Thursday, June 24, 2010

Has Anyone Bought Something From

We all get catalogs in the mail, and sometimes they are very enticing. I have been getting the Home Decorators catalog for years, and by and large have spent a few minutes looking at the stuff, wondering if any of it is worthwhile, or is it just more junk. Up until now the styles have not been anything I truly like, but lately they have caught up with a few trends .

They carry a line of Martha Stewart Living furniture that looks pretty. The pieces are wood and veneers, and finished well. The prices are moderate, and the style classic.

I picked out some other things on the web site that have possibilities:

Over size French style clock - 29 inches round - only $79. HERE
This comes via Amazon which carries HD products
If you have the time to search, Amazon has the cheapest price
and often offers free shipping too

Mirror cabinet - $549. Over 100" long, made of MDF and poplar HERE

Aluminum chair - $129. Free Shipping - HERE
Comes in orange, brushed or shiny silver, pink, black, green, blue

Seascape Sea Grass Rugs - from $29. - $549. (for a 12 x 15!) - HERE
Don't be tuned off by the Latex backing - you don't need a rug pad

I have one like this and is wearing very well after two+ years

White turned lamp - Very Jonathan Adler - $119. Free Shipping
28" high and comes with the hardback shade

Mercury Lamp - very Nate Berkus - $69. Free Shipping
24" high - comes with black shade

White gourd shape lamp - $119. Free shipping- HERE
Comes with white fabric shade

Parsons Desk - $199. Wood - HERE
Comes in blue and white

Large piece of Flatware Document wall art $129. - Free Shipping HERE
40" high - Wisteria has something like this, but much more $$$

NYC Subway Sign - $299. Free Shipping
I'm a sucker for this, and so is Nate Berkus
A little pricey, but it's big 39" x 39"

There are a ton of accessories to choose from, and I find it's good to start in the "New" section HERE. You'll find several cute pillows at really great prices.

Like all catalog merchandise, buyer be aware. It isn't the best quality, or the worst, and sometimes one or two inexpensive things can give your room a little lift. We are all shopping high and low these days.

So if anyone has gotten anything from Home Decorators, please leave a comment and tell us about it.

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High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I just received something from them and it's pretty good.

The order shipped timely. All of the pieces were accounted for.

We built it last night and it looks really good.

I would order from them again!

I'll snap some pictures tonight and post them tomorrow to show all!

Julio said...

I think they are owned by Home Depot. I purchased a corner workstation from them for our family room which I've had for about a year and am happy with it(so far). However, the receipt printed was from Home Depot. I purchased the corner station because its dimensions were the perfect fit for the corner of the room. I was worried about purchasing the item because I also thought the catalog was a bit too much and seem to mix nice pieces with pieces that looked poor in quality and style. However, your editing of the pieces from the catalog is excellent. I would never guess you were looking at a homedecorators catalog from the pieces you selected. Great eye Vamp!

concretenprimroses said...

I like the pieces you selected. I've always been intrigued by their catalog but never ordered.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

This makes me wish I hadn't already put my catalog in the recycling bin. Maybe I can fish it out....

christina said...

Love all the suggestions! I've bought replacement umbrella covers and small items like door mats and such from Home Decorators and they've been fine. I think their pricing on shipping for large items is a bit high and I do prefer to see those prices more prominently displayed.

I've been thinking about Seagrass rugs for my living room -- inspired by your wonderful blog. However, I've read that the latex backing can damage wood floors, which prompted me to look at the canvas backed ones, but I haven't found a pattern that I like yet...Are your rugs on wood floors and how have they fared? I have old wood floors that were treated with polyurethane in the mid-90s. I would love any input you might offer on this topic. Thank you

Visual Vamp said...

Hi Christina,
I have laminate floors, and have never had any issues with latex backing sticking to the floor even in the high humidity of New Orleans,
With the poly U on your older floors, I doubt that you would have any issues either.
xo xo

Punctuation Mark said...

i will definitely check it out... they have some pretty good things!

Ginger said...

I agree with the previous comment that you have a great eye, Valorie. A year or 2 ago I ordered end tables from the catalog, spent an hour putting them together with my daughter, then gave them to her because I was disappointed in the quality. They just looked too pre-fab. Now I throw the catalog in the trash when it arrives, but maybe I should rethink browsing it for the accessories. (On another blog, the author referred to the catalog as Home Desecrators!)

Anonymous said...

Just a note to tell you that my mother ordered a chair from them about 12 years ago and I was stunned at how well-made and heavy it was when it arrived. A friend of mine ordered a CD/TV cabinet from them and it arrived missing one of the shelf pegs (the little metal ones that go into the holes in the case)and when she called to ask if she could order a few extra, they not only sent her the pieces, but credited back a sizable amount of the original purchase and also sent her a coupon for $25 off her next purchase. She was really pleased with the quality as well.I wouldn't hesitate to order from them. I get their catalog and never seem to order from them, mostly because their catalog really isn't all that appealing.

Love your blog.


Ms. Smart said...

nope, never did. I like the things you see working together. your style is quite different than mine.

Rachel said...

I've never ordered from them either, and have always it's great to read the comments. I love the pieces you chose!

And to Christina, the latex backing can kind of "rub off" (like a pencil eraser) on the floors, and it will be more noticeable on shiny and/or darker floors. It doesn't damage them, it's just hard to get rid of. That being said, you can get a non-skid pad to go under the rug and that should solve the problem!! :-)

Love your blog!!

Patricia Harmanci said...

Yes! I have ordered from them--a white low bookcase and corner tv stand for guest rooms which are nice and a ottoman which I returned. As you said, you have to be careful. I wouldn't hesitate ordering from them. It's difficult to know quality from a photo. However, I have found their return policy very good and they also send coupons. Will try the rug you suggested. Thank you.

Karena said...

The catalogue certainly isn't appealing, I love some of your choices though! The Parson's Table looks wonderful!!

Art by Karena

Amanda Stone Talley said...

Great info! I'm totally blown away by the prices on the decorators site!

Leah said...

I have not been to this site! It looks so great with reasonable prices! That desk especially!

Sally@DivineDistractions said...

We bought a small table for a client from there and were very please. It's been a while since I've opened it up, but those lamps are great! I'm going to take a look right now. Thanks for the reminder.

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

I have ordered rugs and a desk from them. Shipping was good and everything came in order. I would buy from them.