Thursday, December 18, 2008

What's New At Julie Neill

What’s new this month at Julie Neill?

The Famous Hotel Monteleone Gets The Julie Neill Touch!

Julie Neill makes beautiful lighting fixtures for all kinds of situations.
Interior designers, decorators, and architects love her intelligent and artful manner that combines old traditions, with a contemporary awareness, in perfectly crafted pieces. Traditional with a twist is an understatement, but apt.
Customers who happen on her in her shop on Magazine Street in New Orleans, a hot post Katrina designers row, can also purchase her custom chandeliers and sconces.
Show houses invite her to outfit entire homes.
Commercial clients also come along, and one of the most recent commercial and exciting projects is for the famous New Orleans Hotel Monteleone.
Known as an elegant old place in The French Quarter on Royal Street, for having a gracious and grand time, the hotel is steeped in literary tradition, and is very famous for its fantastic Carousel Bar.
The hotel has expanded over the years, acquiring property adjacent to the original structure, and recently it has gotten some more space that is being turned into meeting rooms and banquet space.
Julie Neill has been asked to make the chandeliers for this new space.
The design chosen is her unique drum over chandelier design. Julie is the only one fabricating the drum shade from metal.
It’s then hand painted, gilded, and glazed by a talented bevy of artists in her employ and under her watchful eye.
The Monteleone posed some challenges, one being regular height ceilings. Here in New Orleans we are accustomed to 12 feet tall (or more) ceilings. The new space at the Monteleone did not come with this footprint.
Julie's design is a departure from the expected chandlers seen in most hotels. She is blending traditional New Orleans elements with a contemporary twist that makes her work a perfect transitional blend.
The seven chandeliers that have been commissioned, are an impressive 48 inches in diameter, the size of your average dining table. The proportions had to be tweaked just so, to accommodate a large 12 light chandelier.
The decor of the rooms will be soft blues and creams, and Julie is coordinating the color of the chandeliers to compliment it.
The drum shade is very reminiscent of the Carousel Bar just across the lobby, adding an overall visual continuity. There is a hidden surprise fashioned into each of the massive drum shades done just for the client. Julie often adds these “surprises” that truly make the pieces she designs custom and unique and very special for each client.
The seven finished chandlers will be delivered in time for Christmas at The Hotel Monteleone.
Dozens of crystals will be added presenting a fresh vision above and beyond the typical crystal chandelier.
Julie Neill will be happy to custom make her unique drum over chandelier for residential or commercial applications.
Julie Neill Drum Shade over Chandelier
This model is called "Ingrid"
Order it today!

For more information contact:
Julie Neill Marketing Director Valorie Hart

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Pigtown*Design said...

Those drums are incredible!

Anonymous said...

I love the gold detail!

Willow Decor said...

JN chandeliers are so fabulous!! I love these new drum shades - just awesome!

Things That Inspire said...

When I come to NO, my first stop will be Julie's store.