Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Michael Pelkey - Transformed Shed

Michael Pelkey’s Key West cottage had everything he needed -- except a guest bedroom. So he didn’t waste any time transforming the shed out back into exactly what he knew his visitors would love.

“It was just a flat-roofed shed, but it did have running water and a washing machine,” he says. At 8 feet by 9 feet, there wasn’t a lot of floor space, but he wanted his guests to have a full-size, comfortable bed.

To accommodate the need for sleeping space and storage, Michael built the bed on a platform with drawers below. On all the walls, he added built-in bookshelves to display reading materials and decorative objects.

To add extra light, Michael chose a gabled roof over its flat predecessor. Now, sunlight pours through arched, Gothic Revival-style windows, and a small one tucked in a bookshelf gives guests a peek at the brilliant hibiscus in his backyard.

Words of Wisdom: Install a tin roof in your backyard retreat. “It’s such a peaceful place to relax when it’s raining,” he says.

About This Cottage
Location: Key West, Fla.
Size: 8 feet by 9 feet
Who designed it? Michael Pelkey


Anonymous said...

Okay, OKAY, now! Wait a minute! This is just TOO cool! I'll be back after I calm DOWN! Michael Pelkey, you've READ my mind. . . and BLOWN it too. If you only KNEW how many LIFELONG daydreams your little SHACK fulfills. (ooops, guess I don't have to come back after all).

Janean said...

It looks nicer than most guest rooms and the privacy is priceless!

Linda/"Mom" said...

**** Oh, my! "DREEEEAAAMMMMMMMY!: ***

Linda in AZ *

Laura Casey Interiors said...

I love it!

The Consummate Hostess said...

What a great use of a small space, it is fantastic!

Chic Coles (Cole Design) said...

this is great! Love the white bed with the bookcases lining the walls. Tin roof must be wonderful when it rains.

Renae said...

This is just too cool for words....fab idea!

Anonymous said...
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ArchitectDesign™ said...

ummm wow!! i want to visit(especially in the rain)!

pve design said...

Please tell me that this room will be submitted to the "all the best " contest as I love truly has everything one fulfill a dream come true!

Amanda Stone Talley said...

I love this! Great Post!

Lauren said...

I love seeing these really innovative small-space projects. It's so impressive, and cozy looking.

Just posted about my 4X6 bathroom facelift- and I thought THAT was a small-space design challenge! And here, Pelkey put together a complete and cozy room, in an 8x9 SHED!


X Lauren

Greet said...



Velvet and Linen said...

This is going in my inspiration file!
How charming. I want to be one of his guests.


joanny said...

Love the little back yard retreat hamlet-- but living in the North West as I do a tin roof listening to more rain --- oh too much! but having a small sky light window would be nice for moonlit evenings..


Abbi said...

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