Saturday, December 20, 2008

Street Walking

Don't you just love to walk around your city or town and look at the Christmas windows?
My friend Gail Watson in New York sent me these photos of Bergdorf's windows, which she thought were bringing window display design back to refinement. Go HERE to the fabulous blog of The Paris Apartment to see a wonderful collection of photos of the Bergdorf Goodman windows.
All this beauty put me in the mood to do a little street walking.
So I sashayed up and down Magazine Street here in New Orleans the other day. The warm weather is back with the temperature reaching a near record high. Still I was feeling festive.
My first stop is Julie Neill. Julie's signature image is the crown. I haven't asked her why this is so, so maybe she'll leave a comment and tell us.
This holiday display shows all kinds of crowns! I'm sure you could find just the right one.

Everybody in New Orleans has a little altar in their home. It's not really religious or voo-doo (which is Voudon and a recognized religion here), but rather a collection of good luck objects, a gris- gris altar.
I love this one in Julie Neill's store - I call it Mary and her back up singers. I spy some crystal finials in the bowl with the shells. Large Mary is $35. Each back up Mary is $25.
A little silver tree glistens in the window, flanked by two stunning lamps using a silver coral form. Lamps are around $200. each. Don't you love the hand painted table top. Julie Neill has a great line of hand painted furniture.
The table is set with white pottery from Italy, featuring a Fleur di Lis, which is the symbol of New Orleans. The new Julie Neill design of the metal drum shade over a chandelier is one of a zillion beautiful lighting fixtures in this shop.
Don't you just love this pale palette? The silver tea light candles on the plate look like pastries!
A study in texture at Julie Neill. Even the pastel Christmas balls have glitter crowns on them.
Julie Neill's signature colors are pale, but she has a grand collection of things in deep jewel tones. I love the lush curtains in her store.
Walking a few blocks more, I came upon Top Drawer Antiques. Aaron Jarabica is the lovely owner and his windows are filled with hundreds of vintage dolls that he recently acquired from the estate of a major doll collector.
What could be more Christmasy than a gift of a doll? The dolls from the countries of the world are $75.
Madame Alexander dolls range from $80.- $150. depending on size. There are baby dolls of every description. If you're a doll collector it would be worthwhile to get in contact with him. And right now there is a sale of 25% off. I have never seen such an impressive collection (and in the original boxes too)!
Switching gears to something super glam, I stop in at Hazelnut.
Hazelnut is chockful of great things all year around.
But holiday time is super glam. Just peek through the front door at all that eye candy!
Co-owner Tom Cianfichi dreamt up the Christmas windows a year ago: LOVE and PEACE.
He is so sweet and good looking! Sigh. And he is so humble about the major talent that he is.
The windows he designed are just spectacular! I think they are the smartest windows in town.
Two women were talking while I was snapping photos, and one said the windows reminded her of the Hippie Holiday windows at Barney's in New York, and the other one said that she thought that Tom's were better!
It's the 50th anniversary of the peace symbol, and I think Eddie Ross would love the one Tom fashioned for his eye popping display.
The little penguins make a plea to save their pole.
Moseying down the street to another wonderful place on Magazine Street is the gallery of Ashley Longshore.
She's a painter and I love her painting of a Christmas tree out front.

Her pop art paintings are fabulous, and she even did some special Christmas subjects.
But this is my favorite Santa! Lots of houses in New Orleans have these, but I have not found out where they sell them. I would love to have one!
As I walked along, I just had to take a picture of this gas station sign to record the cheap price of gas! It is down to $1.44 today! It seems like a good thing, but for the state of Louisiana it's not that hot. This state produces oil, and the price of oil is way down. Just recently Congress finally granted royalties on oil production to this poor state, and now they're pretty much worthless, and the state's budget is in a shambles since it counted on those royalties. But for us real folks, filling up the tank is a pleasure!
There are a ton of doggie daycare places doing a brisk business. Is this the future business for all of us out of work interior designers?
I couldn't resit snapping a couple of photos through the front window of this place.
I wanted to bring Cholo here so he could play with other dogs, but they won't accept him because he isn't neutered. I would like for him to sire some puppies, more than going to daycare ha ha.
This jewelry store, Kathy Beh, has one of the most fun decorations.
It reminds of Cartier in New York.
Now I'm nearly home, and I stop in to say hello to Caroline and Jack at Perch. They did up a huge live tree in their center hall. I like the way the Sputnik chandilier looks like a tree topper!
Another wreath for Eddie Ross! This would take a ginormous wire hanger! Has anyone of you actually made Eddie's wreath yet? This beauty at Perch looks lovely hanging on the antique doors.
I like this little tree in this little hallway - the Kartell chair is to die for.
These desk top smalls are so pretty at Perch.
And this stack of kiddie Kartell chairs looks like candy!!!
Perch has a new line from a fantastic Canadian potter named Laura McKibbon, AND the pieces are very affordable, starting at $33.
I love the way they look displayed on two demi lune tables ($950. each) pushed together to make one table.
This mirror at Perch is just spectacular!
And the chorus line of white pointsettias couldn't be prettier.
Unless of course you saw this bevy of white reindeer! How cute is this grouping?!
And of course I love this holiday (or any day!) red couch at Perch. And isn't the linen covered bench just too perfect?!
The couch at Perch reminds me of a Ruthie Sommers couch.
So that's it for now. I hope you enjoyed street walking with me. Ta ta for now!
PS My cold hit the road too, and I'm ready for this week's festivites! Thanks for all your get well wishes. They did the trick!


Ewa said...

I love transparent chairs - they are so tricky to use and they look sweet!!

Willow Decor: said...

My dream - to spend the day shopping on magazine Street in New Orleans! Thankd for the tour! Have a wonderful holiday!
xxx-Gina :)

vicki archer said...

What a walk - you have truly pounded those pavements, and what truly fabulous pavements they are. I will take that wreath please - makes mine look positively mouldy! xv

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ah. Always fun to streetwalk with a pro like you. ;~P

Merry Merry!!!

Visual Vamp said...

Good morning lovelies!
Linda, you crack me up!
Willow, please come to NOLA soon, and I'll entertain you.
Vicki, each one of the Eddie wreaths takes 80 ornaments! So I'll be shopping the junuk stores, and you know I'd really make one for you because I'm just that crazy ha ha.
Ewa - those chairs are child size! Mini Kartell Ghost Chairs and so adorable. The Ghost Chair is the easiest thing to place in any romm in the house. I have one adult size Ghost Chair in clear. It moves around the house, all ghostly, looking wonderful in every room.
xo xo xo

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

This post was perfection! So many visions of suparplums in my head.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, those crowns. . . yet another thing to covet. I'm a hopeless case! But thank you for getting out there and gleaning the best to show us. -Carey

Deb said...

Thanks for the tour, although I only live about 120 miles from New Orleans, I don't get to go as often as I would like. I love Magazine Street. I really enjoyed the pics.


My Notting Hill said...

I've never been to New Orleans before but my husband is going in March for the national Science Teacher's conference - I'm jealous! I've already begun a gentle campaign to convince him to go to Magazine Street for me and take some pictures of the stores. Thanks so much for this virtual tour.

Lauren said...

I really, really, really need to go to New's not even that far!


those are eye candies *_*
loved the collection of dolls .. I want one desperately :'(
also the painting of Audrey <3

Alkemie said...

What wonderful tours and beautiful shops these are :) I love looking at shops and seeing what they have.


Things That Inspire said...

OK, you have just given me five more reasons to schedule a weekend trip to New Orleans. I have not been there in many years...let's see, I think it has been 9 years!!!!! Way too long.