Thursday, April 9, 2009

On Aprroval

Dear sweet Brooke from Velvet and Linen asked me to play a little game. Choose one photo to explain my style. ONE! I thought she must be joking.
Anyhoo, I snapped this photo one morning while I was running out the door. It's the living room which many of you know almost as well as I do. Here it is unstyled and as is.

I chose this angle for the ONE photo because it shows the things that define my visual vampiness: Color; mixing the high and the low; mixing the old and the new; art; mixing prints.
Now that I've done the one photo game, I want to show you something else.
I love my old living room table lamps pulled from the rubble of Katrina. I've cleaned them up, repainted them, and given them new shades.

But I brought two new lamps home, made from old porch posts. They're home on approval, something a good shop will do for a customer, lend them things to try out before they commit to a purchase.

They are not exactly alike, which makes them even more interesting and beautiful to me. I also like the black shades. I have black shades on the other two lamps in the room, and at first I thought, no maybe that would be too much black, but now I actually find it unifying.

It is so hard to photograph a television! It never looks as good as it does when you are cuddled up and watching it. This small room is our living room - that means we live in it! Old houses do not have open floor plans or family rooms.
I think the scale of the lamps on the long credenza, in this room with high ceilings look really great.
Anyway, my style is fluid, always evolving but based on my love for the unusual mix of things.
PS What do you thing of the lamps on approval? Keepers?


corine/hidden in france said...

I love the warm tones, the eclecticism and the humor of the marilyn portrait.

Karena said...

Looks very comfy & cozy, yet gamorous. Valorie, your style shines through!

My Favorite and My Best said...

you rocccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!
seriously, you have mad skilz. i aspire to be as brave as you in design.
the lamps are awesome!!

Kwana said...

I love your style. I so need to up my game and really step out more. Thanks.

Velvet and Linen said...

Definitely keepers, Valorie.
I do so love your style. It is complicated, sophisticated, romantic, a bit naughty, and unexpected just like you!
Mixing high and low has always been my style, otherwise everything either looks too dear or looks like junk! It is the combination that allows the pieces to play off of each other.
On our next visit I look forward to seeing the inside of your home in person (plus a few tango lessons!).


Dianne said...

Yes,l certainly keepers. Love your style!!!

Karen said...

But of course they are "keepers" - you could always find another use for them when you get tired of them as lamps. Bookends maybe, or slug nails into them and hang your jewels from them in the bath. Or punch lemons and oranges onto the nails for a centerpiece some holiday time. Just kidding..... I love them for their "soul" and that's what you're all about!!
XO to you!!

Renae said...

Those lamps are most definitely keepers...they are fab! I love your style with all the color and texture, it speaks of quirky artistry and that's how I "see" you!
BTW, I love love love your settee, I like how you have the nailheads spaced and on the chair as well. Will put that in my memory bank.

ArchitectDesign said...

I LOVE black shades always-those lamps are amazing! I just love your living room, the tv looks great, I would love to watch a movie with you here!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Gorgeous room!! So you!

The lamps? Are you keeding...KEEP EM! they fit in perfectly and look like a wonderful piece of Nola history.

I even like your varigated ginger in your vase.

I like, I like, I like!

Willow Decor: said...

I love the new lamps and the black shades. I really enjoy your rooms and vignettes, especially your ability to mix contemporary with traditional and antique pieces. Your rooms have a real personality and style - just like you!. Love it!!

Jill said...

Great post...I adore the floor lamps flanking the sofa.

Helen said...

You wonderful vamp ~ you! Marilyn says it all. Lovely post!

Visual Vamp said...

A comment e-mailed to me from reader Kimberly Welles:

I really , really like the approval lamps. Their scale makes them sophisticated, while their age makes them eclectic and unique. The black shades are timeless. They blend nicely with the architectural piece to the right and the detail in the painting behind the left hand lamp. It looks like you are replacing the rescued lamps?? I am so sentimental. I hate to see something with a history be replaced, but I do love the lines of the approvals. The room has an exotic almost tribal feel. I love it!

Deae Kimberly,
Yes the lamps on approval are a replacement, but I will make sure my Katrina rescues go to a good home.
xo xo

Anonymous said...

I love your "defining photo." I'm pretty sure I already saved a photo of your living room a few posts ago when Marilyn went up, but I went ahead and saved it to my computer again today! The approval lamps are lovely, and I also like that each is a bit different. I'm all for the black shades!

Sylvie said...

Those lamps look incredibly great with the credenza. Oui, oui. Keep them :)