Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Weekend - Take Little Arm Chair Ride On A Venetian Gondola

It's been a fabulous hectic week. We resumed teaching our regular tango classes after an exciting whirlwind in Buenos Aires.
I'm back at work at perch. where we are doing a great business. We are restocking for Fall and the holiday season. It is so much fun to unpack all the goodies and rearrange the store.
One of the most extraordinary things we acquired is an antique Venetian gondola chair. It is such a romantic item - we have visions of Casanova, and Carnivale in the 1700's. Take a look at this post at perch. HERE.
It's been a very rainy season in New Orleans, and the garden is a jungle! I hope to get out the machete this weekend and clear a path to my door.
Enjoy your weekend!
PS Click on the image to see all the details of the pretty shop I work in!


Helen said...

Wishing you a happy weekend and try not to work too hard! Your post on the mid-century modern house had me staring for some time. There is something so spare yet sumptuous about this style of design.

Anonymous said...

Just took a peek at the Gondola chair. So beautiful and unusual. I can't believe it's still in such good condition at that age.

p.s. What kind of shoes does one wear to swing their machete in the garden?