Monday, June 14, 2010

I Brought Nate Berkus Home With Me

I'm tardy to the party for Nate Berkus Day, but nonetheless, here I am!

Apparently Nate doesn't have enough love, so this day was designated to let him know he has blog love, and nearly 100 bloggers (and still counting) are making this Nate Berkus Day.

Do you all remember this Elle Decor cover? It launched stripe rug love even more than the rug in the movie Somethings Gotta Give!

I got one for my living room back then! I was just at the beginning of a major living room revamp, and brought Nate into my house HERE

Visual Vamp living room revamp - then

Right now this Nate Berkus stripe rug is on sale for $299. for an 8 x 10! HERE

Nate Berkus stripe rug

I brought Nate into my bedroom HERE, and purchased two of his fab mercury glass lamps from Home Shopping Network, where he sells his well priced wares.

Nate Berkus in the bedroom of Visual Vamp!

I also had one of my clients get two of these settees in this Ikat pattern. In this day and age, designers have to shop high and low, and this Nate Berkus settee is low in price, but high in style.

Nate Berkus Ikat settee

I also bought something for myself that I thought I'd never buy! Fake candles! Nate has these on HSN, and I really love them.

Nate Berkus flame less candles

I love how they look in my giant hurricanes! I put sand in the bottom of the hurricanes and nestled the Nate candles in. They are so cool and have timers, and I swear they look realistic and not tacky.

Visual Vamp uses Nate Berkus flame less candles on the dining room sideboard

I'm thinking of getting these branch candlesticks too!

Nate Berkus branch candlesticks

So there you have it, my humble contribution for Nate Berkus Day!

Like so many others, I respect and adore his work, admire him as a person, and wish him a ton of bloggy love!

Thank you Moggit Girls!


Cristin said...

Fun post! Love the ikat settee too. Those fake candles are great for families with kids and pets! Lov'em.

aka another blogger who loves Nate!

AppleTree said...

I heart Nate too

Sketch42 said...

That sette is absolutely awesome. I wish I needed it.

I love those candlesticks too.

Great post!

Sanity Fair said...

wow - you ARE a fan! Not hard to see why. And what a creative way to use the faux candles - it looks great! I'm changing my mind on these.
I've had my eye on those branch candlesticks for a while.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Any reason to celebrate Nate...yes, of course!

Jan said...

Ooh - hadn't heard of him ... but Hell Yes - celebrate !

Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

Oh yes great design:)

Tammy@InStitches said...

Great party ! I love the settee and put it on my post too.

Hello Lover... said...

I love his work and his products! I have two of his HSN tables and I keep stalking those candlestick holders as well!

NR Designs said...

Thanks for featuring Nate Berkus - who doesn't love him and all of his product designs?

Renae said...

Nate should be very honored that the VAMP celebrated him! Love what you have done with his things.

Visual Vamp said...

Anon 7:10
Your post has been deleted.
Give up commenting here, the stalking, lurking, and mean spirit. It is not welcome here or anywhere.
xo xo

Marija said...

I love how you used your striped rug! So much style! And I really love that you convinced your client to use two of those settees. I keep trying to come up with a place in my own home to use them!!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Val - bravo, great Nate post & I've read many today. I love how you've shown how you've brought his great designs into your life & your client(s). The Ikat sette is gorgeous. I adore him inside & out. I those sassy candlesticks.

xoxo deb

Creategirl said...

Love how you brought Nate home with you, lucky lady!! I have been contemplating a purchase of that blue rug, you might have just convinced me!

Thanks for joining in on our NateDay! It surpassed all of my expectations!

Anonymous said...

I put small fake candles in our guest bathroom.. They look nice and work great as nite lites when grandchildren are staying.