Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Passover. Pehsekh.

I'm not Jewish, but I was once married to a Jewish guy. I also had a ton of Jewish friends and clients. I am well versed in the joys of Yiddish.

I was invited to many a Seder. My first one is the most memorable. I was a young bride of barely 18. The shiksa. The goyim.

The table was lovely. The food exotic to me.
Fresh made matzoh from an Orthodox bakery in Williamsburg. Home made gefilte fish, which didn't look anything like a fish to me.
Horseradish I knew. I'm Polish and Formerly The Czech Republic.
I knew wine.

Of course they asked me the question usually asked of the youngest child: Why is this night not like any other?

I love the Seder. Family, friends, good food and drink, great conversation, candles, story telling, another beautiful rite of spring.

So as you clean and cook and get ready, I wish you and yours a very Happy Passover!


S. Adler said...

Thank you, Valerie! In the midst of preparing our seder, I took a break to read some blogs. I am far from family and with friends who have their own plans, my husband, son and I find ourselves alone this year. Your post reached out to me as if it was a personal message -- just for me! That's a mitzvah - thanks! Susan

Shelly Beson said...

I'm a fellow shiksa and I wish my husbands family celebrated these holidays but they dont. So easter egg hunt it is. Love your blog.


Velvet and Linen said...

Happy Passover, Valorie.
Now that you know me oh so well you will laugh that I completely forgot about Passover. I am now planning our seder for Tuesday night, the last night!
Do I get points for the fact that I spent all yesterday afternoon in our rabbi's office planning Nick's Bar Mitzvah in September?
How many other Bar Mitzvah boys do you think are named Nick Giannetti! LOL


Cote de Texas said...

I will take this as a very personal wish from you! I absolutely adored this!!!! thank you!


Linda/"Mom" said...

* Dear Valorie~ I thank you, too! That was interesting & I loved your humorous approach at JUST the right moments!!! I won't bother wasting your time asking you to explain "seder", but I AM going to google it in a few minutes to learn more about it for myself!~~~ OK, here's the "QUESTION of the DAY: SOOOOOO, if you are NOT Jewish, but you were MARRIED to a Jewish man, then DIVORCED, do you STILL "celebrate" this Jewish holiday??? Thanks, Sweetie! Linda *

Visual Vamp said...

Dear Linda,
I only celebrate if someone invites me to a Seder.
xo xo

Visual Vamp said...

Dearest Joni,
You know I was thinking of you.
The blue & white Seder plate has your name on it.
xo xo

Jan said...

love the 'feel' of this post V - and the photo of the little girl at the table.

Anonymous said...

Hi Valorie. A beautiful post. I developed a love for Israel and the Jewish people and culture as a child. It wasn't something I was taught, but a loyalty that came about through circumstances, observance, exposure, etc. It's complicated, but is something that endures inside me. As an adult I learned, among other things, that my great grandma's maiden name was Rosendahl, so the heritage is likely there, but was not passed down. I'm Christian, but have often thought of celebrating Passover, or Seder, formally. This certainly nourishes the seed. I send my sincere blessings to those of you who are pausing to celebrate and remember.

Carla said...

Gorgeous so fine, looks very delicate. Carla

Carla said...

Gorgeous so fine, looks very delicate. Carla

Carla said...

Hi Valorie, Such a lovely post, I live in the Marais and I love the Jewish cultue here. Happy Passover. Carla

corine said...

I've been learning Jewish as a second language myself and I like the traditions. It feels good to be part of something that is 5000 years old.

pve design said...

I loved this post, I love all celebrations.