Friday, April 3, 2009

Art On The Porch

This past summer I got some cute ideas to inspire me to spiff up my front porch from Simply Seleta.

Porch time is back, so I cleaned mine up, and added a painting. The whole idea is the porch being an outdoor sitting room, a little open air parlor, so I use alot of things you see inside the house on the porch.

My porch - Come and sit awhile!

Don't worry about the art getting ruined! It's just a cheap little painting (that I love), and it's protected under the overhang. In fact I love the blue porch ceiling playing off the blue in the painting. The lamp has been outside all summer and winter, and it's doing just fine, so I reckon the painting will be okay too.

I just think it looks cute and quirky along with the outdoor rugs, the furniture all painted green, the miscellaneous cushions collected over the years, a real homey hodge podge if you will.

I feel so lucky to have a porch! A porch is the best way to stay connected to what's happening on your street.

When people see us on the porch, they say hello, and we always invite them to come and sit awhile, take a glass of water, or a cup of coffee, or a cold beer or a cocktail. Even if they don't have time for a porch visit, the hello how ya' doing, is a cheerful connection.

It doesn't matter if your porch is humble or grand, or by the sea or in the city. It's just great to have one!

Furnishings can be grand or simple, mismatched or decorator perfect. They all serve the same purpose - come and sit a spell!

And I love a porch all decked out for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July. Nothing says summer like the red, white, and blue!

Using things that we use indoors adds so much charm and fun. Chandeliers, lamps, ceiling fans, and furniture look so fresh on the porch. Of course I am not talking about the cast off old ratty couch you see on the porch of a frat house ha ha.

If you have alot of mismatched furniture, just paint it all one color. It really helps pull the look together quickly.

White wicker is the classic, and you can't go wrong with it.

I would love to do a post on your porch! Please e-mail me a photo, and tell me all about it.


Design Junkie said...

I guess this weather has all of in new orleans thinking about porches today. Thanks, Vamp, for the fabulous cocktail party.

Cote de Texas said...

Your porch looks so cute! love it!! I wish I had a large front porch that I could sit on.

Anonymous said...

Oh sigh. That was delightful. It's Friday, and I wish I was within walking distance of your porch so I could sashay by for a boisson (I bet we all need one).

LindaLinda said...

I love your porch and I'm itching to get real creative with mine (front and back). Send pictures?! I just figured out how to get my identity on here LOL! And, as I did, I lost all the pictures of your blogger friends. I will get it together yet. You will have to come see my porches when they finished LindaLinda

Linda/"Mom" said...

* Front porches are always so welcoming Valorie, & YOURS is also DIVINELY COMFY-LOOKING n' soooo "STYLISHLY NOW", while referring to the PAST~~~ YUMMYLICIOUS, ma' deah'!!! "Yer the ma'am!"~~~ MANY THANKS! Warmly, Linda

Karen said...

Valorie, you make me want to rush right out there and "do the porch dance" both front and back. In fact, you have inspired my entire week-end project list!! And since Dr. Deeds will be HERE this week-end, we will really see some action.
Before/afters will be on their way!
Still thinking about last Saturday and how fabulous it all was! said...

I don't know why so many of today's new homes forget the porch. It is a space that is just as important as any other room in the house. And it creates a beautiful transition zone between indoors and outdoors.

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E said...

I love the porch! And yes porches are amazing "rooms"! If i had one I would definitely "steal" some of your ideas!

Helen said...

I have two decks ~ but sadly no porch! Your photos are making me wish more and more I had one to decorate. I would use art, wicker, lots of color and lots of containers filled with flowers!

Linda/"Mom" said...

* Sweetie, your DAWG is DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Linda *

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Well, well Ms. V...working on our outdoor spaces AS WE SPEAK! Mind reader, you! Your porch is comfy, cozy and colorful...I have some paintings on our covered porch...adds life.
I'll send ya a pic when(if) I am done. sigh.

Hill Country House Girl said...

Love your porch and the way you have collected and arranged and made it so cozy. Adding the art work is a great idea and really finishes it as a room. I would be sitting out there every second I could! Fun, fun post.

Maria Killam said...

Love these porches! Beautiful, and a great idea on unifying the look with one colour.

Mary said...

This was a really nice and refreshing article on porches. I love the wall art that you show and the rugs, too. Who wouldn't want to pull up a chair and enjoy one of those fantastic porches?

pve design said...

Good dose of porch therapy - I needed that.