Monday, June 14, 2010

South African Interior Design

The World Cup is on! That would be the monumental international soccer (or futbol as we call it in this Argentine/American household) championship. Read more HERE

It happens every four years and itIt is a very big deal. This year the country of South Africa is hosting it, so I thought I'd feature some examples of interior design from South Africa.

It wasn't that easy. Most of the initial examples I found were very "mumsy", kind of a throwback to an old style middle class decorating sometimes found in England.

But I kept searching and finally found some very beautiful images of South African interiors.

They run the gamut from arty and folksy, to modern and sleek, to cottage and girly.

Design is pretty much global now, though certain characteristics imbibe the rooms of the place they exist in.

The South African design industry seems to be growing, and fantastic sensibilities are being formed.

It's not all about an African theme for sure...

...but rather about using global influences found everywhere in good design.

South Africa is a huge country, with cities and rural areas and beaches, so architecture and home decor reflects region.

Diversity and creativity abound in South African design.

All of these images were done by South African photographer Craig Fraser, and can be found in one of many of the books he has done about South Africa: Hot Afro; Home Cape Town; Shack Chic (he has also published many more beautiful titles on South Africa than these).

Elle Decor also has a South African version, though sadly they don't have a point and click web site. They have a blog HERE and a Facebook page HERE

And also one of our own decor/design bloggers Vicente Wolf is in South Africa and he is doing some terrific blog posts from there, HERE

I can't help but comment on the sexy Vanity Fair cover, giving the World Cup a super infusion of glamor!

Who wouldn't want to tune in and watch these guys kick the ball around!

Go Argentina!!!


Glamoursmith said...

Love the glam bedroom image (6th from the top) The weathered shutters, crystal chandelier and the creamy white tones - fab-U-lous! Very soothing. Wonder if there's more views of this room?

Anonymous said...

LOVE the abs I mean, fABulous rooms! Gives me goosebumps... franki

my favorite and my best said...

i would soooo hit that ronaldo...

Jan said...

Thanks for the eye candy Valorie!
(I managed to restrain myself in my post)

p.s. Go England!

pve design said...

As always you have such a way of uncovering and finding such treats for us as you search to show us some of your finds.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Um...Hello boys, er men. And Hellooooooooooo South Africa!

Julienne said...

The rooms are good (Just love that all pink!!!) But ...two images that have me boggling!!

Kwana said...

Thanks for the abs! And that is some chandelier in the 1st pic.

Cristin said...

is that chandy in the first pix - feathers! love it.

thanks too for all the nice eye candy :-)


Trouvais said...

Howdy Valorie. One of my reader's from South Africa just started a blog (La Brocanteuse)...she travels often to France, has an incredible beamed living room. I'm very intrigued by "South African" style...loved this post. Merci! Trish

AppleTree said...

yes please.

Anonymous said...

I've been trailing through your blog, and if I ever win the lottery I'm going to hire you to decorate for me!

AppleTree said...

Good for so many reasons.

katiedid said...

Thanks for the great images Valerie! (And I mean GREAT!) And I like the interiors very much too!