Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mocca-chocolata ya ya

Mocca-chocolata ya ya
Sarah Dash, Nona Hendryx, Patti LaBelle
The original Ladies Marmalade in 1974

Been cleaning up the post holiday detritus, rearranging, revamping, the usual modus operandi of a fidgety decorator. Blasting some old LaBelle on the boom box to drown out the vacuum cleaner, when it dawned on me that the living color scheme is very "mocca-chocolata ya ya."

There are many shades of brown, from chocolate to mocha, to coffee. Even Cholo matches!
I recently moved the glam Hollywood Regency wheat sheaf coffee table back into the room. It had been banished for some time because I could never make it fit or look right. But since I "centered" the room with the shutters, it works.
I'm keeping the holiday gold leaves around the clock up for awhile. It's Carnival season. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! The little crown (from Julie Neill) helps support that Carnival story ha ha. (Thanks Julie for the fab Bunny Williams book - I'm looking forward to you posting about Bunny's lecture in New Orleans!)
The chaise came back into room. It had been relocated for the Holly Golightly Christmas tree. I put the television on a swivel stand so it can be moved for viewing from both the sofa and the chaise (nice when the hubs visits my inner sanctum ha ha).
I had this swivel thingee in my magic closet. I bought it at Home Depot some time ago to make a Lazy Susan for the table for a dinner party we had for Chinese New Years. So you don't have to spend big bucks on an official TV swivel stand when a $5.95 thingee will do!

Here's the Lazy Susan thingee - a 12 inch turnatable
You can find it at your local Home Depot, or on line HERE

I recovered a chair that had been living in our bedroom. I found this great Duralee fabric on line. I spy PVE Design's drawing over the etagere!
The chair had a tufted button back and was covered in granny damask. It was a $20. yard sale find. I asked that the chair be recovered without the buttons and tufting. I wanted a cleaner look.
I used five yards of fabric and you can order the it from these good people:
Anatol's Fabric Outlet LTD 235 E. Kirkham Rd. St. Louis, MO 63119 -
phone: 314-968-0090

Leonel's did the upholstery job for me again. They are magicians, transforming the settee, the couch, my dining room chairs, and now this sweet little arm chair. I love them!

The knick knacks on the credenza stayed the same. I found another brown tray in the magic closet and used it on the opposite end. The little watercolor inserted in the frame of the Fornasetti was a gift from Jessica from her trip to Italy. She got it in Florence and thought it reminded her of my paste pot mural.

All in all I think I'm finally happy with the old living room ha ha. A small room with doors and windows on every wall, the furniture arrangement always a challenge. I love all the colors now, the Billy Baldwin inspired brown walls, the Ikat pillows, the exploded damask on the chaise, the negative print on the chair, the faux white leather on the French settee and the Camelback sofa, the tattered shutters, the big clock (where Joni told me to put it!), the Baker credenza, the over size lantern chandelier, the Ghost chair, the black and white stripe rug, the white accents - it all makes me happy. Mocca chocolata ya ya!
Maybe this Spring I'll be able to afford some ballgown drapes from Peyroux's.
But for now the old poison green velvet panels look very pretty. (Thanks Linda for the white vase behind the couch!)
And I'd love some yummy sconces from Julie Neill of course!!!
And just to keep it real, here are a few "before" pictures from my wall of shame ha ha!

Post Katrina madness!
eBay was my best friend and Jonathan Adler was my Bible (sorry Jonathan!)

I had the nerve to send this shot to domino for their home decorating contest last year -
they used it on their slideshow
and Desire To Inspire actually used it too!

The cow hide crept in replacing the Jonathan Adler rug -
And yes that's the settee that got recovered in white faux leather

Then I hit the pink dye pot!!! I was always trying to make the yellow paint I inherited work -
I suffered for four years until I finally repainted the room!
What was I waiting for?

Cue Magazine did a nice little spread, but I wasn't finished yet!
The Eames chair was soon to go -
Notice the smaller table top on the gold wheat sheaf base

This was one of Joni's favorite versions - she suggested I hang the big clock on the shutters - genius!
I had just gotten the dining rooms chairs back from Leonels,
and I was playing musical chairs with them, moving them all over the house!

And here's the room today, nearly finished ha ha!


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I LOVE your living room. I painted my living room walls chocolate brown as well and everyone thought I was nutty at first, but I love it and now they are all eating their words!

I love your mix of styles and all the different layers you have in the room.

I've been eyeing an etagere at Ballard and now I think I must get it. It looks great in the room. Along with that Ghost chair! I've been in love the Ghost Chair for years. W Hotel has it on sale for 35% off! Now I just need to figure out a way to sneak it into the house with my hubby noticing.

Visual Vamp said...

First of all I love your screen name:
High-Heeled Foot in the door!
35% off on the Ghost chiar is a good deal. It's so ghostly, the hubs won't even see it for at least six months ha ha!
And thanks for your kind words.
xo xo

Annabelle said...

Wow, absolutely beautiful interior. So eclectic, beautiful and it all works!You have a great eye for interior design.
Love the Liza-esque cushion... and must comment on the cute doggie in the first photo - adorable.

