Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Weekend! Send Me Your Address Please

The last weekend before Christmas. The first weekend of Hanukkah.
How's everyone doing?
If you'd like to get an old fashion Holiday card in the mail, please e-mail me your address and I'll send you one!
There's so much to do, and of course I'm fighting off a sore throat and a cold.
But I love the anticipation in the air, and plan to go to a party this weekend, write Christmas cards, and help a friend with his audition tape for the next HGTV Design Star.
So happy weekend, and Happy Hanukkah!


Ewa said...

Happy Hanukkah!
And I wish your trhroat gets OK faster thank you expect :)

vicki archer said...

to you too, Miz V, xv

ArchitectDesign said...

Feel better! nothing is worse than being sick over the holidays and forcing all that cheer!!

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Happy holidays and feel better! I got a good chuckle at your comment on Urban Grace. You're so on the money with the designers in Dubai, I wonder why I never thought of that!! haha!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope your health can "buck up" for the festivities and blessings of the coming weeks. When you miss out, we miss out too! Truly, take care.