Thursday, April 23, 2009

East Hampton Style 2 - Thank You Sally Quinn

I just got an e-mail newsletter from Architectural Digest with photos of Grey Gardens as it is now, and an article talking with Sally Quinn. Best of all it's photographed by my favorite guy Peter Vitale! So I had to hop to and share some of the photos with you all! You can go HERE to read the article and see more photos.

The house looks wonderful! A happy ending after all.

Rose chintz is used throughout, a nod to the roses planted in the gardens.

Simple coir rugs are used, that look very much like the kind you can pick up at Pier One, or Cost Plus World Market. I like that the house doesn't look overdone and over decorated. It looks like the houses I remember, including my own little Victorian cottage on Springs Fireplace Road.

This vintage newspaper poster kind of brings back the happy early days that the Beales spent in Grey Gardens, the 1930's.

What a pretty bouquet of cosmos! And the table setting is delightful too.

This is a little sitting room off the kitchen. I love the old stove! I had one like this in my house. I also love all the old quilts Sally Quinn uses throughout the house. This is something I saw alot of Hamptons ladies do, including Lauren Bacall.

The master bedroom is so pretty. The iron bed is making me smile. They are so out of fashion now, and I like that Sally uses one anyway! Again, my master had a white iron bed! I guess the houses in the Hamptons dictate all the tried and true touches that decorators have used for a zillion years ha ha.

Thank you all for taking so many trips to Grey Gardens with me. I can almost smell....the sea air!


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I'm thrilled to see these photos. I spent about 2 hours searching for them online the other day and came up empty. I couldn't even find them on the AD site. Thank you! I was dying to know how the house turned out.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I had so longed to see inside the house as it is today!! Thank you!! Such a completely charming place and it does my heart good to see it rescued. Funny you mention the sea air. All I could think as I looked at all those delicious open windows was how marvelously fragrant it must be with the scent of the flowers wafting through.

Anonymous said...

I don't have an antique iron bed, but (oh dear) I must confess that I DO have a MOST beautiful brass bed painted a satin pewter gray/brown. Je l'adore, and I don't care if it's in or out of style.

I've had it only a few months. I was just preparing to shop for a glamorous padded headboard when I stumbled upon this big swirling meringue, the Bed I've wanted my whole life, for forty dollars ($40) on craigslist. Cal King head & footboards, and a truly stunning shape.

I love it. I feel wonderful in it. I call it my Fairytale bed, and everything is better in it.

Design Junkie said...

I'm glad the house is loved, and it's very sweet and pretty, but.....if I were Sally Quinn, I'd be on the phone with the set designer for the HBO movie at this very moment.

Anonymous said...

Grey Gardens chic! Who woulda guessed? I think I love it--minus the cat food cans.


Carla said...

I love that garden, I dream about having a garden. carla

pve design said...

Does she have any cats?

AlwaysMe said...

Just how a cottage should look. Lovely. Classic.


I adore the country/cottage style .. it always feels like home more than just a picture a in magazine

Kwana said...

Being a lover of romance and a writer I adore happy endings. Thanks so much for sharing this one.

allie in g'town said...

What a perfect cap on a Grey Gardens week! Thank you for sharing.