Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kathleen Clements Rugs

Kathleen Clements is an interior designer on the west coast, with a long established firm that turns out top rate work. Her son Tommy Clements works with his mother Kathleen, and he is featured in the July/August issue of Elle Decor HERE

Love these horses - it reminds me of a polo pony's saddle blanket

At Kathleen Clements Design you can get a wonderful alternative to the usual suspects of rugs we all love to use: sea grass, hides, stripe flat weaves. Really, wouldn't you secretly like to try something different?


The line is called Gypsy/Maturin, a collection of rugs created from all natural materials. Whether made of vintage Turkish kilim and adorned with spare and elegant hand embroidery, or loomed out of plush mohair and textured hemp, the organic variations and rich details that are marks of the collection truly make each rug a unique work of art.

This interpretation of the Union Jack looks so fresh

I love these rugs for their spare graphic design and quality materials.

I haven't loved a USA flag graphic this much since Jasper Johns!

For further inquiry into the Gypsy/Maturin collection, including sizes, pricing and bespoke creations, please contact:

Kathleen Clements Design, (p)310.247.9350 (e)kathleen.kcd@gmail.com

Wonderful bird design

Okay with words like bespoke, I doubt I can afford one of these beauties. If you could afford one of these, which would you choose?

This shield design would look great underfoot in a study

But I sure would like to get a vicarious thrill and place one in a client's home.

Reverse coloration of the shield design

Love this one big bird!

This incredible peacock wall hanging is made of pieces of linen and canvas
hand stitched on a vintage Turkish Kilm - How fabulous is this!

Check out the portfolio at Katleen Clements Design - I am sure you will enjoy the work of the firm that bears her name. HERE

Kathleen Clements Design


24 Corners said...

Just came back from her site...it was just the inspiration I was looking for...thank you! Her aesthetic is so calming yet artsy!

Love the peacock! xo J~

my favorite and my best said...

that reverse shield black and white is awesome...i want it!!!

Katie Rob said...

LOVE the horses! And the peacock, too. These are beautiful - thanks for sharing.

sue in mexico mo said...

Love her rugs - except for the flag rug. Don't like the idea of walking on the flag. . .

NR Designs said...

Love the peacock wallhanging!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Love that one big bird!!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Those are STUNNING! Love the wall hanging and the crosses and the birds and the flags and the...

But my fave has got to be the horses! Yep!

Hello Lover... said...

That peacock is stunning!