Friday, June 25, 2010

The Best Wedding Decor Ideas I've Seen In Awhile

I was an event designer for many years, and I designed (and did the flowers) for hundreds of weddings. I continue to look at wedding decor, and keep up with old friends still in business.

Bowls of rose petals line the aisle for people to gather up and toss~
This is the best aisle decor I have seen in a long while, simple, natural, romantic~

It is the wedding of Jane Fonda's daughter in the south of France

Like everything else, the wedding and event design business has gotten uber, thanks to the internet. So much information is revealed, and many more talented people are accessible.

Weddings have become productions, and sometimes something sweet is lost in all the hoopla.
Every now and then I come across some images of weddings that make me want to get back in the business. They are by and large classic in their decor approach, no themes per se. And if big money is spent, it isn't screaming it.

Here are the petals being tossed!
What could be more perfect than a shower of rose petals after the ceremony

The next images come form a photographers's web site, and I am not sure if they are of an actual wedding or they were staged. No matter, because the look of the wedding reception is what made me catch my breath. This is what I mean by money being spent without screaming it.
The photogrpaher is Manny Rodriquez.

I love the colors, and the flower arrangements are classic~
Placing them high and low works very well, placing the high between sight lines~
The Ghost chairs are a nice touch

The smaller rectangular table is a great idea to create intimate scale~
The tablecloth puddles just the right amount

The details of the table setting are layered and make it personal~
Contact Jason Murakawa who rents lovely vintage things ~
His company is Small Masterpiece and he would be the man to consult with

When I was in business many hours were spent producing the perfect table number~
Attention to the smallest details makes the biggest impact

I want to thank Julia from Hooked on Houses for leading me to the Jane Fonda blog.
Ms. Fonda's blog is incredible, and one of the best I have ever read. I spent hours last night reading many of the entries, and I recommend you take a look at it, and perhaps add to your blog list.

And while down the rabbit hole, I found the next image at a blog called Goddamit I'm Mad. This led me to Manny Rodriguez, who took this photo (and the wedding shots above) of another blogger's mother's home in Dallas. The blogger is Sea of Shoes, a pretty young silver spooner. She has a very close relationship with her mother, and they are avid shoppers, which I think is reflected in the photo. I was hoping to find more photos of this fascinating home on Manny's web site, but alas there weren't any. But there was so much more beauty on his site!

The shopper's mash up - Mom of Shoes Dallas living room

On a personal note: Alberto is out of the hospital and doing very well. We are going tango dancing this weekend. Thanks for the many sweet notes via e-mail and Facebook.

Jane Fonda at her tango lesson!
She is learning tango for a movie she is making in France

Happy Weekend!!!

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Kwana said...

Thanks for the images. Hugs to Alberto and to you. So happy to hear you both will be dancing.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I didn't realize you used to do weddings. How interesting! Is there anything you can't do?!

I've really been enjoying Fonda's blog, too. Love that she posted photos of her daughter's wedding. Enjoy your weekend! :)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

I agree with Julia, is there anything you can't do Val & do so well?

I loved what you said about weddings. Hate the huge 'pony-show' productions that are all the rage.

Will enjoy Jane's blog. Thank you.

Love Sea of Shoes mom's Dallas home. I spied the crazy fun Zodiac mirror above the fireplace. These ladies are serious shoppers, what a life!

Dance your hearts out and so happy to know Alberto is doing well enough to be back dancing this weekend.


pve design said...

I must admit to loving simple celebrations of frugal means, much more than over the top productions.
When you come, I will have a special simple treat for you.
Thrilled you and Alberto will be dancing the tango.
Please tell Alberto that I have been saying simple wishes for his speedy recovery.

AppleTree said...

Gorgeous gorgeous wedding photos. So glad that your honey is feeling better.

I have had Sea of Shoes bookmarked forever, but haven't read her lately, her lifestyle is just so far from my own that I couldn't comprehend any more.

Anonymous said...

Go to:
It's Sea of Shoes' mother's website. Scroll down and you'll find pictures of her house.

La Maison Fou said...

Thanks for the many pics weddings are so personal and love these idea. Not knowing there was a visit to the hospital, hope for a speedy and uneventful recovery!
Will have to check out her blog,
thanks Valorie for the heads up!

Irene said...

So glad you will be off dancing with your main man this weekend. I too love to decorate for weddings, of all the things I've done, it's got to be the most fun. I'm so impressed with your abilities.

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing the wedding isle decoration of rose petals. I love this idea. What a great scent the rose petals would add to the air as well. So romantic.

Greet said...

I am glad to hear that Alberto is home!! It is good to hear!
Valorie, this is a very great post!! I will send it to a friend who is going to marry!Thank you! Have a nice weekend!

Hello Lover... said...

So much fun stuff in this post - I adore that turqoise table setting!