Friday, April 10, 2009

Colored Candles, A Burning Question

It's Good Friday, and the church candles got me to thinking.

All the colored candles flickering looking so pretty.

With Easter tables to be set everywhere, I wondered how many of you might use colored candles.

I used all white or cream candles for years and years. Classic and always appropriate.

Then I started using black candles. I know, I know, you think it might be too witchy ha ha. But actually black candles look as good as a little black dress. Their only drawback is the melted wax that drips. It stains!

I like these gray-ish lavender candles.

Valorie Hart

Red candle wax is pretty fierce too.

And I don't know about glitter candles ha ha.

In fact I have used metallic candles during the holidays, and I can't remember if the wax was an issue.

So what do you think about colored candles?

Are they as controversial as skirted tables? Or cord covers?

Miles Redd
Do you remember the skirted table issue?

When you see them in a store display beckoning you like a huge box of crayons, it's hard to resist!

You just want to try them out, even though using white candles is fail safe. But beware, because there's a fine line to walk.


vicki archer said...

Happy Easter Valorie - have a wonderful weekend, xv.

Eddie Ross said...

Love it! And you!

Miss you already, honey!

Eddie + Jaithan

Linda Merrill said...

I like colored candles for daytime, but still prefer white, cream, or even black for evening soirees. As for glitter candles - let me tell you, the waxage IS a problem. I had a lovely New Years Eve party a couple of years ago and suddenly one of my guests said "Uh, Linda, your dining table is ON FIRE!". The wax had flowed off the candle across the table and the glitter caught fire, like a lava flow!!! My table still bears the burns. :-(

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oh Dayum...look at those crayola colors beckoning.

I like white...but as I sit outside, I see faded orange (pretty) an amber (nice) and brilliant lipstick red.

Like I said. I like white,


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I love pale green candles. And ivory ones, lots of them!

Wishing you a joyful Easter!!

Hill Country House Girl said...

Cream is always safe and pretty. Black can be very handsome, though - I agree with you on that. Colored candles can be fun - don't you think it depends on the occasion and the decor? I think it's a matter of taste and some people have it and some don't! Happy Easter!

alice said...

Black, White and Cream candles are hands down always a good thing.

However, colored candles can look fabulous when they are in really unexpected shades... such as bright chartreuse for Christmas instead of hunter green... I saw a photograph of the cutest terra cotta pots used as candle holders for bright colorful tapers... If we weren't eating outside this Easter I'd be copying that idea right now!

Great post and pictures!

Karen said...

Creative Candles ( will drive you crazy! They have so many fantastic colors - I love them all! Best thing about candles is that they are like crayons - and when you use them up, guess what??? You can go get some more and start all over again!!

Anonymous said...

Well, do you want to hear it again? Whites, Creams, Ivories can't be beat for everyday and special occasions. But I do love those grays, browns, and blacks too.

I seem to like colored candles if there is a whole lot of one color. A statement for a holiday, a table setting, a theme, etc. And then, just like everything else, the candle colors that look best to me will depend on the colors I'm into at the time. But then there's always some creative soul who can do something fabulous and make me crave a color I thought I didn't like.

Visual Vamp said...

A commeent via e-mail that I share with you:

The black candles or phe-nom! I didn't know they would stain. How sad on my linen tablecloths.

Charla @ For the Sake of Time

cotedetexas said...

I'm a white or cream only kinda girl. And yes, Val - I remember the skirted table debate. hehe

Anonymous said...

That sconce from Perch is fantastic.... making me want to melt the ice block that holds my credit cards ;-)

And I love the harlequin candles - I wonder if they keep those in stock? I'd replace all of mine in the living room with those - cute.

Karena said...

I usually do white, however will often use a soft gold taper. I found at World Market/Cost Plus years ago and they do not drip! They are very elegant, I hope they are still making them, I believe I have about six left!

Live In Full Color said...

I usually am a white/cream kind of girl.. but am loving the idea of black and gray!

I think colors can work if there are lots of them, maybe in varying shades of one or two fact, I'm helping 'dress' a performance piece this weekend and we want to do lot of candlelight. Your post has inspired me to seek out greens and grays instead of basic white candles. I'll let you know how it looks!

The Blushing Hostess said...

I was white, cream, or gold. Now I have a white dining room, so I use more color. However, tiny table-cloth colored coaster under the candlestick - the Hostess does not deal with candle wax. All the cleaning tips and tricks will never really get red, navy, or black out... Be well and thank you for your kind holidat wishes today a happy spring to you too, my Friend. The Hostess

pve design said...

I love candles, in all the colors and then the classic bees wax color. I always love using springy greens!

Jill said...

I use natural bees wax candles. I love the color and the smell.