e.e.e. from today about a painter called kelley, from brooklyn, of all places!

fort green, i think.

anyway, it would be great fun to see what would happen with an encounter between st. lewis and kelley, both romantics of a certain bunch of sorts. just imagine the finkelstein--oops, i mean frankenstein--they'd concoct!

woof to cholo, m


jlonit said...

Interesting, eclectic and sometimes a little spooky. This reminds me of the Spitalfields home you did a post on recently.