Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Night Before Christmas Don't Rate My Space

My first experience with interior design in cyberspace was the HGTV site Rate My Space. During that time I learned alot. And I made a few pen pals and friends. For many reasons, it got stale and was creatively limited, and eventually I started my blog.
Last Christmas a guy from RMS who went by the screen name "rainhound" wrote this poem for all of us. He had to painstakingly load it in several segments on the comments section. RMS scrooged him, and removed it as inappropriate.

rainhound and and I struck up an e-mail correspondence, and he sent me the poem and I saved it. His real name is Michael, and here's his Christmas poem dedicated to the decorators who sit behind the computer screen.
I think all the bloginistas out there will enjoy it.

Twas the night before Christmas,
when all through Rate My Space

Not a designer was stirring, they had finished their place.
The knick-knacks were placed by the chimney with flair,
Hoping that Candice soon would be there.
The decos were nestled in their redesigned beds,
While visions of countertops danced in their heads.
With Mom in her study, and I with no space,
We fired up our computers...just in case.
When out on the Main Page new postings arose,
And I just had to see them, it was too late to close.
This HGTV passion had infected my soul,
So I opened up Windows and started to scroll.

A brand new space with a designer unknown
Sparkled my screen with a room never shown.
Then, what to my too tired eyes should appear,
But a great antique couch, and a drapery so sheer.
With a wonderful vignette, so lovely...divine.
It was made out of glasses and apples and wine.
Colorful pillows were strewn all about,
And an unbelievable armoire that I just had to tout!
"So rate this! Please rate this! And rate this some more!
Yes, one star! Yes two stars! Yes three stars, now four!
To the top of the ratings! I'll give this five stars!
This is higher than Mercury, Venus, and Mars!"

Though their color was off, their execution was stellar.
They created a great room down in their cellar.
A tidy clean kitchen with a sweet breakfast nook,
It looked like just something you would see in a book.
Off in the corner (much to my surprise),
Appeared a dear pet with welcoming eyes.
As I took it all in, what then did appear
Down my cheek it did run, a single small tear.
The room was dressed up from cornice to floor,
And the room was so perfect I just wanted more.
A tree done in ornaments from Christmases past,
They were done decorating, finally, at last.
The lights they did twinkle! the flowers did glow!
And out through the window was new fallen snow!
The frost on the windows was the finishing touch,
It warmed my heart dearly, I loved it so much.
The drapes were tied back, with tassels just right
And the mantle adorned was such a delight.
There was a pot-bellied stove so pleasantly round,
With a warm soothing fire and logs in a mound!
With textures so rich and fabrics so bold,
Some looked to be new while others quite old!
With a twist of decor and a small bit of whimsy,
It all looked secure and nothing looked flimsy.

I posted a comment that ended "Nice Job!"
No intent to offend this kind, gentle mob.
I entered my ramblings with the click of my mouse,
I had really enjoyed this very fine house!
My emotions were drained, t'was the time that I dread.
For the time had now come that I put it to bed.
But I said to myself as I left this grand site,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

Thank you Michael aka rainhound. Photos from the Rate My Space folks: mom of a german shorthair, frenchkilt, mariposa490, nyclq, cat73, picklepoo, kathyb5.

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