ArchitectDesign said...

What a beautiful room, I love seeing the transformation! I COVET your large architectural painting / watercolor? I'm glad to see it made the redo of the room! You know where to send it if you ever grow tired of it! haha

Bart Boehlert said...

What a great blog you have!
Is that a true story about Vreeland?
I posted about her at

Cote de Texas said...

love love love - you know that coffee tables just belongs there now! weird. it looks so fab. but the new chair??? a work of art!!!!!!!!!! the post katrina pix is pretty funny now to look at!


Cote de Texas said...

the clock and setee make the room!

Cote de Texas said...

and the rug. cholo looks so cute just watching his momma working.

Visual Vamp said...

OMG Joni you are so great!
And Stefan, the painting you like so much is a tacky wallpaper door mural ha ha! I tried to find it again on line for you, but alas I got it four years ago, and it seems to have been discontinued. You don't know how many compliments I get on that silly paste pot thing. Thanks for being so sweet. You just might get a door delivered to you one day ha ha.
xo xo

Velvet and Linen said...

Just wonderful!
You have such an incredible eye. I love the transformation of your chair.
That clock! Fantastic.
I enjoyed this bit of chocolate. So delicious, and perfect for my post-holiday diet!


pve design said...

You really know how to make a gal dance. Delighted to see my work hanging in your home. Thanks for posting it! I adore your eclectic style. Love the before and after, that chair is stunning.

London Calling said...

Fabulous. That chair redo is inspired.

Jill said...

Great transformation...but I liked it before too. It had a cool bohemian chick vibe...feels very glamorous New Orleans to me now and I like it. Love the technical word thingee...I used squishy yesterday at a client's house.

Renee Finberg said... high are the ceilings ?
i just want to make sure that HERSHEY will be comfortable. LOL

you are sooo handy !

everything looks wonderful.
if i ever come to N.O. i am going to stay at your inn.

xxx love you

Sabina said...

Oooh! I love the redone chair,that fabric is fabulous. But tell the truth now, you redecorated everything to match Cholo right?

Anonymous said...

Your home is absolutely gorgeous! You have such talent, and a great eye.

Thanks for visiting today, and for the great tip. If I had your talent I could make my own jewelry box =)

Oh and of course you're on my blog roll, that award is for YOU!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

~~ATTIC CLUTTER~~ said...

Hi Laurie(:)
So glad you came over so I got to come and see your
"mocca-chocolata ya ya."Room..

sososososo fabulous.. wish you were my decorator..(:) No wonder they put you in the magazine~~

I guess I can try and recreate my own room ..LOL.. well love the leaves around the clock too (:) will be back

Beaux Mondes Designs said...

Creole Lady Marmalade
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir...

Bravo VV! I the color choices. I especially love the glass table bass and the settee. Oh, and I'll take the ghost chair and clock too. A beautiful eclectic design. xoxo

annechovie said...

Great to see the evolution of your lovely room, Valorie. It's looking so warm and cozy now. You have got a lot of style! Have a great weekend.

Red River Interiors: said...

love the Duralee fabric chair...Your house is inspiring...great post.. Fay

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

I just want to move into this living room! It's wonderful. If I started listing everything I love, my comment would be longer than your posting. laurie

Karena said...

Gorgeous, I love everything you accomplished with pieces old and new, and many very special to you!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Valorie, if I could I would "cut and paste" that living room of yours directly from chez vous to chez moi. Je l'adore! And when I come to see you one day in New Orleans, you had better check my vehicle when I check out of your B&B; you're likely to find that Duralee-covered chair in my backseat. That chair is screaming my name. So glad to see the wheat sheaf table back in the mix. It's a perfect fit for your yummy Old World/New World mix.

Oh those yellow walls just did not do, did they? I'm sure you learned a lot in trying to make them work, but you just don't seem like a yellow person to me. Rich ambers and honeys, yes. Yellow, no. Maybe once, but not now. . .

I was all caught up in all white for years, then I took Design I at our community college. We mixed our own paint colors, something I'd never done before. I was enchanted. One day we mixed various browns and painted swatches of each into our sketchbooks. Six months later I had a coffee brown bedroom with white trim and white accents. It freaked out everyone who knew me except for my hubby (who was delighted to finally have something with a more masculine, solid feel) and my Design Muse and dear friend Mo (who was born with design running through her veins).

So excellent work, Ms. V. Your salle just keeps getting better and better. And Cholo does indeed make an appropriate accessory.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Love the brown!! Just a yummy colour all the way around, isn't it? Did you see Kate Winslet's lovely brown dress at the Golden Globes??? Perfection.

niartist said...

Le Yummy Vamp, Le Yum! I love the ghost chair, and that settee is just stunning. Of course - I love it all! Thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words about my interim mantle. Scott is not happy with it, he says it's WAY too country. I think he's crazy.

Visual Vamp said...

Niartist darling,
Just tell Scott it's Urban Country Chic ha ha, that great transition until he buys something better ha ha.
xo xo