Tuesday, June 15, 2010

On Location With Bryan Batt

See the details about Bryan Batt at 1stdibs

Bryan Batt is a busy man these days. He's on a whirlwind book signing tour for his wonderful memoir of New Orleans, "She Ain't Heavy She's My Mother". If you haven't read it yet, go pick it up. It is a great coming of age story, and would make a great movie with Bryan cast to play his father. It is one of New York Times book critic Janet Maslin's Summer picks.

Garden District Book Shop

If you are in New Orleans, he will be doing a reading at The Garden District Book Shop on Saturday June 19 at 1 PM, and if you are in New York go see him tonight June 15, 5:30 - 8:30 PM at The Interior Design Building, 506 East 61st Street. Tell him The Vamp sent you!


The Gimlet Eye said...

I am going to try to stop in at the GD book shop on Saturday as I missed him at Octavia when the book first came out. Thanks for the tip, Vamp!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get my hands on this book. I'm only up to Season 2 of Mad Men so he's still in it. I think he's my favourite character - can't take my eyes off of him he's so intriguing.

Francine Gardner said...

Can't believe I missed it...my showroom is a block away! will get the book for sure .

Anonymous said...

oopsey! 506 e. 61st st. might be a bit of a swim, but 306 is still quite pleasant, despite global warming.....



Anonymous said...

Siempre leo tu blog!
Me encanta tu estilo y, sobre todo, la "mirada" argentina con que describís los hechos y las cosas.
Junto con " Cote de Texas" y "Habitually Chic", las 3 son mi compañía infaltable durante el desayuno.
Un beso, y GO ARGENTINA!!!!!

Violet bbf
(busy being fabulous)

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh what fun! He seems like such a charming guy! It must be a pleasure to see him in person.

Totally swooning over that pendant light in the postcard! Any idea who makes it?