Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh Suzani, Don't You Cry For Me

Is there any Suzani love still out there?Recently Joni Webb talked about Suzanis being out and headed for eBay. If you've been living beneath the under decorated rock for the past year, and don't know about the great Suzani trend you can go HERE to read about them at a very good blog called The Style Files (and note the date of this posting ha ha).
Many of us are familiar with one another's homes by now, and many of us know (and love) the Suzani Joni has in her fabulous Cote de Texas home. Her gorgeous Suzani was recently featured in a national magazine, and recommended as something to have and to hold. You can go HERE to Meg's Pigtown to see the article called French Tex.
Joni has recently revamped her table, and bye bye Suzani, allegedly banished to eBay. Did anybody buy it? You know I had a giggle over this. Recently I read Celerie Kemble's new book, and two things on a list of many that she wants in every room are Suzanis and Ikat. I wonder if Ikat is also a big has been too! The current issue of Domino is still featuring Suzani in one of the trendy spreads, so I guess they didn't get Joni's memo.
I recently rearranged my office. I need more table space, and since I use my dining room table as my desk, it has two huge leaves that expand the table into a ginormous configuration.
I could only open one leaf because there wouldn't be a walkway around the table if I opened both. It's enough extra table space for now. It changed my vantage point of the room, and I now look at my books and a cute built in area that I skirted with yellow toile to hide office supplies underneath. There are photos, and a collection of quirky bontanicals to view as well. It's nice to change one's point of view even in a small space filled with familiar things.
But one more thing has come into the mix. It's the dreaded dated Suzani!!!! I guess I'm about a good year behind the trend. I've been waxing nostalgic about Suzanis, mooning over wanting one, and the hubs surprised me with a belated Christmas gift. Belated because it came all the way from Uzbekistan! Yes, a beautiful vintage Suzani came wrapped in a thin piece of white butcher paper tied with twine, a miracle of global postal delivery!
After I gave him a huge kiss and a hug, I was puzzled as to where to put it. Should I put it directly on eBay???!!! Nah. I draped it over the toile in my office, and I think it looks dandy with the Brayton Laguna Blackamoors, the yellow toile, and all the other stuff. My office has all the things I love, all the colors, even if they aren't matchy matchy. It's kind of my mental bazaar of things to inspire me, the room becoming one huge memory board experience.
When do trends remain forever to become classics? Is it when YOU love them and YOU use them? Is the word trendy a dirty word?
We visual vamps are a restless lot. We all rearrange; revamp; discard; get new; bring out old. We tinker and toy with our spaces always making them better, riffing on our theme, and making it more comfy for the people and pets who inhabit our lives.
I really don't think Joni got rid of her Suzani, do you? And if she did that's okay too, because she is one of the wildly creative ones we call our own.


Jill said...

I adore suzanis...always have. I have one on my bed, one on a guest bed, I use them as table cloths for dinner parties...most of my outdoor furniture is upholstered in them. I like to think that they are like leopard print. Always a standard...always a classic. My rock bench by the fire pit downstairs is upholstered in an Ikat Chapin...I'm just an ethnically inclined design diva!

ArchitectDesign said...

I LOVE your study -what a charming place; I could spend all day there! I think if you love anything, it's always in style. I don't believe in trends for homes. Display your suzanni prominently as you love it, who cares about trends, besides -your hubby gave it to you!

Dianne said...

Love your office!!!!! It looks just like some place I'd expect to find you. Quirky, adorable and oh so stylish!

Anonymous said...

If you love it, Ms. Valorie, then it's in! Can you imagine what our homes would be like if we discarded and updated based only on what's in? The best homes are those reflecting the various facets of their people. We all have many sides and secret lives. The random tidbits we surround ourselves with tell our tales. Have you ever run across some bizarre item at a friends house and asked, "Hmmm. What's this?" The answer often teaches you something new about someone you thought you already knew (I love Mz. V's story about the crowns). Ms. Valorie, your office is rich and multidimensional, just like you. Just go ahead and weave in that suzani. You'll make it work!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Beautiful suzani, and what a wonderful surprise from your husband. Love your office. Looks like a place that would inspire. laurie

Callie Grayson said...

love that first image with the suzani on the bed and on the wall. Just beautiful! oh and I love what you did with the present your husband got you! Your office is beautiful and full of cherished items!

B said...

I think houses must reflect their owners' personalities, so if you love it, you must have it on display :) Your office is exactly what I imagined from you! See?

JHack49 said...

PU-LEEZE!! When are great textiles EVER not in style????

with love from your friendly textile conservator.... xoxo

Visual Vamp said...

Welcome Miss J!
It's about time you chimed in ha ha!
xo xo

Cote de Texas said...

nah- I didn't sell it! In fact, i just bought a new one! hahahahahahah- hee haw.

the office looks wonderful!

the links to style file are bad.

Visual Vamp said...

Oh Joni I'm so glad you kept it AND got another one. I love mine, but then I have an old hippie dippie soul ha ha.
Sorry about the links. I wrote to Danielle of The Style Files. I swear I was on her blog yesterday. I don't know what has happened, but I'll try to fix it ASAP. It's a really nice blog!
xo xo

London Calling said...

Love the addition of the suzani to your study. What a nice gift from your hubby as well.

Karena said...

Great office, and as Joni said she couldn't sell it, even though I was verrry interested in purchasing her Suzani!